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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  2. RIP Abdul! <3

    Aye! Well done mate! Glad I'm on that top posters, time to take over Vinny next for me!
  3. RIP Abdul! <3

    Next goal: Beat Abdul in rep haha OT: Well done mate, that's quite impressive to say the least.
  4. RIP Abdul! <3

    Titan gotta step up his game! Gz Legendary
  5. Today
  6. RIP Abdul! <3

    rip to the boy.
  7. RIP Abdul! <3

    Ayy gz on the insane achievement bro!
  8. RIP Abdul! <3

    Gz legendary. Great achievement
  9. RIP Abdul! <3

    Gz bruh, RIP to the bossman.
  10. RIP Abdul! <3

    One of my goals was to beat Titan with posts count and i just did #1 poster in Zamorak! awesome! RIP Titan P.s Nice try @Permedd
  11. Pvm/PvP Activity

    Stick to gamble. But for real, this is a high quality idea that would bring some life to those dead areas such as ::multi ! I think the whole idea is great, what good job Casino. =]
  12. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    Great video It will be great to see some pking videos! P.s I love that song
  13. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    Great vid. You should end each vid with a bank update
  14. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    Aye nice vid =]
  15. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    nice song choice and hm is your bank at atm?. Great video.
  16. Pvm/PvP Activity

    don't disagree for random reasons? what are you talking about.
  17. Giveaway!

    Username: 3 Hunna Time Played (proof): https://imgur.com/a/0pcB4 Thing you dislike most about Zamorak: major lack of updates due to "needing a client dev"
  18. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    Elf v Casino, what will happen next? Good song choice this time bro.
  19. Giveaway!

    Username: Misk Time Played (proof): Thing you dislike most about Zamorak: The thing i dislike most about Zamorak is that none of the suggestions i've seen in the past few months have been implemented nor even concidered by the owner(s). I think that the owners should participate more actively than just staying afk at edge and posting updates once in a while. The community isn't really dead in my opinion, i'm glad that there are staff members like @Lancelot @Fawk @Finch @Kobe @Nivo @Tremorwho are active ingame and do put lots of time into hosting events for the community and keeping it alive. There's a lot that should be improved in my opinion, people that say 'the rsps scene is just dead' annoy me the most since that's certainly not true . Not flaming anyone here, i know everyone's busy irl including myself. Please be as honest as you can be, obviously limited to flame.
  20. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    My new video is me fping vs ya boi Casino I hope you all enjoy my new video, the second episode of this should be uploaded soon, also, remember to hit me up with any idea/improvements I can make! Thank-you for watching and take care. Nivo
  21. Twisted buckler

    Selling two first and only twisted bucklers in-game. Won the second one fping. HMU
  22. Giveaway!

    Username: Woofie Time Played (proof): Thing you dislike most about Zamorak: I dislike there's not more ::home options like Rimmington, Falador etc since edgeville gets really boring after seeing that all RSPS have edgeville as their home and I don't like that Dark bow is really overpowered since it costs only 10M.
  23. mystkitty away

    Love you, hopefully he's fine soon !
  24. reqrank

  25. reqrank

    Username: the source Rank: extreme Primary or Secondary: primary Proof (screenshot/Video)
  26. My bonk(mostly)

    Not bad at all mate congrats...
  27. Giveaway!

    Thing you dislike most about Zamorak, I hate Permedd. Just a backstabber. Also dislike Gambling area makes people feel like shit when they have lost bank also results them leaving the server which is bad. Also people scamming there then they get UID which means even more less players, also hate the fact of the quiet community....There must be a way to bring this server back to being as good as it was 1-3 years ago. I know this is more than 1 but....S'Whatever i love this server always will.
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