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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  2. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Would probs be good if dumbass @Titan coded the forums so that pictures would actually display when u posted them
  3. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Lmao says the kid who breaks rules and cant even pk needs divine... Also you never answered me when did I lose my "bank"?
  4. Today
  5. New Signature [For Me]!

    still cant see it
  6. New Signature [For Me]!

    I can't see your signature dude
  7. Only took 2k kills

    2k kills... ewww i dont see that any how worth
  8. I miss the boys 

  9. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Nivo , snax , lancelot i made you new signature
  10. Update: we do no longer accept paysafe donations.
  11. New Signature [For Me]!

    I think there is a problem with the forum! What about now?
  12. Im looking for a 150 or a 300$ donation. Will come with a good offer for either
  13. Server Update 9/13/17

    Keep up the great work @Titan
  14. New Signature [For Me]!

    All I'm seeing is .png file names. Very odd... EDIT: That was on my phone. On my PC I can see them now... It looks amazing!! Excellent work Inside!
  15. Server Update 9/13/17

    I've been busy with work and school but this is the type of content that gets me hype to play in my free time. I always thought that arena was a cool place to get some drops and I'm happy you guys made it even better!
  16. New Signature [For Me]!

    I can't see Legendary or Tremor but both Leigh and Bardaloo are visable..
  17. New Signature [For Me]!

    I did see it earlier looked good but cant see it anymore.
  18. New Signature [For Me]!

    Probably forums I cant see your pics in your signature either tremor
  19. New Signature [For Me]!

    Is it just me, or can I not see the image? You may need to upload it, or it may be something wrong on my end.
  20. rank application

    Primary or secondary is important to include. If your ranks set to primary your profile will show up with the $10 donator tag, if set to secondary your profile will show up as members tag. Please choose which you want it as, primary or secondary.
  21. rank application

    username: skeletor rank: $10 donator primary or secondary: n/a proof: i have screenshots
  22. Yesterday
  23. #ZAM zamorak pvm/chilling clan

  24. #EzPz

  25. Respected

    Username: Legendary Rank: Respected Rank Primary or Secondary: Secondary Proof (screenshot/Video): I was having it in the past but it got removed for unknowing reasons! @Vinny @Titan Regards Zamorak Newspaper Owner/Forum God Legendary
  26. New Signature [For Me]!

    Inside has came back just to make a new signature for me! Here is the signature: I want to thank him very much for the signature! it looks amazing! Thoughts? Much Love.. Zamorak Newspaper Owner/Forum God Legendary
  27. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    @ironman can You actually reported me? omfg l00000000000000000000000000000l i should legit come to wherever the fuck you're from and fucking break your dumbass face
  28. #EzPz

    In-game Name: Skinz Age: 20 Got mic/ts/skype: Yes Bank value: Around 900b (Based on lowest price in the guide) Hours In-game: 920 https://gyazo.com/44e9a7fcbd6850bdb23eafa3db7b28a2 Highest Boss KC: 1.1K Glod https://gyazo.com/d17cceb30b2049b916e525b58092382c Clan's you have been in: None
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