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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Server Update 11/1/17

    Here are the changes made since the last update log. Content Update: Being a pre-eoc server, we've decided we'll be adding content that we lack from this time period, in this case; Flasks have been something players have been wanting for a long time, therefore we were able to finally get the definitions added and the system working within them. The following Flask's have been introduced to the Supplies Store: Super Restore Flask Saradomin Brew Flask Super Attack Flask Super Strength Flask Super Defence Flask Ranging Flask Magic Flask Prayer Flask Overload Flask PvP Instance Area: We have introduced a new PvP Instance Area within this update. Vinny and I have been trying to focus on PvP Situations for quite some time, and we've finally decided it's time to release something for the Pkers. This area will be much more synchronized with the server, and you'll feel a huge difference when pking here, in terms of switches, ticks, etc. To enter the PvP Instanced Area you can type ::PvP Here you will be spawned in a Instanced PvP Area that will remove you from the Regular World and solely focused on Pking. A New Npc : Jaraah is located within the Safe Zone inside "Edge Bank" Where it will allow others to restore their special every 3 minutes, and donators every 1 minute. You can only attack players who are on the same spell book as you, as this will prevent ragging. If you get a kill here it will be globally announced to the Public. If you die within the PvP Zone you will be respawned at the starting area You will receive 5x PvP Points for each kill in this area. We will be hosting events here, and adding more incentives in the next update for this zone, but for now we hope everyone is pleased with what we have to offer Misc Changes: The following stores have been adjusted: Trivia Store Achievement Store PvP Store PvP Ticket Store Zombie Store Misc Updates / Adjustments: Zombies mini-game has been reduced to 25 rounds, and should prevent the mini-game from glitching. Riot Wars now only gives a max of 40 PvP Tickets, Minimum of 5 You can no longer continue to use the Bank Interface while Fishing. You will no longer lose your Combat Bracelet when you attempt to rub it. Missing Npcs from the ::drops tables have now been added, such as Tekton, Vanguard, and Bats. Armadyl Crossbow has been reduced to 1/1000 from 1/2000 Armadyl Crossbow has been removed from the Armadyl Boss and switched to Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) Similar to OSRS Hexhunter Bow has been reduced to 1/1200 from 1/3000 from Forgotten Rangers Trident of the Seas has been reduced to 1/800 from 1/2000 from Kraken Cerberus HP Reduced to 500 Crazy Archeologist HP reduced to 500 Choas Fanatic HP reduced to 500 Abyssal Sire HP reduced to 500 Reduced the droprate of Abyssal dagger from sire (from 1.3k to 800) Reduced droprate of Bludgeon from sire (from 1.3k to 800) Reduced droprate of dkite from sire (from 1.1k to 800) Reduced droprate of divine sigil (from 2.5k to 1.5k Reduced droprate of Elysian sigil (from 2k to 1k) Reduced the droprate of spectral/arcane sigil(s) (from 1.5k to 800) Thank you for staying patient with me and the server. I appreciate all the love and support. Don't forget to thank Vinny for all the hard work he has been putting in as well Best Regards, Titan
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    Casinos SS app

    Time Zone: GMT -5:00 State/Region: Alabama, Southern US How many hours can you be on during the week: 30 hours + What time are you usually online: 3-4PM My time. Any past history of being staff: Yes, previous servers I was admin + Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? No real sanctions, the sanctions on my account currently are jokes, and you can ask the staff team to verify. Do you have Skype: Yes. A couple members of staff currently have it. How long have you been in the rsps scene: Five years What makes you different than others: I’ve been around Zamorak for quite a long time, and I’m well known in the community, providing my services helping in the cc, giving out items, and being a TMM for an extended amount of time. I believe my accolades allow me to be able to step up to the role and try my hardest for the server and community. First and foremost, my time here has been spent well and has truly been exciting time for me. For this, I believe it’s time for me to take my next step and possibly achieve more for myself and the server. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: A fiery passion to bring a more helpful and active player to the server, with experience and excitement to be able to provide only the best of my traits to the team Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): https://i.gyazo.com/e701a760a8fda78886e0ee47e5487152.png
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    Promotion to Admin

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to talk to you all about how thankful and happy I am to be part of the administration team now, from the start of May 6th, 2017 I had discovered one of the best servers ever. I came along way to just have fun and be part of the community. I have yet to continue to do so with everyone and the wonderful rest of the staff. I am so proud of everyone for letting me be one your go to's for any possible help. I just don't really know what else to say except thank you for being there for me. I will continue to drive the farthest I possibly can. I hope that you all will enjoy the game while I am now an Admin. Not but for that. But for events I hope to host with the fabulous Mystkitty, or Danny and Snax. I just want to be helping the community as much as I can! I will always be here to help you all. No matter what I will always do the best I can through any situation. Thank you all for being such an amazing community for myself and the whole rest of Zamorak. Thank you all. I love you all! Kobe
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    This was by far the most unprofessional / farewell thread I have seen from a staff member in my life. Even though you barely wrote much, I felt the need to write this so you can realize how fucking dumb you are. For starters, What a biased written thread. The way you structured this was so poorly written and you can tell how angry and "jealous" if anything you are by writing this. If I wanted to I could say so much to counter everything you said, but I rather reduce the flame that'll come from here by just closing your thread, and only speak where I want to. I rather not "expose" you, or whatever it is you tried to do in this thread. Some points I'll say Positive Note: You've done an amazing job for the server of Zamorak, and all your hard work was truly appreciated and you and everyone else on the staff team is well aware of how much I have said thank you and if anything respected you to the highest level. Negative Note: You resigned every other month just because something didn't go your way. I could go in detail and basically highlight how stupid you would appear to the community if I went in depth, and look you resigned yet again. You resigned this time, for almost the exact same reason, I won't disclose why, but you know exactly why. You say you'll be inactive and won't waste another minute on the server, yet for the past few days since you resigned, you have done nothing but play the server and join TS actively, (way more than you ever did when you were staff). Anyone who has seen you on will agree, how stupid this makes you look after resigning from your original reason being "school and IRL issues". Now I'm going to speak about how you described me on this thread. Keep in mind, the updates that majority of the community want are require a trusted client developer, which I have yet to find for the 1000th time. You say I'm promising false updates, but completely disregard all the behind the work I've been doing in terms of advertisement and marketing every month. There's a reason we're still at the stable 100+ players and not like the other "completely dead" servers. So you lack to acknowledge that which is pretty disgusting. The second I find someone I can trust I'll do what I can for the server. Until then, obviously a server with 3 year + up time won't have many more bugs or server updates it can really do, unless maybe we do some new mini-game updates, that hey, if you kept up to date, you would know me and Vinny were planning to release by the end of this month. Now, you're saying I'm spawning items to gamble, which is completely false, because I only gambled the items I won from the players, and you say I'm ruining the economy? If anything I lost all the items I got from the players already and have yet to spawn anything. The reason I even gambled, was to give players a thrill, "hey the owner is gambling". Majority of the gambles I lost so, I'm not sure how you're saying I'm ruining the economy, with only gambling what I won from the players to begin with. Many of the other members in the community will vouch because I only gamble afront of them to give them some entertainment. Now you say I play PubG a lot, what I do in my free time is none of your business and you act as if you didn't play other games either. I am a full time university student, so with that, there's homework, exams, midterms, essays, and final exams, so no shit Sherlock, I want to spend my time having some fun and relaxing every now and then. You created an image on this thread of me as if I'm some lazy ass owner who truthfully doesn't give a fuck about the server. If I didn't give a fuck about the server, it'd be offline. I have more than enough money in the world to live, so don't say I'm only keeping it up for money. I built this community from scratch and there's still a reason why hundreds of players visit the forums everyday, and visit in-game as well. I didn't want to economy reset, because I rather keep the nostalgic for those players who ever return to the scene and want to enjoy the community. Instead we worked on making some adjustments. Furthermore, Just because I don't post an update log doesn't mean I don't do anything. Today I spent about 2 hours of restructuring the way the server handles latency issues with the hosting provider and am currently upgrading it so we don't have those issues, now this is something that comes with running a server, whenever an urgency is awaken, I rise to the occasion and do my job. I was occupied today IRL, but I made time to sit down on my computer and fix the issues that were needed for the server, for it to successfully run. I regret even giving you the respect I did, because the way you just portrayed me as someone I considered a friend rather an administrator, is purely disgusting and pitiful. Now you're just another admin who thinks they're the shit after the resign or leave the server. (No offense to anyone). Horrible Fucking Regards, Titan /Closed.
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    Moparscape Announcement

    Some of you may have noticed that Moparscape showcases a message regarding Apache Ah64. Apache has been in the RSPS Scene for quite some time now and is pretty well known throughout everyone in it. He used to be a consistent developer and worked on multiple different projects with other people and organizations. Now with all this said, he has taken a break from the RSPS Scene, and although he does help me from time to time, he isn't the most active. So to summarize what's going on; He owes work for the owner of Moparscape, and currently the owner is trying to seek his attention, but Apache hasn't responded. Now since Apache is the co-owner of Zamorak still and is affiliated with the server, he has gotten us into a bit of trouble. We didn't do anything wrong, and nothing is going to happen to Zamorak. I've already spoken to the owner and he's made it clear his goal was just to seek his attention. Hopefully we'll be unbanned shortly. Best Regards, Titan
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    Dear Zamorak players, I will continue to show you guys my progress on the Zamorak Advertisement campaign. I'll update this thread every time i make progress on this project. Pieces will be listed under here with the date & description above them. Feedback is always welcome, be very honest! Start of the project - November 9th 2017, I've started the project after reading feedback from you guys. This banner has not much to do with the voting website banners, but it'll show you guys my vision on how the ads should look in the end. I've tried to create a medieval look on the font, the background shows a battle of the Armadyl versus the Bandos god(which refers to the 'play among the gods' slogan). I hope you guys like it, if you've got any suggestions on improvements please leave them here so i can look at them and even implement them! First post - November 19th 2017, I've been thinking a lot about graphic wise upgrades Zamorak could use. I figured the lay out the quest tab was(in my opinion) kind of messy. I've found a huge dump of sprites, images, artworks and icons and way more from like every RS revision that's been out there. I've used some frames the from 718+ revision, these could be replaced with more old-school ones too if you guys would like that. Suggestions are welcome of course! I'll post more screens later this week. These images are 100% ready to be used, they've been made on the exact proportions. So again it's up to the staff if they want to put time and effort into this, i could help adding this client wise since i've done things like this in the past myself. Second Post - November 21th 2017, Been doing some work on the quest tab interface, some things need to be re-thinked, but after all it's just a concept at the moment. Finished the boss tab, skilling tab(first page) and the Slayer tab. Explanation on each individual tab will be posted with the next update.
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    Server Update 11/19/17

    Here are the changes made since the last update log. Players can now you use their donator box by clicking "use" on a player to transfer the total donated to their account. Regular, Super and Extreme. Keep in mind, donator tokens will be sunk(deleted) in the process. This gives the ability to allow players to give their Iron Man Donator Ranks Anti Dragon Fire Shield added back to the Melee Equipment Store. All Milestone Capes now have the statistics of the Completionist Cape. Have added a decline delay in the trade screen, there's an ongoing issue with the trading interface which is being looked into. Content Update: Ice Demons have been added to the wilderness of Zamorak, they can be found at ::easts teleport (17 Wilderness) These NPC's drop a new item called the "Twisted Buckler" from OSRS The drop rate is 1/2000 Twisted Buckler is the best in slot range bonus and has a special ability that absorbs 50% of all range attacks it receives from NPC's. Twisted Buckler will be added to the store later on. Best Regards, Titan, Vinny
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    Taking a break

    Taking a break guys, I just lost the motivation to play in my free time and I just started a new job so I’m not gonna be on. It’s been real friends hopefully I’ll be back soon to some great updates! Shoutout to all the bois, y’all know who you are you made my experience great.
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    Anniversary Giveaway Results

    Greetings Zamorak community, here is the winners of my 2 Year Anniversary giveaway, I randomly generated the numbers on a website and counted down the posts. PM me on the forums with your in-game username to claim your prize. Prize 1 - $500 Winner: Veex Prize 2 - $300 Winner: Thriller Prize 3 - $100 Winner: Not extreme Congratulations to all winners. Kind Regards, Vinny Head of Management.
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Kobe Best Moderator: @Lancelot (only one mod , promote more) Best Server Support: @Ashy Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @John Best Main Pker: @Wingens Best Clan : #Ezpz Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Fear Most Respected: @Axes Most Trusted Player: @Tremor Most known PVM'er: @ironman can Most known Skiller: @Mystkitty (heart of ice) Most Forum Active: @Leigh Luckiest Player: - Best Role Model: @Lancelot Best Iron Man: @99mag3r22 (idk how much he has donated but hes rich af) Fastest Trivia Player: @vapelordbobo
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    Staff Updates - 13/11/2017

    Promotions Logaaaan has been promoted to Server Moderator Fawk has been promoted to Server Moderator Demotions & Resignations Ashy has been stood down to due to a lack of activity
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    My man Fawk

    My main man @Fawk is now a Moderator and I wanted to give him a big ole GZ MATE! =) One of the best players in community, well deserving.
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    Nivo's Updated Bank V5

    Well, it seems like my monthly bank pictures are happening, what's new this month then? Have a good ol' gander below - So yeah, there's the feast of my bank, i'll edit this thread soon with an overall price check. Love you all, take care. Nivo
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    Red Skull

    With the new addition of ::pvp world, i have thought of a few suggestions to improve it. Suggestions Removal of protect item in this ::pvp world. This is because i don't see the point of a ::pvp world when its the exact same as edge wildy. If you don't agree with the suggestion above, another suggestion i thought of was an addition of a red skull command (such as ::redskull) in ::pvp world that allows you to risk all of your items. ( to remove it you must relog/kill yourself through bosses etc. BTW the difference between the two suggestions is that the first one gives the player/s no choice of losing all items, whilst the second one gives the player/s an option to lose all there items). Both suggestions above allow for risk fights to become scam free and could therefore encourage more players to gamble this way. Image of the red skull for those who may not know how it looks. Just a few suggestions which can be changed and added to through you guy's responses. So leave any other suggestions you think will help the ::pvp world improve and tell me your thoughts and opinions on these current suggestions. Thanks for reading. -Chizzy
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    Username: Deathrow Time Zone:MST State/Region: Arizona, Southwest USA How many hours can you be on during the week: 5+ Hours a day 7 days a week. What time are you usually online: 12:00 p.m my time. Any past history of being staff: None. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before?: None. Do you have Skype: Yes, Titan and a few member of the staff team have me added already. How long have you been in the rsps scene: Six years. What makes you different than others: I always go out of my way to help people by not only answering their questions in detail but showing them exactly where things are both in the server and on the forums, I do my best to give players supplies that they need for skilling/PVM/PVP, Showing them where to acquire supplies that I don't have to offer and also to help them with Mini-games such as Pest Control and Zombies ETC. giving them any available ::threads if needed. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: A fun, Active and reliable team member to help the server grow and give players the best experience to the best of my ability. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot):
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    Greetings Zamorak, I wanted to create a thread that expressed and emphasised the importance of using recording software or using Trusted Middlemen while Gambling. The staff team frequently receive messages from players saying that they have been scammed at ::gamble. A lot of the time, these accusations come without any proof or with insufficient proof such as screenshots. Screenshots are not sufficient proof of scamming and we, the staff team, cannot use these to take action. Video recorded evidence is the only evidence that will be accepted as proof of a scam. We all understand that Gambling is a fun and popular aspect of the server, and we would like to ask you to help to make gambling a safe event for all by ensuring that you either: 1. Record at all times whilst at the ::gamble teleport - as it says in the chatbox when you teleport there If you wish to record please use this guide to help you to do this: Recording/OBS Guide 2. Ensure that you use a Trusted Middleman - TMM's are required to record at all times when they are at gamble. Trusted Middlemen are members of the community who have been deemed trusted enough to hold items (sometimes extremely high value) by the staff team, your items will be safe with them. You can view the list of Trusted Middlemen by clicking here. These players are also identifiable in-game by this title: Believe me when I say that staff members would like nothing more than to remove scammers from the server, but we need your help and co-operation in order to do this. Scamming of any form will not be tolerated here at Zamorak and action will be taken against those that do, providing that sufficient proof is available. Thank you for your co-operation, on behalf of the entire staff team. Lancelot
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    Updated Bank Picture.

    Been grinding out some PVM for a while now so here is an updated version of my bank.. It's not too much but it's slowly getting there!
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    TopG Advertisement Banner

    Dear players & staff, I thought i'd make a simple banner for advertisement sites(this one happens to be the size of TopG). I really want your guys opinion on this, it's not finished yet i need to know what words to put in the slides. Would really like to hear from you guys
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    Casino tried killing me while I was innocently killing chaos fanatic.. yanno tryna get me a malediction ward. clear to say casinos hunting didn't go to plan. Danny 1 - casino 0.
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Wingens Best Main Pker: @Wingens Best Clan : Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Fear Most Respected: @Danny Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @SuperNova Most known Skiller: Most Forum Active: @Lancelot Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @Tremor Best Iron Man: - Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Tremor Best Moderator: @Lancelot Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @mr riotwars Best Main Pker: @Not extreme Best Clan : #FBI Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Tremor Most Respected: @Danny Most Trusted Player: @Leigh Most known PVM'er: @SuperNova Most known Skiller: @Mystkitty Most Forum Active: @Snax Luckiest Player: @The Future Best Role Model: @Titan Best Iron Man: @jkosty Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
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    mystkitty away

    I would like to say sorry for my inactivity lately. My bro is in the hospital and family comes first. Once he is better I will be back to my normal no life on zammy. Hope everyone is doing well and miss you all. mystkitty
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    pk vid 2 :)

    Basically i've had a lot of pk clips on my computer for awhile and they took a lot of space, so i decided to make a video out of them so i could delete them. This is literally my first time doing anything like this, editing, recording etc so i am definitely a noob when it comes to making video's. However, i am happy how this video turned out, i've definitely learnd a lot from making this video lol. I do not have the "best" program to edit video's but i used what i had. Enjoy. I know the speed on the video is very fast, it's because i wanted all the clips in one video, instead of making multiplies videos Regards, John
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    SS Application (Jkosty)

    Username: Jkosty Time Zone: GMT -5 (US Central Time) State/Region: Missouri / Arkansas How many hours can you be on during the week: Up to 30 hours is my normal playing time. What time are you usually online: In terms of my time zone, I am on normally from 11-2 MWF / 12:30-2 TueThur / Then I play from 5-Whenever every night Any past history of being staff: Never been staff anywhere, I've been trusted middle man here. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before?: No, but I've made some decisions I regret making like stepping down from TMM and "leaving", I'll count them as dumb ideas. Do you have Skype: Yes. How long have you been in the rsps scene: Been awhile, no exact time table. What makes you different than others: I play to help, if someone asks a question in help I'll drop whatever I'm doing to answer it. I find my favorite part of playing this game is sharing my knowledge of it with others, so they can have the best possible playing experience possible. There are not many people who don't get along with me, I basically add everyone to my friends list and like to stay connected to the community. =) If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: A constant presence of help in record time, consistent playing time in my zones, a people's player! Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): All accounts totaled: 767 hours since June of this year. On Jkosty I have 617 hours, provided here in the screenshot! https://imgur.com/a/5lA0k
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    Kobe's PvP Event

    Hello everyone! I am hosting a pvp event tomorrow from 6-7 pm! Eastern Standard Time. I would hope to see most of you all there! I will have some of the great staff members helping me with the event. I am definitely looking forward to throwing more events as such your way! Don't worry guys so many events will be happening during this last year. I hope you guys are having a blast with the new updates!!! WOO! AND YES THERE ARE PRIZES!!! Standard DH Gear. Gear will be provided if you don't have any. no spec weapons. Only d axes. 1st place! 3 donators boxes. 2nd place! 2 donator boxes. 3rd place! 1 donator box. Good luck to everyone! it will be in ::pvp! -Kobe and thanks to the staff for also helping out.
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    odium ward drop 439 kc

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    Update log by the end of today, post any bugs you'd like fixed
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    Best Administrator: @Kobe Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: @Tremor COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: Best Clan : Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: @Tremor Most Respected: @Yuki Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @Danny Most known Skiller: @Yor Most Forum Active: @Snax Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @The Future Best Iron Man: @Yor Fastest Trivia Player: @Mystkitty
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator:tremor Best Moderator:nivo Best Server Support:logan Most Active Staff Member:tremor COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid:leigh Best Main Pker:leigh Best Clan : Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected:tremor Most Trusted Player:leigh Most known PVM'er:mystkitty Most known Skiller:heart of ice Most Forum Active:tremor Luckiest Player:yuki Best Role Model:lancelot Best Iron Man:99mag3r22 Fastest Trivia Player:no-one
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Kobe Best Moderator: @Lancelot Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: @Kobe COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @John Best Main Pker: @Xenofied Best Clan : Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Tremor Most Respected: @Kobe Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @deathrow Most known Skiller: Heart of Ice Most Forum Active: @Legendary Luckiest Player: @The Future Best Role Model: @Tremor Best Iron Man: @Yuki Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Not extreme Best Main Pker: @Not extreme Best Clan : #EZPZ Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Fear Most Respected: @Danny Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @Yuki Most known Skiller: Heart of Ice Most Forum Active: @Snax Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @Tremor Best Iron Man: @Yuki Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Tremor Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: @Logaaaan Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Wingens Best Main Pker: @Bulvox Pk Best Clan : ezpz Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: @Logaaaan Most Trusted Player: @Casino Most known PVM'er: @Yuki Most known Skiller: @Mystkitty Most Forum Active: @Danny Luckiest Player: @The Future Best Role Model: @Titan Best Iron Man: @Yuki Fastest Trivia Player:
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    Best Administrator: Mystkitty Best Server Support: Fawk Most Active Staff Member:Mystkitty Most known PVM'er: Mystkitty Luckiest Player: Axes Best Iron Man: 99mag3r22 Best Hybrid: l l3g3nd l Best Main Pker: Xenofied Best Youtuber :Skinz Most Respected: Tremor Most Trusted Player: l l3g3nd l Fastest Trivia Player: Flavour
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    Tremor's bountiful treasures

    My bank basically This is my bank, its pretty good (i think) and not much has changed from my last update. It's been a journey for sure, and I guess I wanted to make this so I can show you guys that although making 'bank' may seem out of reach, its something anyone can do with the right dedication, patience and you know, a bit of money. Hope you enjoy this little peak of my bank. (p.s, won't be putting in potions tab or junk tab since it doesn't really add to the value of bank) PVM TAB The most rarely used of all my tabs, I don't know why I collected all these items, but they aren't put to good use at all. Maybe one day i'll get heavy in to pvm, and until then, this tab is gonna collect dust. RARES TAB Pretty much my pride and joy on Zammy, once, this tab was but a dream to me. Collecting all the cosmetics, or at least most of them was something I wanted to do since day one of joining. I still haven't collected all of them, but one day i'll have them all! For anyone that wanted to know what my bank totalled out at, I pc'ed at around 6.1T. Not bad at all! Again, thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed. credits to Snax, Steveee, Yuki, , jkosty, Danny, Finch, Casino especially for basically making this bank possible lol.
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    Just a quick farewell to some of you. It's been a amazing journey on Zamorak, there definitely have been up and down's but that's normal. There are multiply reasons for me leaving at this point. one of the reason is pretty simple; slack of updates, most promises titan made last month "about this month will be full of updates" was broken as well, i don't see it worth spending the time on here, if titan aint gonan be doing update's. There was one "update" or a "change" with the store's such a triva, zombie, achievement store, i literally have no clue why u guys chagned the stores like that but after seeing how poorly you changed the store made me think that you don't care anymore. We all know how bad the eco is on here, the sad part is that titan isn't working on helping it lol, he more likely trie's to fk it even more by spawing items to gamble. I am sure Zamorak could be great, if titan just spend some time on it instead of playing pubg :/ Skinz thank you so much for taking your time by helping me with the recording and youtube etc. Goodluck. Fawk You're an amazing dude, keep up your great work, i am sure you'll go far. Permedd goodluck on osrs. Mystkitty Amazing person, will definitely miss the time with you in-game, sadly u made me into a skiller but that's fine, it was fun There are a lot more people that i want to mention but cbf Kobe well deserved promotion, if i had donated like 10k i would ask for a admin rank as well Danny well deserved prmotion, basically you scammed 3 times, 2 times were when u was a staff, think it says enought lol. Anyways, been fun. peace
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    Events Poll

    Greetings Zamorakians, Wanting to get a bit of an idea what proportion of the server want to see particular kind of events to help the staff team plan events that the community want to see Vote above and if you have any ideas for events, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts! Your friendly neighbourhood Lancelot
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    2 Year Anniversary

    Greetings Zamorak community, a few days ago marks the day that I have been apart of the Zamorak staff team for 2 years. I've posted a 1 Year Anniversary thread before this, although it doesn't seem it was a year ago. Time has flown by, I've met a lot of people and seen people come and go, I cannot guarantee how long I'll be here for but I have no plans to leave. In celebration of my 2 year anniversary I'll be hosting events throughout the week and giving away 3 donator ranks again, information will be below on this. From the 3rd of October til the 10th all alternative donation methods will be X2 (RSGP/STEAM/BITCOIN ETC) Contact Titan or myself in-game or via PM on the forums Donator Rank Giveaway 1st Place: @Ultimate Donator 2nd Place: @Legendary Donator 3rd Place: @Extreme Donator To enter to be in to win 1 of the ranks all you need to do is comment below your favourite feature of Zamorak and why. Winners will be drawn on the 1st of November. Hope to see you all throughout the week, Kind Regards, Vinny
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    Nivo's Inactivity Notice.

    Lies, all lies, this was so that you plants reset and you can clean more people. nivo offline = more people get rich = nivo can clean them. amirite.
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    Events Poll

    Pvm event kinda like wildly keys but boss key dropped from elite bosses / wildly ones keys used to enter area to fight a special boss, the boss you fight will be randomly selected upon entry of area. If boss is killed it will drop a unique peice of armour 1/1 drop then reapate but when entering where armour peice and the boss will drop the next part of the set much like defender system but drop will be 1/10 . Drops will go up until full set is complete after say a month of keys being dropped stop em, then few days after that no longer allow keys to be turned in for access to bosses, the set should be untradeable for Eco purposes but should give a good bonus if full set is worn such as 50% bonus drop rate or a healing spec to help with pvm
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    Tremor's Little Project

    Some of you guys may be wondering why I haven't been very responsive in-game, and this is why. Your boy has been out here grinding those MC gainz tryna find a shelter since the Aussie weather has been acting up. Here are some pics of Tremor's villa. Did I mention it was a lakeside villa? Well it is, and I've built a nice little bridge to connect my house to the mainland. I've also lit it up because that looks nicer at night. Quite the large cottage, select with 1 room and 1 attic. Very cozy. The inside, now it isn't decorated yet, but that's because i'm playing on survival and I haven't mined any diamonds or found any sheep for beds yet. But soon enough this place will be decked out to the max. Notice the triple chest and revolving stairways took me a hot minute to build. The attic. Now its still not very decorated, but it will be. This is my favourite place in the house as it took me the longest to find the wood, and looks the nicest with the glass. Its a very nice. Back of house features nothing, but a nice wide view overview of the ocean. A veranda will be coming soon and will be lit. This is the work in progress I have been working on, and it is just the beginning, if you want updates on the house build, pm me in-game, or leave a comment. Tyty
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Mystkitty Best Moderator: Finch Best Server Support: Fawk Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: VengePK Best Main Pker: VengePK Best Clan : #EzPz Best Youtuber : Skinz Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: Kobe Most Trusted Player: Fawk Most known PVM'er: VengePK Most known Skiller: Mystkitty Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Nivo Best Role Model: Fawk or Mystkitty Best Iron Man: 99mag3r22 Fastest Trivia Player: jkosty
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @Tremor Best Moderator: @Lancelot Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: @Fawk COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Fawk Best Main Pker: @Fawk Best Clan : ezpz Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: n/a Most Respected: @Fawk Most Trusted Player: @Fawk Most known PVM'er: @Fawk Most known Skiller: @Fawk Most Forum Active: @Fawk Luckiest Player: @Fawk Best Role Model: @Fawk Best Iron Man: n/a Fastest Trivia Player: @jkosty
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Mystkitty Best Moderator: Finch Best Server Support: Logaaaan Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: Best Clan : #Zam Best Youtuber : Skinz Best GFX Designer: Inside Most Respected: Titan Most Trusted Player: Tremor Most known PVM'er: deathrow Most known Skiller: Heart of Ice Most Forum Active: Tremor Luckiest Player: SuperNova Best Role Model: Danny Best Iron Man: Yuki Fastest Trivia Player: Fawk
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Best Moderator: @Finch Best Server Support: @Logan Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: Best Clan : EZPZ Best Youtuber : @Skinz Best GFX Designer: @Tremor Most Respected: @Yuki Most Trusted Player: @jkosty Most known PVM'er: @Yuki Most known Skiller: Heart of Ice Most Forum Active: @Snax Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @Danny Best Iron Man: Fastest Trivia Player: @Fawk
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    Finally got an anger!

    I haven’t posted yet. But a few days ago I finally purchased an anger sword from @Chizzy we both were happy with the deal which was great! Although i traded pretty much my entire wealth I’m finally happy to have one after working hard to get ud! Now it’s time to get grind, donate, merch and gamble until I get pdi! thanks for everyone’s support!
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    Dear Zamorak I am truly sorry for the way ive recently been acting the past 2 months lately ive been going through a very rough time now that is no reason to take it out onto others, as many people knew i was usually quiet and did not say much i am sorry to the multiple staff members i was incredibly rude too i said things in anger that should not have been said i truly see zamorak as my family and over the past year have grown and developed with the community made amazing friends and i truly do not want to lose that a lot of people on here have impacted my life in so many positive ways yes ive had shitty moments but in the end it all ended out with me being happy due to being able to log onto a game and say hi to everybody the community in zamorak is one of the best i have ever witnessed in my entire life of playing osps i genuinly am sorry for bringing toxicity to this amazing and wonderful community and hope in the end you can all forgive me even if you dont i can understand that just remember you have all touched my heart in different ways and i know some of you may be saying its just a game but i grew into zamorak and truly do not wish to grow out of it as i said i see everyone here as family and when someone needed someone else or guidance we were always there for eachother so in the end guys i am truly sorry. - Id like to formally apoligize to john for calling you so many rude names and just honestly being quite immature what i said was wrong and as a ex staff of zamorak was a poor example of how we should all be honestly i feel i am a little jealous of you as you are an excellent staff member i am sorry for targeting you and honestly what i said was not me keep being how you are because out of all the servers ive been on youve made a change on this one in a good way. -This one goes to chris i called you fake honestly you are one of the most upbeat and amazing people ive ever met rarely did you let anything bring your mood down and i see as we were good friends me saying these things truly hurt you what i said i had no right ive seen you done really well in life congratz to you and brooke man and im so so so sorry words cant even describe it i wish i could honestly say it to your face as i mean it i genuinly think your commitment to zamorak is what this server needs sorry bro. -This one goes to titan he had shown me kindness and everything a good server owner and amazing friend should he was there always supporting me when i was a staff member player anytime any situation abdul always listened and helped out yes we had our arguements but personally he is an amazing person who truly cares about this server he would not put time into this server if he didnt care he even goes out of his way to listen to the player base even if people get mad at him he is still always supporting this server and im sorry i was so toxic to your server titan after all the trust you put in me i miss the team greatly and im beyond sorry i hope you can forgive me.
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    where do I start..... when you were staff you rarely put any time in. every week you had a new reason as to why you wouldn't be ingame. I never seen someone take holidays back 2 back 2 back.....but anyways.. after you were demoted for some reason you were able to log in for 10 hours a day yet you told us all you just had a baby. how the hell can you raise a new baby ( which needs constant attention) work/provide for the baby and your lady yet all of a sudden have endless hours for a game. it seemed that once u were demoted the very next day you had all the free time in the world to log in. this totally baffles a few of us. then you turn on all the staff and start drama ingame. the very day u were demoted you started trash talking everyone and everything. we all have our real life issues but to take it out on those of us that here to enjoy a game was pretty dam shitty.... I don't care if you are unbanned honestly, but I hope you bring a new attitude back with you this time.