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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Server Update 8/20/17

    As promised, I will be fixing as many bugs as possible that I have noticed have been delayed for quite some time. I plan to dedicate time to develop for Zamorak as much as I used to and hopefully you all stay satisfied Here are the changes since the last update log. Donator Boxes now have a protection dialogue from you to choose when you'd like to open them. Iron Man can no longer use the Fairy Shop Keeper for Bulk Runes. I believe I've fixed the Visual Bug, "Dying with remaining HP". I've set the server to send the client a manual string of 0 hp, when entering the death stage. Players should no longer die with any amount of HP left. In Saradomin's Nomad Cave, you were able to use the donator commands to recharge your prayer, this has now been fixed. ::Restore has been disabled inside the Cave ::Recharge has been disabled inside the Cave. There was a known bug in Fight Caves, that did not reward Iron Man for killing Jad. This has now been fixed for both Tokhar Kaal, & Fire Cape. The items appear below you after you have successfully killed the Boss. Added an additional check that makes sure you successfully withdraw and can put coins in your money Pouch. This is to prevent from any losses. You can no longer send a request for a command during the teleportation process, this lead to multiple issues for mini-games and bug abusers. If you try to type any command now while teleporting it will deny it from proceeding. Sometimes there'd be an issue where when a player picks up their drop for Bones or any item, it will enter their inventory but still "visually" display it on the ground for other players confusing them thinking it is able to be picked up. This has now been fixed, and if you witness it happen again do let me know. There were certain bows that were meant to be untradeable but when altered to their noted form, they'd be able to be traded to players. This has now been fixed and they cannot be traded anymore. Apparently Pernix Chaps were never in the Drop Table for Nex, how humorous. They have now been added Drop Rate: A lot of complaints have been given for drop rates of certain bosses, so for the next couple of update logs you'll be seeing more and more drop rates being worked on. Thanks for staying patient. Pernix droprate from nex reduced to 1/600 from 1/1000 Torva droprate from nex reduced to 1/700 from 1/1000 Virtus droprate from nex reduced to 1/600 from 1/1000 Magic fang droprate from zulrah reduced to 1/900 from 1/1800 Serpentine helmet droprate from zulrah reduced to 1/900 from 1/1800 Toxic blowpipe droprate from zulrah reduced to 1/1000 from 1/1600 Staff of the dead droprate from zulrah reduced to 1/800 from 1/1400 Blood necklace droprate from zulrah reduced to 1/400 from 1/800 Dragon Warhammer droprate from lizardman shaman reduced to 1/1000 from 1/2500 Dragon kiteshield droprate from lizardman shaman reduced to 1/800 from 1/1500 Battle mage droprate from Cerberus reduced to 1/1200 from 1/1500 Glavien/Steadfast/Rangefire boots droprate from nomad has been reduced to 1/300 from 1/900 Pet drops All pets are now dropping with a chance of 1/350, and the likelyhood of getting a pet now has drastically raised. Your donator drop rate will also stack for this. Nex pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Zulrah pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Kraken pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Jad pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Crazy archaeologist pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Chaos fanatic pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Ganodermic beast pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Smoke devil pet added to droptable at a chance of 1/350 Abyssal sire pet added to drop table at a chance of 1/350 Corporeal Beast will remain as a ::store pet. PvM Protection prayers are now more effective against kraken up to 75% as we believed this is one of the bosses that were too hard to kill so we wanted to balance it out. Hexhunter bow will now be announced when you receive it as a drop. When a player receives a pet drop it will be announced globally so that all players are shown what they have received Battle-Mage Armor, will now be announced globally as well when given as a drop. Thank you for staying supportive and I appreciate all the love as always. Best Regards, Titan Also a big thanks to Snax and Renaissance helping through with some of the changes
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    Server Update - 9/11/17

    Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of update logs lately, believe me when I say I've been working on stuff in my spare time, but because of the whole Hurricane Harvey situation I was unable to do anything for a good two weeks due to always being distracted by something else. In my spare few hours that I had I would just sit back and relax because on top of school, I didn't really want to be bothered by anything else. I noticed a huge impacts towards the activity in the community since the drop rates update, so within the next few days I'll also be working on the rest of the drops that I have noticed could use some changes. The staff team will be helping me address the ones that have been the most bothersome, so I'll keep you all updated with the changes I do towards them. John & Mystkitty have been thinking of ways to make our Prestige Store's for Zamorak. Because we already had so many oppurtunities for most of the items that players want, we worked together on bringing something unique to the server. A lot of you know we don't have summoning in the server, so we decided spice things up by adding something similar to our store. The Prestige System: There will be 3 prestige stores, and each one with its own tier, along requirements to open. To unlock the Tier I store you must have at least level 3 Prestige. I'm sure a lot of you know what the Wolpertinger is from Runescape, we've decided that to be one of the things you can get from Tier 1 Store. Along with the Eye of the Mage. Wolpertinger is a high attack speed pet that can be used to PvM and in the Wilderness for 30 minutes. Each time 30 minutes run out, you'll have to buy a new pouch from the store. For 50 skilling points. It will take 1/4 of the damage from you randomly while you are attacking. Banned from Riot Wars Following up in the store will be the Eye of the Mage. Eye of the mage will be a magic bonus ring, stronger than the current "seer's ring I". Following up is Tier Store II where you will be able to unlock previous tier items, along with the new items. In this store will be the following: Fire Titan Pouch (Runescape familiar that will be active for 30 minutes for a purchase of 75 skilling points. It can used in wilderness and PvM situations, however also Banned in Riot Wars) Eye of the Warrior: This ring will be a melee bonus ring, stronger than the current "berserker ring I". In the last store, which can be unlock at level 9 Prestige. Eye of Range - This Ring will be the range bonus ring, which will make it Zamorak's strongest range bonus ring. Iron Titan - This will be one of the strongest pouches in the stores, it will be a slow paced, strong attack Titan. With a Max hit of 30. Banned in Riot Wars, and must be bought for 100 skilling points after 30 minutes as well. Ferocious Ring 5 - To be decided what its special effect will be. Dinh's Bulwark will be unlocked at level 9 Prestige as usual, but you'll have to contact me to claim it, or vinny I was planning on waiting out for this update log as there are a few things Mystkitty & John are still looking to find to add in the stores with its proper effects, but I thought it'd be good to keep you guys updated wherever I could. Thank you so much for the support as always, Best Regards, Titan (A follow up update log will be coming soon).
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    Massive congratulations to Raider88!!! First person to receive an Anger Sword from and Elite Clue in 3 years 1/100k chance of getting one! Kudos to Titan for giving him Legendary donor rank too so that he can use his new toy!
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    Username: Steve Time Zone: (UTC+10:00) NSW State/Region: NSW, Australia. How many hours can you be on during the week: On average, I am on for about 5 hours a day. What time are you usually online: 12pm onwards, sometimes i am on in the mornings. Any past history of being staff: Not on zamorak. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? No. Do you have Skype: Yes. How long have you been in the rsps scene: For about 10 years now. What makes you different than others: I am a very outgoing guy, I am nice to everyone i come across, I try to be as helpful as I can be, I've also been a Trusted Middleman for about 4 months now, so i have alot of experience in dealing with helping people; I am also a very composed guy and keep my cool; i don't react to flamebait, I'm also fair and a non biased person. I will never make a big decision such as muting/banning someone with out the advice of a higher staff member, so in other words I am not power hungry, and I hope this is evident with me being a TMM for 4 months. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I would assist players as much as i possibly can, whether it be in the help CC, or just in general if a player needs assistance, needs me to tele to them etc I will always be alert, I would also put others before myself, and dedicate my time to this server (as evident with my time spent being a trusted middleman) I'm also very active on forums; I would also bring some banter to the staff team (jokes), I would also do my best to help new players by encouraging them and giving them gear to start, although I have already been doing this for a long time. I would bring a very reliable server support which higher staff can depend on. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): 945 hours http://imgur.com/a/gL8LU
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    Why Users Are Being Hacked?

    Good information, however... Accounts can simply and easily be protected on Zamorak by setting an in-game security pin as mentioned here: https://forum.zamorak.net/index.php?/announcement/9-security-reminder/ Sure these tips are great for ensuring the safety of several types of accounts such as social media/emails, but as far as "In-game guides" are concerned, this isn't relevant in it's current state. Finally, be sure to quote your sources if most of the information used was gathered from other places - https://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/--protect-your-account-from-hackers-like-me--/ (I assume the author of this post (providing it wasn't you - if it was this comment is void), made back in 2011, created this content himself).
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    To enter the giveaway: Like the video Subscribe to my channel Comment your IGN Enjoy the video guys
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    Noting Ancient Bones.

    What's the issue/idea?: Selling ancient bones that cannot be noted is a pain in the ass.. ( A lot of people have bulk ) Argument/Why is this needed?: It makes it much easier for both the buyers and sellers who are buying/selling bulk of these items to sell bulk at 1 time, instead of transferring invo by invo.. How should this be implemented?: By Titan Desired result: Noteable Ancient bones
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    Staff Update 09/18/2017

    Promotions Nivo has been promoted to Global Moderator Tremor has been promoted to Global Moderator Renaissance has been promoted to Global Moderator Finch has been promoted to Server Moderator ArKeM has been promoted to Server Support Lancelot has been promoted to Server Support Demotions & Resignations Permedd has resigned from Administrator Choasburn has been demoted due to inactivity Claire has been demoted due to inactivity Fawk has resigned due to IRL issue(s) Best Regards, John
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    Axes Server Support Application

    Username: Axes Time Zone: UTC+03:00 State/Region: Israel How many hours can you be on during the week: 3-6 hours a day, usually whole week. What time are you usually online: 10:00AM - 05:00PM / 07:00PM - 12:00 PM . Any past history of being staff: No ( Gotta start somewhere . Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? Not that I know of. Do you have Skype: Yeah, most of the staff team has it. How long have you been in the rsps scene: Around 10 years, since 2007. What makes you different than others: I've been in the RSPS scene a lot, I have a lot of experience in RS and in Zamorak and I believe that I'll be able to provide a bunch of help to the community. It has happend more than once that someone needed assistance from a staff member while none was on and I tried helping yet I didn't have the tools to assist. As my time as TMM, I fell as if I have proven that I am dedicated to Zamorak. My time spent on this server has provided me with wide knowledge of Zamorak, therefore I'm able to give fast and accurate responses when it comes to players asking regarding bosses, prices, teleports etc. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I'm a dedicated team player, as I enjoy playing Zamorak a-lot and my attitude has always been that if I am going to do something, I should put every effort into it, in order to succeed. I feel as a staff I'll stay online much more when no other staff are on, due to my time zone I think I can provide activity at times not many can so there will be a staff 24/7. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): 889 Hours.
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    Why Users Are Being Hacked?

    I think this guide is very useful for my grandpa and granny
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    Best Administrator: Mystkitty Best Global Moderator: Tremor Best Forum Moderator: Danny Best Server Moderator: Choasburn Best Server Support: Finch&Fawk Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Not extreme Best Main Pker: Chizzy Best Clan : #GodPVM Best Youtuber : OGUM Best GFX Designer: @Misk Most Respected: Titan Most Trusted Player: Yuki Most known PVM'er: SuperNova Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Axes Best Role Model: John
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    N A

    TMM Application

    Username: N A Time Played(100hrs+ required): (Post a screenshot of your time played) Imgur link Date Joined: August 1 Timezone (GMT): Central European Time (UTC +1) Do you have any sanctions(Disciplinary Action) on your account(s)? Never. Why do you feel like you should become a Trusted MM? The only thing I do in Zamorak is gamble. I've been scammed a handful of times. They've been dealt with accordingly, but in reality, scamming is still a negative experience that affects many players, not just myself. TMMs are a valuable resource for players that choose to gamble because it completely negates an entire facet of risk in gambling. Although I'm a newcomer relatively to Zamorak, I think my reputation as a trustworthy player and, if accepted, as a TMM would allow me to help foster and enforce as safe as an environment for gambling as it can be. I think as a TMM, I'd be able to help reduce the number of those negative experiences and help create a safer environment for gambling. What would you bring to the team if you are accepted into it? I bring with me 4+ years of experience in the RSPS scene. I've done everything ranging from being just a normal player to the developer/owner of other RSPS. (Still currently a forum moderator of Mopar.) My trustworthiness within the server and familiarity not just with some of the older players, but many of the newer players as well would allow me to foster a more trustworthy environment for gambling. Do you have skype as a means of communication with other members of the team? Yes, I also have Discord and can get TS if needed as well.
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    Server Update 9/13/17

    Here are the changes since the last update log. In the meantime while we're waiting on the client updates to come along Vinny and I have decided to throw in some content updates to please the community with. We've decided to add a new way to make money for new players, and tie along some possible PvP activity as well. Kodai Wand has been released to Zamorak. Its special abilities along with its rather well rounded statistics is to give players unlimited access to Death, Soul, and Blood Runes. While equipped with Tome of Frost, which gives unlimited Water Runes, players are able to take advantage of casting magic abilities for free such as Barrage. To Obtain a Kodai Wand you can visit the Mage Arena located outside Mage Bank. Where the Battle-Mage's will have a 1/1000 chance of dropping the higher tier end wand. Battle-Mage's now include a coin drop of 1/1 100,000. Inside the Magic Arena you can now only attack with Magic abilities. This includes PvP / PvM situations inside the arena, to give a chance for Magic to be in demand within this area. Thank You for staying patient and showing your love and support for Zamorak. I'm still finalizing some of the drop rates we talked about in the last log, so stay tuned for sometime this week for a rather long drop rate adjusted content Best Regards, Titan, Vinny
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    Anger Management #4 + GIVEAWAY!

    Finally back to uploading Zamorak content again, i'm really excited for you guys to watch this! Watch the whole video to see the giveaway!
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    Come Say Hello!

    Hey Guys! My name is Ridge, and I am super new to this server. I haven't played RSPS's in a couple of years now.. but it feels so good to be back! I see the community here is amazing, and I can't wait to meet and become friends with you guys on these forums and in-game as well. As I stated before.. I haven't really played any RSPS's in a few years, because none have really been fun to be honest with you guys, however this one is genuinely different! From the moment I logged on I felt welcomed and met some of the coolest people (You guys rock, especially Tick and some dude named Kitty). Thank you all! PM me in-game anytime for anything!
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    SS app

    Username: Leigh Time Zone: GMT +10 State/Region: Queensland How many hours can you be on during the week: 15-20 What time are you usually online: week days around 5pm to 11pm weekends i get on at random times Any past history of being staff: Was a sever support on this server for a bit. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? no Do you have Skype: yes How long have you been in the rsps scene: 5-6 years What makes you different than others: I view myself as a well known player and i have been playing this server for quite some time so i have a good knowledge of the server, I am always ready to help people and will drop what ever i am doing at that time to go help the person, I am friendly to everyone, also i have a bit of knowledge as a server support as i have been a server support before. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I will bring to the team someone that is always willing to help who also has a good knowledge of the server. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/8c85f334743cfffe656de667c354b715 1058 hours
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    Back and stable, I heard buncha players been happy lately Let's get the grind started up again.
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    My 3 days of gambling

    So I've recently started gambling again since it's a lot of fun (as long as u don't lose) and this is what I've managed to gather so far. (Unsure if it's 3 or 4 days) The santa was a gift from Finch
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    Best Administrator: @Snax Best Global Moderator: Best Forum Moderator: @Claire Best Server Moderator: @Renaissance Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Not extreme Best Main Pker: @l l3g3nd l Best Clan : #ID Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: @cashed Most Respected: @Mystkitty Most Trusted Player: @Fawk Most known PVM'er: @vengepk Most Forum Active: @Claire Luckiest Player: Best Role Model: @Renaissance Can't do some of them as I have not been in-game for ages, but gave my best <3 Good luck
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    rules thing's

    There is no point in killing the same person over and over, but people do it because they're bored or like to annoy people, wilderness isn't exactly the most active thing, and if you take away people being able to kill the same person twice, it's going to die even more.. (In my opinion) Don't get me wrong, I understand why you want this to become a thing, but i just don't think it's necessary..
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    Best Administrator: @John Best Global Moderator: @Tremor Best Forum Moderator: @Snax Best Server Moderator: @Tremor Best Server Support: @Fawk Most Active Staff Member: @Tremor COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @Wingens Best Main Pker: @l l3g3nd l Best Clan : #ID Best Youtuber : - Best GFX Designer: - Most Respected: @Tremor Most Trusted Player: @John Most known PVM'er: @Axes Most Forum Active: - Luckiest Player: @Axes Best Role Model: Snacks
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @John Best Global Moderator@Tremor Best Forum Moderator:@snax Best Server Moderator: choas Best Server Support:@fawk Most Active Staff Member: finch COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: allday the bully Best Main Pker: l legend l Best Clan : Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: cashed Most Trusted Player: banger Most known PVM'er: axes Most Forum Active: chizzy Luckiest Player: yuki Best Role Model: yuki
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator:John Best Global Moderator:Renaissance Best Forum Moderator:Claire Best Server Moderator: Nivo Best Server Support:Fawk Most Active Staff Member:Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid:mr riotwars Best Main Pker: Notebola Best Clan :#GoDPvM Best Youtuber :- Best GFX Designer:- Most Respected:Tremor Most Trusted Player:cashed Most known PVM'er:SuperNova Most Forum Active:Snax Luckiest Player:Axes Best Role Model:Titan
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    Best Administrator: John John has slain tz-tok-jad! rewarded(jad pet) xd Best Global Moderator: Renaissance Best Forum Moderator: Claire Best Server Moderator: Nivo Best Server Support: Hero Fawk & Finch Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty Miss Beauty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: mr riotwars Best Main Pker: mr riotwars Best Clan : :#GoDPvM Best Youtuber : skinz Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: VinnyTitan Most Trusted Player: Tick Most known PVM'er: SuperNova Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: yuki & Ironebola (got bp and magic fang and complaining about not getting b neck Best Role Model: Titan
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    STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: @John Best Global Moderator: @Renaissance Best Forum Moderator: @Snax Best Server Moderator: @Choasburn Best Server Support: @Finch Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: @mr riotwars Best Main Pker: @mr riotwars Best Clan : #FBI Best Youtuber : N/A Best GFX Designer: @cashed Most Respected: @Titan Most Trusted Player: @Axes Most known PVM'er: @SuperNova Most Forum Active: @Snax Luckiest Player: @Nivo Best Role Model: @Danny
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    [VIDEO] First Multi Event of Many

    Lmao at everyone thinking this was hosted today
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    Dragon Crossbow

    What's the issue/idea?: Implement the dragon c bow alongside the release of the dragon harpoon. Argument/Why is this needed?: I believe that the dragon c bow has great potential to be a much needed pvm weapon used for solely the wilderness. It can be added with increased drop rate or accuracy/damage only in wildy. For example, 10-20% drop rate increase in the wilderness and 20-30% damage or accuracy increase in wildy pvp/pvm. Now obviously it wouldn't have the greatest stats, maybe a bit lower than the ccbow, or the same. How should this be implemented?: As it would be a weapon solely for wilderness pvm, it should be obtained there as well. With the new release of the Kodai, which is more of a pvp oriented weapon, it would be cool to see the dragon c bow become a wildy pvm weapon. It should only be dropped by wilderness bosses to bring life back to them, or a new seperate npc such as vetion can be added. Desired result: The addition of a new wildy pvm based weapon to bring new life back to pvm in the wilderness.
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    Remarkable moment. Never did I think anyone would get this in my life when I added it to the Elite Clues years ago. Insane. 1/100k Drop chance.
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    Hey guys!!! I am alive and still running, however, I'm not sure when I am going home yet. The hurricane did some pretty severe damage around south Florida. And people are still looting. I'm on patrol making sure that, that doesn't happen. I am doing well, just need a few showers or 5 lol. I am missing you all, and I can't wait to play with you all when I get home. Keep in touch! -Renny
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    Drop ScreenShot Table

    Hello , I am going to post all of my drops i get from different monster here (screenshot) to collect for myself + newspapers screenshots + to show everyone , this thread will be updated always when i get somekind of drop and make some bank Latest drop comes here always:
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    My inactivity

    Hey guys, as you may know i've been a little inactive lately usually i come on about everyday/ night to check on the server well i actually have quite the reason and i want you guys to know i recently had my son born yesterday sept 6th at about 8:20am he is a little handful so its been a little hard to get used to it for the time being i will be on thats for sure and this will not affect my activity in game so no worries on that i just want you all to know the reason ill be gone for a bit. pce Choasburn
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    Huge suggestions thread

    Hey everyone, I thought about making a list of suggestions from my time in zamorak so far, feel free to share your opinion. I know some of the suggestions have been suggested before but I'm mentioning them again as they have not been dealt with yet. Security: -Just like you can't use your bank until you enter your bank pin, I believe the money pouch should be restricted as well. Bosses: -I think removing zulrah vote requirement would bring more cash into the economy, which will result in less gap while trying to get a item if it's for items or cash. -I believe some of the bosses should have their regen time decreased, such as GWD and Chaos elemental as new bosses regen much faster. -Although some of the drop tables have been changed there are still bosses who are not worth killing such as the Abyssal Sire. -Some bosses who have been removed still appear on the drop table such as Tarn. Items/Use: -I believe adding a Ring of wealth scroll for Ring of wealth(i) would be great as it adds a coin collection feature that would bring more cash into the economy. -I believe adding a looting bag would be a great addition and will make PvMing in wilderness much more popular, which will eventually result in increase in pkers and clans. -I believe a Rune Pouch should be added to one of the Pk shops and allowed in riot wars as it would be a great addition to NHing/Bridding. -I believe making the vote shop much more "updated" would make voting more common, adding items such as Dragon Kiteshield, Vine, Even donator tokens. -I believe adding a wilderness slayer shop with some new items would make wilderness slayer much more active which will result in much more PvMing in wildy and making the wildy more active. Skills: -Iron mans can't receive karambwans unless they kill players(Added to bank)or kill Forgotten Rangers(Unnoted) which is a huge problem, if Iron mans want to pk they can't pk fair since not only people use normal food and karambwans, Iron mans don't receive any items once they kill the player, adding karambwans to one of the fishing spots would make it amazing. ( Same goes regarding rocktails) -I believe adding wilderness slayer tasks would increase the popularity in wilderness, slayer tasks could give more exp than usual tasks and have their own shop. Gambling: -Whenever you teleport to gambling, regardless of the message you see in chat I think making a broadcast like message saying 'without video proof scams will not be looked into' would decrease the people who get scammed and in addition say 'use a tmm for a safe trade' -A ::tmm command just like ::staff to see online TMMs. -Whenever someone's using a dice, show it on chat as '<Player_Name> just rolled <Number> !' General: -Adding a Current drop rate: <Drop rate> Line in the Quest Tab to see your current drop rate and once you click on it, it will show in chat exacly what ::droprate shows. -There's a empty tab in the inventory where summoning should be, I think making it a tab where you can see current staff online and TMMs, a quick link to forums, donator shop and to some specific threads such as prices, clue scroll, bosses, gear stats would make it much better. -Alching Donator Tokens gets you no cash at all, would be nice if you could get 75M (just like selling to General Store). -A command - ::exchange , where you can open the Note exchange npc anywhere (except for wilderness, riot wars etc) to exchange a note to cash or the opposite. -Adding more emotes just like osrs has now could be cool. -Changing Anger sword value to more than 500M as Note protects over Anger sword. PvP: -PK Points worth in wildy - when u hover mouse over a player u can see if it's worth fighting or u wont get any since u killed him earlier. Thanks to @Finch, @Fawk, @Renaissance, @Nivo and @Snax.
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    Tremor's Updated Bank

    My bank. I think its ok. Was at like 50b last week. Special, special and huggge thanks to Steveee Yuki and Renaissance for helping along the way. You contributions were much appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thanks!
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    Updated bank - Steve

    I'm ready for the "Steve" is "Titan" undercover messages now instead of people thinking I'm Nivo.
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    Dharok event [ENDED]

    Hosted a small dharok event just now with 8 players, was a nice small event Prizes: 1st place : 2x 10$ donator boxes 2nd place : primordials and 4 notes 3rd place : amulet of torture Winners: 1st place : vengepk 2nd place : l l3g3nd l 3rd palce : Xure Kind regards, Mystkitty & John
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    Community awards August 2017 A big thank you to everyone who nominated a player for any category! We appreciate that you guys nominate, and so does the nominated player! The Community Award events wouldn't be possible without you guys, so thank you! Congratulations to all players who won in each category below! STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: John Best Global Moderator: Renaissance Best Forum Moderator: Claire Best Server Moderator: Nivo Best Server Support: Fawk & Finch Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Not extreme Best Main Pker: l l3g3nd l Best Clan: #ID Best Youtuber: OGUM Best GFX Designer: Misk Most Respected: Titan Most Trusted Player: Steveee & Yuki Most known PVM'er: SuperNova Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Axes Best Role Model: Titan
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    As some know, I play tennis. I don't only just play tennis, I still go to school and get good grades. How do I do it you may ask? When I work, well I work. When I play tennis, well then I only focus on the tennis. It hurts, it isn't easy. But for every day I read, I get better. For every day I train, I get better. As they say in the video: "My dream was bigger than my reality." He is working for something better than what he has become. If you get a F in school, it doesn't matter? Every failure is one step closer to victory. This is a little old but very good
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    Hi. Here's a lot of new players so I might aswell make my reintroduction as I just came back to Zamorak. I'm 20 years old estonian from Malta. Currently I'm studying security management and it's my first year, studies are 3 years long. My hobbies are street workout and uhh Netflix? I'm not much of a gamer, zamorak is the only game I play when I've freetime.Sometimes I play ps4 with my friends, but that's all. I will be as active I can, but gotta focus on studies and hobby also. Glad to see some old players still playing
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    The Future

    The Future Staff Feedback

    @Titan I've never spoken to you directly, but from observation you seem like a very professional and helpful owner. You've been doing great at taking the community imput and adjusting the updates or explaining why updates were implemented. Keep up the great work! @Vinny I've only spoken to you once, and it was just for the donation 2x incentive, but you handled everything timely and professionally. Keep it up! @Apache Ah64 Sadly, the trend is what I haven't met many of the upper tier staff members, but I have seen some of your threads from last year. It seems you and Titan work very well together and I'd love to see more of that in the future! @Permedd I've been in teamspeak with you a couple times, but never held a conversations. You seem like a great guy and your giveaways always help the community thrive. @John Congratulations on prestige 9! You're always a helpful individual and your knowledge on this server is tremendous. You're a pleasure to skill around! @Mystkitty The skiller herself! In the same boat as John. Extremely helpful for new players trying to learn the in and outs of skilling efficiently. Is always ready to lend a hand whenever she sees someone struggling or when anyone asks. Extremely active in Help CC! Keep it up! @Snax The Hidden ::Gamble Admin. Snax is an individual that I have had the pleasure to talk to in teamspeak. He's an incredibly nice, helpful, and active individual! He brings a calmness to ::gamble that is needed in high tension spots. He's able to act accordingly without being bias and it always ends with both parties happy. Keep up the great work! @Danny The ::Gamble Addict! I'm just joking of course. Another individual that ::gamble couldn't live without! Sadly, he's been a bit less active lately, again this could be a timezone issue. Hope to see you at ::Gamble soon man! @Renaissance The calmer side of global moderators. It's hard to have a bad day when you're around. Your genuine kindness is unmatched. You always make staff and non-staff feel good about themselves and you're always there to help. You and tremor work great together since you guys are like good cop bad cop :P. The calm demeanor you have is perfect in situations where tension is building or even in smaller disputes. Keep it up!! @Tremor Tremor / Help CC itself. Tremor has to be the most helpful individual on the whole server. He takes his responsibilities seriously and runs everything professionally. Sometimes people take your seriousness wrong, but it is needed in a lot of cases. You're about to fix situations and no one thinks they can get over on you or play sympathy cards. You're extremely unbias and you're always ready to step up to the next level of responsibility! Administrator incoming? Forum Moderator @Claire I'm not as active on the forums as I should be so I don't know you that well. Speaking to you in the TMM skype has shown me you're a nice and fun individual. I witnessed you calm down someone that was having second thoughts about staff, and show them the positive side of the responsibilities. Thank you for your positivity! @Nivo Mr. "I Don't Clean People". Extremely helpful at ::gamble! Great at keeping his composure. Even when bugged by 15+ people from the moment he logs on he still keeps his calm mindset. I've never seen you get upset, and there were plenty of times it would be deserved lol. I know you do more than sit at ::gamble, but there's where I spend a lot of my time lately so all I get to witness. P.S. Thanks for keeping the eco stable.. @Choasburn You're more on the pking side of the spectrum so I never really get to see you. That's important though because the pking side of the server doesn't always get the staff attention it deserves. The times I do see you though you're helping and individual or resolving a situation at ::gamble. @Fawk FAWK!! The Trivia God. I'm ready to see you get promoted already! :P. Fawk is always active and is an extremely kind individual. He is one of the few members on this server that actually deserve to climb the ladder! Keep it up!! @Ashy I haven't seen you on much, but that might just be a timezone issue. I've never gotten to speak to you, but hopefully soon. @Finch FINCH!!! The one and only! Finch4Mod. All joking aside Finch is someone you can tell is going to go far in this community. He's kind, helpful, and it's hard to get him upset (I've tried lol). It's always a pleasure to see you around man! Keep up the great work and keep grind the staff ladder!
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    I hear a lot of you are really having fun again on Zamorak, and even the player count is rising again so that's a good sign. Have fun and stay safe also
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    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: John Best Global Moderator: Tremor Best Forum Moderator: ??? Best Server Moderator: Best Server Support: Fawk Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: John Best Main Pker: John Best Clan : ??? Best Youtuber : ??? Best GFX Designer: ??? Most Respected: Mystkitty Most Trusted Player: Mystkitty Most known PVM'er: John Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Axes Best Role Model: Snax ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Thanks for the love, those that voted on sya boy STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Snax Best Global Moderator: Renaissance Best Forum Moderator: Claire Best Server Moderator: Nivo Best Server Support: Finch (ily fawk :() Most Active Staff Member: Fawk COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Finch Best Main Pker: L L3g3nd L Best Clan : #ymca #logobias Best Youtuber : OGUM i guess? Best GFX Designer: Tremor, good progress duke Most Respected: Yuki Most Trusted Player: The Legend recorded errthing even pre-TMM (special shoutout to steve, ily) Most known PVM'er: John, cause I see 'John got a firecape' in chat 200 times a day Most Forum Active: Snax or Danny Luckiest Player: Noobplayerv2, even though he has quit, dude won like 20 fp's in a row Best Role Model: Steve, he's like me but knows when to chill, loves to flame but knows how to keep it between friends
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    The winners of my giveaway!

    Alright guys, i made a small giveaway! 20 mins ago! Here is some pictures from the giveaway! Rewards Winners Another Pictures Congrats to everyone who got a reward! And that's how i end my Birthday! Much love Legendary
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Mystkitty Best Global Moderator: Tremor Best Forum Moderator: Snax Best Server Moderator: Choasburn Best Server Support: Fawk Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Not extreme Best Main Pker: l l3g3nd l Best Clan : Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: ArKeM Most Trusted Player: Banger Most known PVM'er: Yuki Most Forum Active: Chizzy Luckiest Player: Axes Best Role Model: Yuki
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    Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: John Best Global Moderator: Renaissance Best Forum Moderator: Claire Best Server Moderator: Nivo Best Server Support: Fawk Most Active Staff Member: Mystkitty COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: mr riotwars Best Main Pker: mr riotwars Best Clan : #fbi Best Youtuber : OGUM Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: Vinny Most Trusted Player: @Steveee Most known PVM'er: SuperNova Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Axes Best Role Model: Titan
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    Staff Feedback In-depth.

    @Titan Best Owner of a RSPS i've seen he's coming with the game changing updates that are bring back the player base and he is also listening to the players when it comes to suggestions. I can tell he really loves this server unlike a lot of previous owners I've seen/worked with. @Vinny Great guy, he does a lot of work behind the scenes and he also helps out with giveaways now and then. I also spoken to him a couple times and he's an overall sound guy. null @Apache Ah64 I have only spoken too you like twice and seemed like a great guy as well as pumping out the updates for the server. Keep up the updates. My only critic would be if you could get out updates faster like a year or two ago then that'll be great. @Permedd Great guy again, talked to you numerous times over a the years when you weren't an admin and the likes of @S a g e and @Virgin (G.O.A.T) were around however recently you server activity has dropped a lot i would like if you could sort that out and become more active like before when you were just a player. @John Very active and all round great person Ebay i remember when you were starting off as we started around the same time and your character hasn't changed since then which i'm very proud of keep up the good work. my one critic would be i would like you help a tad bit more and get off that jad grind too see if the server is all gucci. @Mystkitty Very active and again i can't fault your character, i remember the other day when we talked and i told you about some bugs that could get looked at and you listened and took the issues into account. Great staff member and a very helpful person. @Snax Another person who i can't fault there character you were another i saw grow from player to admin, great person, always there too help and make sure that he's always in situations to help as a few of the staff yell "pm me if you need help" and aren't really helping however you go to places where players normally need help and either stop problems starting by being there or stop small issues from escalating. I even got an example when two players where arguing about a gambling pot and i was trying to sort the issue out so i pmed you to come and take us to the investigation room so i could get them to explain their stories without anyone else adding there inputs and quite quickly that issue was squashed after we heard both stories. @Danny Sinning tree AKA Danny i haven't seen you much in-game although you are active on forums i would like you to be active in game aswell. Apart from that you're a great person and good to talk too. @Renaissance God itachi AKA rena another great staff member, very active, very helpful we've had a couple good conversation and from them i could tell you are a another sound person. keep up the activity and good work. @Tremor Trem Another great staff member, very active like rena and very helpful. From the many times we've talked you seemed like a great person and your another person i can't fault their character, keep up the good work. Forum Moderator @Claire Honestly i haven't seen you much of you in-game. This may be due to timezone in the case of me rarely seeing you in-game but i believe that you could make more of an effort to make yourself known in the player-base although you've been here for so long you need to realise players come in and out and newer players won't know you if you in-game activity is low. On your forum activity it's quite good atm so keep that up. @Nivo You're on holiday rn but before that you were quite active in-game and was good to talk to. I would like too see when you comeback to help more and to sort out problems and issues in a more respectful way. @Choasburn I haven't seen you much in-game and barely on forums either. This may be down too timezones again like @Claire in respect too in-game activity. You're another person i believe should make themselves known to the player-base. Other than that i don't have much too say on you. @Fawk @Finch Imma do you guys Fawk and Finch together because i convinced you're twins or something but in all seriousness you two are some the best server supports i've seen on a RSPS in a while, you are always answering questions from the player base, and genuinely very nice people to talk with, and you both are extremely helpful. Keep up the good work and giving the server support. I think this comes from all the server when i say thank you for what you two are doing. @Ashy I think your forum activity says it all. after you were promoted you went away on forums for more than a month. In my opinion that is unacceptable. Furthermore i've never seen you in-game i don't have much else to say on you but you should really try copy the behaviors of fawk and finch as they're exemplary examples of server supports.
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    Titan - You work really hard to make sure everything is alright and you really care about everything in the community, lately I feel like you've been slacking a bit, I know Zamorak isn't your main focus but I'd really appreciate it if you could take care of some basic and simple things to make the game much better. I've noticed you've been more active with updates last week and I really really hope you're going to keep it going and that it's not temporary but overall I'm really happy with server. Vinny - Unfortunately I do not know you that much and I rarely see you on but when ever you are on, it's clear you really care about the community and whenever you're on you try and help as much as you can. Apache Ah64 - Never seen you on. Permedd - I used to see you online a lot trying to make pking on zammy a bit more 'alive' but lately I haven't seen you on, whenever I do see you on it's clear you are willing to assist anybody who needs anything if it's in the help chat or in the pms. John - Really amazing admin, always there to help and is nice to everyone, it's obvious you're not just helping people because you're admin you're helping people because you really care about the community! Mystkitty - I rarely see you on lately I hope to see a rise in your activity, however when you are on you're always there to help anybody who needs help. Snax - Well snax, you're the best admin I've seen in any RSPS so far by so much! Cares about the community a lot and help people whenever you can! I'm not sure where you can go up from here but if there is some place, I'm sure you're going to get there really soon! Danny - Amazing admin, you're very active and nice and always helping anybody in need. Claire - I rarely see you on. Renaissance - A really honest and focused mod, always there to help and takes everything on the bright side. Willing to help anybody in need even when he's busy(helping someone else of course ;). Tremor - Same as @Renaissance, however I'm pretty sure we're in a different timezones because I barely see you on lately Hope to see you on much more!! Nivo - Amazing mod, you're always there to help to anybody who needs help, takes care of gamble whenever you're on and I'm waiting for you to come back Choasburn - Clearly one of the best caring and devoted mods I have ever seen, super active and helping everybody who needs help regardless of how much effort he needs to put in. Keep it going mate Fawk & Finch - Amazing supports, helping people first and only then anything else for yourself, it's obvious you really care about the community and willing to do anything to assist Not going to stop at support that's obvious. You both are a team I wouldn't want to part when you're both on, there's no need for any other staff to be on because you're taking care of anything ! Keep it going ! Ashy - I rarely see you on. I just want to say thank you to the staff team, I can see everybody is putting all of his efforts to make sure the game runs smoothly to everybody who's playing !
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    Making fun

    miksi ei staff feedback

    @Titan ur greatest owner what i have never seen! u doning nice job! keep it up! bro @Vinny ur geat manager u know what u are doing, u have looked great staff team! keep it up bro! @Apache Ah64 what we have talked ur good person ! @Permedd permed where u are! i miss u! u are doing good work, u are nice guy, good adminstator keep it up! where is ur promote ! @John john- ur nice guy frendly and helpfull adminstator keep it up! bro @Mystkitty skitty!- ur 1 of my fav staff members in game. ur helpful u know alot. + ur girl :* good job my sis! keep it up @Snax ur doing good in game and in forum! ur too 1 of my fav staff's keep it up! @Danny danny- nice job in game and in forums. i hope see u move in game. keep it up @Renaissance ur helpfull friendly moderator keep it up @Tremor helpful friendly doing good keep it up Forum Moderator @Claire nothing new abaut you ! <3 great work keep it up @Nivo where are u? havent see u online! ur friendly and helpful moderator! keep it up @Choasburn where is ur promotion!! vinny c'mon! u are doing good work in game ur friendly,helpfull keep it up @Fawk good u get ur ss and u doing great job. hard work is what ss need keep it up @Ashy where u are!? i miss you! nice to see you in staff team! doing good keep it up @Finch good you get support too. ur helpfully and friendly know what u are doing! keep it all! STAFF TEAM- GOOD TEAM! KEEP IT UP! LOVEYA -MIKSI EI-
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    Staff Feedback(Not for Giveaway)

    STAFF FEEDBACK IS NOT MEANT TO BE KISSING THE TEAM'S ASS, IT IS MEANT TO TELL THEM WHAT THEY ARE DOING WELL AND WHAT THEY ARE LACKING IN. @Titan I'm glad to see that you started going back to seeing what the community wanted and started busting out some updates over the weekend, keep it up. The only thing I can criticize is that you need to log the hell out every time you leave your computer to stop afking in game @Vinny You've been doing an excellent job as a manager, you've made good calls on who should be staff and on recommended updates to the server. After how long you've been here when ever someone asks for help and you're around you still help out which is rare to see on private servers with someone in your position, keep it up. @Apache Ah64 You have done some amazing work in the past and I can't wait to see what the upcoming content are going to be like @Permedd Personally I like you and all, but before you went on vacation the only thing I have seen you do was advertise donations for 07 Gold then get off if nobody was interested. In my opinion you were a great staff member before you became an administrator but then once you got your rank you kind of just gave up on helping this server and proceeded to focus on donations. I understand that once you've been staff for so long you get bored of it but please do more than asking for donations, the other administrators stay on and help whenever possible. Having this rank for an extended period of time doesn't mean you should be able to slack on helping others. @John I personally enjoy seeing all the giveaways you and @Mystkitty have been hosting recently, it's a great way to keep the player base active on the forums and in game. With you being an admin I enjoy seeing that you're still doing an amazing job by answering the community's questions and by giving away your own items to keep the player base happy. @Mystkitty As I have said in @John's feedback, both of you are doing a fantastic job on keeping the forums active, and keeping the player base happy. You are both giving great incentives to post on the forums and helping out those in game. Keep it up. Forum Staff @Snax @Danny @Claire I hate to lump all three of you together in the same feedback, but as far as I can tell you are all doing a great job keeping up on reports and handle everything professionally over shout-box and on the forums. I would love to give more detailed feedback individually but I am unable to see what each of you do personally due to reports being only visible by staff. I apologize if this seems like a lazy way to give feedback to each of you. @Renaissance You have been doing an excellent job on helping the community in game and on forums, I'm glad you got the G-Mod promotion, you deserve it. @Tremor I don't see much of you on during the week due to timezone differences, but on the weekends when I see you on, you are always helping out those who ask for it, keep up the good work. @Nivo At first I didn't like you because I felt that you were too scared to do your job and would only warn people without acting on it, but getting to know you more and see you do your job properly made me really happy that you're part of the team. I'm glad to say that first impressions aren't always correct. @Choasburn Glad to see you finally got mod after how long you've been a Server Support, was definitely a well deserved promotion. Keep up the good work. @Fawk Even before you joined the staff team you helped answer questions when there were no staff online, it's really great to see that you still have the same attitude to help people at all times when you're online. @Ashy Although you are only on for 1 hour a day, for that hour that you are on you are constantly helping players in need out. I still see you as an Advisor, but I'm also not used to you being Global SS @Finch From what I've seen about you, just like @Fawk, before you were staff you always did what was best to help the community, I'm glad you made it on the staff team and I hope you continue with the performance you have had lately. As I mentioned in the top, most of the staff feedback has only been sucking up to the staff team, there has been very few criticisms on how the team can improve and continue on keeping this server together. I understand most of the team is doing a phenomenal job and it is hard to find what they need to improve on individually, but that's the best way to help them keep going on as staff. Saying what the members are doing well is a good way to keep them motivated to continue on with their job here, but blatantly kissing their ass does not help them improve.
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    Staff Feedback

    @Titan - One of the most genuine and dedicated rsps owners I've come across. I've found him to always be willing to help out and great at implementing worthwhile updates that the community want and have asked for! Keep it up man. @Vinny - Whenever I see him, he's answered every question I have. Extremely helpful and friendly community manager! @Apache Ah64 - Never met you man but since you're the developer and all of the updates (while I've been playing) are awesome and you've certainly helped to create an incredible server. @Permedd - I'll be honest, not sure if I've seen you in-game. Maybe you're in a different timezone or something. @John - A cracking example of what an admin should be like. Always willing to help and chat with the community and player base. @Mystkitty - Has the best singing voice out of any of the staff team! Again, same as John and excellent admin - couldn't ask for more from you tbh. @Snax - All round top bloke. Always willing to help and offer advice. Helped me out countless times. Great at promoting the ::reqrank command @Danny - From what I see of you, it's all good. Again you must be in a different timezone as I don't see you that much but what I do see is extremely helpful - especially on forums. @Renaissance and @Tremor - Quality Moderators. Congratulations again to both of you on your recent promotion. Very well deserved. Both of you are excellent at what you do - always willing to offer advice and support to anyone who wants it. Keep it up. @Claire - Not seen you in-game but very active on the forums which is always great to see! @Nivo - An excellent server mod. I remember when I first joined Nivo camped pest control for about an hour with me, just to help me get void! Extremely selfless and very helpful. @Choasburn - Seems to have time for everybody. Can't imagine how but somehow manages it! Keep it up man. @Fawk and @Finch - I'm convinced you two are the same person. Whenever anyone asks something in the cc, you two immediately answer the exact same thing! Both of you are always ready to help out and really friendly! #finchfortmm @Ashy - Must be in a different timezone as I can't recall ever seeing you in-game. Overall, the staff team here at Zamorak are some of the finest staff in the RSPS community - I'm sure of it. On the whole a very active, helpful and dedicated staff team. Keep up the good work everybody! I know that all of us 'lower down peasants' appreciate all your help and helping to create an excellent, friendly rsps that everyone can enjoy!