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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that i have resigned from my position as staff. I will be starting night schooling in a week ( 7/17/17) so i will be unable to put in the hours needed. However I do not plan to stop playing this server as i have grown quite fond of it and our community. I hope to return to the staff team at a later date just for the time being i need to focus on other priorities. Thank you all. Bardaloo
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    Loving this replies. In regards to some of your replies I saw most significant. Droprates : Will be probably 1/2 all of them considering they were made to suit an audience of 400+ players instead of 200 players. (So stay tuned) Wilderness Activity: This is never going to improve, until all of you who sit there and complain pack your bags and stand in the Wilderness whenever you're online. Because this is a Pre-Eoc server, pkers don't come naturally. The pking scene revolves around toxicity, harassment, ragging, clans, and "Old School" game play. So no one is just going to naturally come to Zamorak to actually PK. You'll find a few who like to pk, but most of those who join are pvmers. Therefore if you wanna see some activity, make a difference and just sit in the wilderness, and I guarantee no one is just going to let you sit there restfully, and a challenge will appear. "No one pks" - I hear this by 50+ people a day. Imagine if all 50 of you said that at ::edge wilderness. Bugs not being fixed / Updates? : The server has been up for nearly 2 years +. With over 200+ update logs created. From beta to now. You can't say things don't get fixed, because they do. We have a very little amount of bugs, and as far as I know there are no "Game Breaking Urgent" bugs. We have no dupes, no exploits, and no disconnection issues, which is one of the main things servers nowadays always occur towards. You should be thankful you can login everyday and see a server with the amount of players we have, as stable as we are, and been online for as long as we have. You guys are 100% right, updates are awesome to see in a community, but I can't just pop them from thin air. I see the bugs that need my attention and I fix them. However, Content? We definitely could use some new content, that would make this server a hundred times better, but the issue with that is, I genuinely don't want anyone near Zamorak's code that I don't trust. I like to do things by myself or with Apache Ah64, as we've came in a time of RSPS, where mostly every developer I run into likes to be corrupt or malicious towards a large community such as ours. So as I've said a million times, you have to be able to trust me and stay patient. There are hundreds of things to do on Zamorak as is, and the content updates that I can get you safely will arrive. I have so much planned, and I don't plan to give up on this server ever. Server Dying? I swear, this is the dumbest thing anyone can say to a server like ours. "Story Time" - First month of release, all our code was gone, server was gone, website gone, we averaged 80 players peak. I was told by number of hackers and other contributing members, "Your server won't last another week". "Good luck". "You won't be able to run Zamorak, stop". And I swear for the past 2-3 years, I've heard at least 4-5 people always have the audacity to say "the server is dying". We ain't going no where. Hell I'll keep us here even if it's just me and "Titan 2" online. . We also did hit 220 Online with about 204 unique IP's just yesterday, which is still good. And we're top 5 on all the rsps top lists. If anything....The rsps scene itself is dying not Zamorak. - Now I know you wanna say, I'm keeping it online for the money, I haven't made any real profit for awhile considering the amount of charge backs I've to handle and their fees. But I'm not going to sit here and say, "I'm not here for the money" because this is definitely a job for me, but I love what I do, and I love this community. You won't meet an owner as open as I am with its community. Final. Titan Afks: I genuinely don't mean to AFK or not respond to your message. I'm always in TeamSpeak where you can poke me or I'll even talk to you 1 on 1. It's just hard to do everything I do and be able to talk on Zamorak 24/7. School, family, work, gym, and other priorities. Keep up these replies and good luck to all of y'all. Hopefully me writing this out put a smile on your faces ha ha. Like I said I'm always in TeamSpeak so come chat whenever
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    Hey everyone! Im leaving Zamorak. As a matter of fact, I already have left. But for anyone that wants to keep in touch, please comment your osrs username! I would love to stay in touch with the community, but just not ingame anymore. It's a closed chapter =]. Time to move on, busy with irl stuff. Hope you all enjoy Zamorak! Thanks to everyone for supporting me with this decision!! Yours truly, Nr1 prodpker (Z)Xenofied =]
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen of Zamorak, today I will be doing my first and probably only "Anger sword" giveaway. As many of you know I don't play much I simply just afk and talk crap to people but today I decided to be nice and do this giveaway. This will probably be my only good deed of the year for you guys so I thought I make it BIG. I hope you guys enjoy this and I can't wait to hopefully read a bunch of comments. Down Below you will find out how to enter. How To Enter: - Down Below fill out the Following Format: - In-Game Name: - What You like/love about Zamorak: - What You Hate about Zamorak: - 1-500: Giveaway will end on Sunday whenever I get on! (10am-12pm Pacific Time) Rules: - Only 1, The account Name you put above must be unbanned. If you're banned you will not win the prize. ONCE AGAIN GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ENTER. Sincerely, Chris
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    Here are the changes since the last update log. Due to many complaints of what can be used and what can't be used in our lovely mini-game "Riot Wars" I have gone ahead and disabled the following in the mini-game. Disabled Celestial in Riot Wars Disabled Ancestral in Riot Wars. Disabled Dragon Sword. Disabled Saradomin Godsword Disabled Zamorak Godsword. Players were continously complaining that Bats were fairly easy to make money and there was no risk to taking the adventure towards the Wilderness to achieved the keys, so I've made the following adjustments. Wilderness bats will now automatically Skull you when you attack them. Wilderness Bats drop rate has been raised to 1/50 from 1/30. Wilderness bats will no longer spam the player messages of warnings. This bug was fixed as soon as it was reported. Content Update: Skotizo has been released. Skotzio's Cave has been released, it is located near the Edgeville dungeon as you enter the trap door. Its Dungeon is quite similar to Corporeal Beast's however this is meant to be a community boss, so we've made sure that it requires more than one - two players to do the boss. The Map has some hidden obstacles so it's recommended to bring range and mage to prevent from misclicking. The Boss has no requirements to enter its Cave / Dungeon, as stated, it's meant to suit the entire community. When Skotizo is slayed, the drop will be placed wherever you are standing once it dies. You can type in ::Drops Skotizo to view its drop table. You can find Skotizo on the Boss Log Page as well. It will randomly use Range + Mage, and melee up close. Misc Bugs: Tarn removed from boss log Removed unnecessary Iron Man Dialogues from the Iron Man Store Npc to reduce confusion. Added Barrows Gloves to the Iron Man Store. Unnecessary Dialogues removed from the Edgeville Cave. Armadyl Crossbow has been added to Armadyl Boss, it has a Drop rate of 1/2000 Lord Marshal Gear requirements have been Fixed. As always, a huge thanks to Vinny who played a huge role on these updates, and being my right hand. Best Regards, Titan
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    Hey everyone, as I sit here typing this message I can't help but feel saddened, I very much enjoyed this server, a lot, I especially enjoyed my last 2-3 months Of being a Trusted Middle man; and for that I'd like to give a shoutout to @Sinning Tree for giving me the opportunity to attempt to prove my dedication the server; sadly it wasn't enough. I will never forget everything you have done for me brother; from the first day we met; to the last day of me being an active member of the Zamorak commmunity! Today will be my last day on Zamorak (i will still be on once a week to chill with the boiz), and many of you will ask why; and basically that is because i have pretty much finished the game in a sense. Other reasons aswell, but they are not appropriate for this thread I'd just like to say thankyou to the few staff members who believed in me (they know who they are) and i appreciate you guys in trying to guide me to do better. I'd also like to give my boy @I Ko U Die and @brotherz for giving me the opportunity to join their clan, you guys taught me alot about pking and i will never forget the amount of time you guys spent at Riotwars with me, helping me become quite a good pker, massive shout out for that . I'd also like to say that I will definitely miss the community, as i truly know how much they appreciated me, wether it was me giving them gear to start, or advice on how to do bosses etc, you guys are the real MVPS. my boy @x x you were my first friend on this server after coming back after a 6 month break, and till today we are still close af and i appreciate our friendship bro, from both being poor ironmen to both having mad bank, we made it never forget you my bro. my boi @khalifa kid you were also one of my first friends after i came back from my break, and we grinded so much zombies together and became tight asf over time my bro and I appreciate your friendship . @Fawk even though we haven't been friends for a very long time, I feel as though you are one of the realest dudes i've had the honor of being friends with, and you definitely deserve that spot my brother i wish you all the best with it . @Timekeeper probably the first staff member to actually befriend me, you will always be one of the greatest dudes i know on this server, You inspired me to apply and become a TMM to prove myself to the management team, and I appreciate you for believing in me, same goes to you @Sinning Tree thankyou for always believing in me and having my back even when i was wrong; words cannot explain how much appreciation i have for you two, love you boys . @Tremor4SS. haha nah, you're my boy bro, thankyou for your friendship bro; i enjoyed giving you free stuff you noob I hope you excel and move up in staff ranks, you are very capable of doing it man and i hope the next time i get on you're an admin . i'd like to thank @FallenAngel and @Invisible you guys were basically the first ones to help me out in this server, giving me loans and unwanted free stuff etc, i will never forget that, because you guys knew me from when i was basically a nobody on this server, thankyou for your friendship fellas. @Logan looks like our dream never worked out bro even though you will probably not read this, I'm always grateful for everything you helped me with; basically you taught me how to be a TMM and i became hell of a good TMM and I have to thankyou for that because you were also the person behind me applying for this position, nothing but love bro. Not sure what else to say, other than I will miss the community and the staff members who were my friends. Massive shoutout to everyone who made my stay a good one, goodbye for now; maybe in the future i will be active again; only time will tell. goodbye Zamorak. EDIT: OMFG HOW DID I FORGET MY BOI @cashed haha always appreciative of our friendship bro, from when you were a newb and now when you're a rich dude, I will never forget helping you out brother, and I hope you continue to excel with your riches
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    Promotions Yce has been promoted back to his old Administrator role, after climbing up the ladder one step at a time he has shown his dedication towards Zamorak on a whole new level. We hope he can continue doing as good of a job he has been doing, as it's the type of direction we're looking for. Snax has been promoted to Forum Administrator on the forums, and it will be his priority over in-game. He'll be working together with Sinning Tree on the forums, similar to how Ironweight did. Tremor has been promoted to Server Moderator. We hope to see him continue being as active and helpful. Demotions & Resignations S a g e will be temporarily stepping down from his position as an Administrator on Zamorak. He will be re-joining us in the near future, but because of certain circumstances he is unable to put in the hours needed for the server. Expect a thread created by him later in the day by him as well Best Regards, Titan
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    On Monday (the 17th of July) I'm going away for two weeks to work. During this period of time i dont have access to WiFi and i Will use My mobile data to play. I won't be as active as I usually am and most of my activity will be on the forums. I will be as active as i can in game but my work requires me to be available 24 hours every day so if i randomly leave for a few hours im at work. If you wish to reach me ask any staff member to send me a Skype pm and I'll respond asap. Regards Snax
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    First of all big thanks to all staff members, they always working hard to make the server better and better and they all learned the value of the hard work by working hard. Best Overall Administrator: Mystkitty - You did a great job,I really appreciate all your hard work. Best Overall Moderator: Yce - I’m grateful for knowing you, You are very special, someone I will never forget. Best Server Support: Tremor - Active,Loyal,Always helping others. Most Active Staff Member: Yce Best Hybrid: @Jill Best Main Pker: @pk3d by l3bs Best Clan: N/A Best Youtuber: Taven - Always enjoy watching your videos bro keep it up :3 Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: Titan - Nice person, always trying to make the server better and better. Most Trusted Player: N/A Most Known PVM'er: Axes - Pvm for life Most Forum Active: Sinning Tree - Active,Helpful and awesome person :3 Luckiest Player: @Fawk Best Role Model: Mystkitty Best Iron Man: @Souly Most Known Skiller: @Apache Ah64 Fastest Trivia Player: @ohheyitsdan In the end i can say its really not easy to choose who is the best anyway always remember : "Work hard for what you want because it won't come to you without a fight"
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    2V2 - PK EVENT - Saturday/Sunday GMT+0 - 11PM - Sunday will the event start. Hello, Myself along with Mystkitty are going to host a pk event, which will be hosted on Saturday or Sunday . I don't know at which time it will be hosted, but i'll make sure to announce the time around Thursday/friday. I will be locking this topic on Friday so make sure to find ur partner before the topic is locked. How to join? Since it's a duo YOU or YOUR PARTNER need to sign in for BOTH of you in one reply. Example: Username 1 : Yce Username 2 : Mystkitty Rules You are allowed to use Vengeance - in the lunar spell book You are allowed to use any prayers such as ( protect melee, soulsplit etc ) You need to be 120 combat + If you/friend are cheating you will obviously be disqualified. Once the event starts you'll be teleported to an area where you fight against another team, it will be deathmatch. Gear Inventory I will provide most of the gear/inventory, however since i can't trade vengance runes or cape you'll need to bring your own runes and cape. *PRIZES* 1st : 2x 100$ donator boxes (1 Each) 2nd : 2x 50$ donator boxes (1 each ) 3rd : 40 Notes ( 20 notes each ) Please do not reply to this topic unless you're joining. IF you are not able to find a partner just post that you are willing to join and we'll find a partner for you. Kind regards, Yce & Mystkitty
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    Username: Woofie Time Zone: UTC +01:00 State/Region: Malta/ Europe How many hours can you be on during the week: During the week I can be online maximum 28 hours.Every day three to four hours, of course I can be sometimes more online, but I have work and friends in real life also. What time are you usually online: 12:00 AM - 4:00 PM server in-game time Any past history of being staff: Yes, I was server support on Runescape private server. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? I was banned for safety on forums and in-game. Do you have Skype: Yes. How long have you been in the rsps scene: I've been on the rsps scene about three years. What makes you different than others: I'm honest and I like to help people, helping comes naturally from me. I've good experience on Zamorak and I'm active on forums. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I would bring lots of positivity and would be able to assist staff anytime I'm online. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot):
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    First off I'm going to start by saying thank you to everyone who entered in the giveaway. Now, the way was picked the winner. Permedd and I read through all the comments and really enjoyed reading everyone's likes/dislikes. Now we picked who we thought should win and it was between 5 people, but the one that stood out was... - In-Game Name: Free Kills - What You like/love about Zamorak: I love the community, the staff, and the players. All the staff are so supportive and make you want to play and will help you through anything, even if it is time consuming. The Community are mainly good eggs, of course you have some bad ones but that's life! People are so polite and help just like staff an even give items to new players to help them out. If you feel any different, then you must not be paying attention to the server. This is my favorite Runescape private server I have ever play and I highly doubt that will change. - What You Hate about Zamorak: Not much to hate other than little glitches and the trading system. I would also remove the Summoning Orbs near the Hitppoints and the Prayer Orb since their is no summoning and would be great to find an way to do dungeoneering or get faster tokens since it would take 18 hours to get 1 chaotics if you do not have an Anger Sword. - 1-500:427 Congratulations on your Anger sword win! I feel like this was a very positive giveaway. It allows/allowed Titan to read what everyone likes/dislikes, which should allow him to aim majority of the next upcoming updates/fixes in that general direction. I enjoyed doing this giveaway and I wish everyone a Happy Sunday! Sincerely, Chris
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    #EzPz is a returning clan from back in the day, however we will be switching our priority from PvP to gambling and PvMing. We are very social and willing to help new players on how to gear up efficiently. Owners: @Hikari @Arkem @Yuki Officers: Members: @Hartwalli @Miksi Ei @Pvm God @trippyhitman @Dailyrage Previous Awards: Application Format:
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    Players seem to be upset from the last update regarding the new banned items / gear / weapons. Do you feel like the update should be reverted? If you'd like to see what items were banned please visit the latest update thread. Riot Wars is one of our most active mini-games and I don't want to start an upset within the community so let your vote count. Thanks.
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    Wow, its been awhile everyone. Just wanted to stop in and say hello to all my old buddies if your all still here.. CANNOT BELIEVE @Permedd is a damn ADMIN now haha Good work you squeaky little shit miss you buddy! @Titan Miss you buddy! Thanks for giving me that opportunity years ago to be apart of your staff team, and also thank you for kicking me off to get my priorities straight with the baby! See you guys later and hope all is well!!
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    Awards: Best Overall Administrator: Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: A VERY hard choice between both Snax AND Yce BUT, I need to choose one and I think it will be Snax, this is due to how much of a role model he's been to me since I became a Server Support, he's been helping me out with different aspects and i've been helping him out with other things he's needed, and for that reason, it goes to Snax. Best Server Support: Renaissance (Formerly known as God Itachi, this vote is due to how much you have done and how far you have come since being promoted to Server Support, you're doing an incredible job, keep it up bro). Most Active Staff Member: Yce Best Hybrid: N/A Best Main Pker: N/A Best Clan: N/A Best Youtuber: Taven Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: Snax Most Trusted Player: Graph Most Known PVM'er: Souly Most Forum Active: Sinning Tree Luckiest Player: N/A Best Role Model: Snax Best Iron Man: Souly Most Known Skiller: Mystkitty Fastest Trivia Player: N/A I would like to add my own personal section to vote in - Unluckiest Player - Sinning Tree (Due to all these damn Flower Poker games you've lost to myself and plenty of other people) Love ya
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    Finally got 1000 hours.
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    Greetings Zamorak community, it's come to my attention there has been confusion between the mechanics of a Twisted Bow and why it's different to OSRS. On Zamorak we wanted to give Twisted Bow it's own purpose instead of making it similar to OSRS as the Hexhunter Bow has the same similarities. If you're unsure what exactly the Twisted Bow does, it basically has a special attack that smites the opponents prayer from any point to 0 using 100% of your special attack. I had given it some thought and it could be a lot more straight forward. Should we switch the mechanics of the Twisted Bow to OSRS PvM mechanics basically making it extremely good for PvM and give Hexhunter Bow the PvP mechanics in exchange, then making Hexhunter Bow not useful for PvM. This will require a full wipe of both bows and player(s) being refunded 200% of the store token value. ($50 = 100 tokens) This also opens opportunity for player(s) to work towards grinding PvM for these item(s). Cast your vote and post your opinion below. Kind Regards, Vinny Head of Management.
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    Give away is now over and i will be having snax lock this thread.. I will be announcing the winner in a new thread when I am done reading all the comments.
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    Best Overall Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: @Yce Best Server Support: Renaissance Most Active Staff Member: @Yce Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: @Xenofied Best Clan: Though it pains me 666 Best Youtuber: Taven Best GFX Designer: @hashlord Most Respected: Sinning Tree Most Trusted Player: Jill Most Known PVM'er: Mystkitty Most Forum Active: Legend Luckiest Player: E graph Best Role Model: Mystkitty Best Iron Man: Jeff Most Known Skiller: Timekeeper Fastest Trivia Player: Idk im the only one who wins when im on
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    Best Overall Administrator: Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: Yce Best Server Support: Renaissance Most Active Staff Member: Yce Best Hybrid: Permedd Best Main Pker: Best Clan: ID Best Youtuber: Taven Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: Titan Most Trusted Player: Mystkitty or Yce, hard choice af Most Known PVM'er: Axes Most Forum Active: Sinning Tree Luckiest Player: Best Role Model: Mystkitty Best Iron Man: Most Known Skiller: Fastest Trivia Player: ohheyitsdan
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    Where can I claim my payment
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    L0L we cleared them for like 5 weeks and then i stopped playing rw to better fulfill my staff role. Where is da 666vs YMCA clan war at???
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    Hi ! Is it possible to make the Riotwars counter tab smaller or remove it automatically when the game starts? Riotwars is pretty much for NH'ing, but I can't see anything sometimes, because just this huge tab is on my way. Everyone who does Riotwars actively will probably agree with me it could be smaller than it is at the moment. Yes, you can see through the tab, but it's just annoying and I think it would make Riotwars more enjoyable if it would be smaller Thanks!
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    Updated Kraken Guide - Magic only Recommended stats: - 92+ Magic (Blood Barrage) (Ancient Spellbook must be enabled, this can be done at ::mb) - 90+ Defence - 68+ Prayer (Deflect Missiles) Recommended gear (Ordered in priority, however all gear should be viable): Armour: - Battle-Mage - Ganodermic - Ancestral - Virtus - Zuriels - Ahrims (Possible but inefficient) Cape: - Heroic/Demonic death cape - Death cape - Spirit cape - Fire cape Necklace: - Amulet of torture - Arcane stream necklace - Occult necklace Ring: - Ring of wealth (drop rate increase of 15%) - Ring of suffering - Seers' ring (i) - Seers' ring Shield: - Spectral spirit shield - Arcane spirit shield - Farseer kiteshield Gloves: - Barrows gloves - Tormented bracelet Boots: - Eternal boots - Ragefire's boots - Infinity boots Weapon: - Trident of the swamp - Toxic staff of the dead - Polypore staff - Staff of the dead - Master wand - Zuriels staff - Chaotic staff - Staff of light Recommended inventory setup: - Rocktails would be better than manta rays. (Karambwans for more DPS) - Extreme Magic/Defense potions would be better than regular ones (Or Zamorak Brews) - Super restore isn't needed if you are Super Donator or higher (::recharge) Available drops: - 15m Coins 1/0 15M - 10x Frost dragon bones 1/1 1M ea (15M) - 1x Mystery box 1/5 15-20m - 1x Black mask 1/20 500K - 1x Seers' ring (i) 1/30 Untradeable - 1x Arcane stream necklace 1/100 100-150M - 1x Celestial gloves 1/200 2-3B - 1x Celestial shoes 1/200 2-3B - 1x Third-age mage hat 1/300 350-500M - 1x Third-age robe 1/300 1B - 1x Third-age robe top 1/300 1B - 1x Spirit cape 1/500 4-6B - 1x Abyssal tentacle 1/500 8-9B - 1x Trident of the seas 1/2000 5-7B Estimated money per hour: This calculation is entirely dependent on how long it takes the user to kill Kraken, and is estimated based on the theoretical drops from 10,000 kills. Median drop prices are also used, along with the default droprate. If you have items such as ROW, or Donator drop bonuses you should expect slightly more than the calculation produces. 10,000 Kills: 5x Trident of the seas (5 x 6B = 30B) 20x Abyssal tentacle (20 x 8.5B = 170B) 20x Spirit cape (20 x 5B = 100B) 33x Third-age robe top (33 x 1B = 33B) 33x Third-age robe (33 x 1B = 33B) 33x Third-age mage hat (33 x 425M = 14.025B) 50x Celestial shoes (50 x 2.5B = 125B) 50x Celestial gloves (50 x 2.5B = 125B) 100x Arcane stream necklace (100 x 125m = 12.5B) 500x Black mask (500 x 500K = 250M) 2,000x Mystery box (2000 x 17.5M = 35B) 71,560x Frost dragon bones (71560 x 1M = 71.56B) 10,000x 15M Coins (10000 x 15M = 150B) Theoretically per 10,000 kills you earn 899.335B. So depending on your gear, Kraken will take an amount of time to kill (this doesn't have to be exact). Note this down in seconds. There are 3600 seconds in an hour. To work this out you take the 3600 seconds in an hour and divide it by the amount of seconds it roughly takes you to kill Kraken to find out how many times you kill him per hour. Example below: 3600/245 (245 seconds to kill Kraken) = 14.69 (14 Kills) Now that you know how many kills you get per hour, you divide this number by the sample size of 10,000. So: 10000/14 = 714 With the number produced you then divide it by the theoretical earnings from 10,000 kills: 899.335/714 = 1.25 This final product is how much you should theoretically earn from killing Kraken per hour. In my example, getting 14 kills per hour should net you around 1.25B. *Please remember this is all based on theory and may not be 100% accurate, this is just to provide an estimation Fighting Kraken: To enter the cave where you will find Kraken, you need to speak to the Guildmaster who it located in the North-West corner of Edgeville bank, and then select the 'Kraken (Magic only)' Speech option as shown below: When fighting Kraken you can only attack with magic. Kraken will attack back switching between both range, and magic attacks with there being a different animation for each attack; this allows you to prayer flick depending on which animation shows. Below are the different animations for krakens attacks: Range attack: Magic attack: After killing Kraken your drops will be below you on the floor. Remember to pick them up! I hope this guide was of some help to people. This is my first guide so be sure to leave me some feedback on how I did and what improvements should be made. Thank you!
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    feeling good as always

    feeling good as always
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    As some of you might know we are accepting donations via Paysafe cards. This thread is going to be a Little information on how it works. Paysafe cards are sold at a lot of stores and they're like a paper version of paypal. The paysafe card contains a 16 digit code (an example is shown below with the digit code marked). Note that the appearance of the paysafe card might vary depending on which store you get it from or where you live. The paysafe donations are handled manually meaning it can take a little longer than usual to receive your items. To donate via paysafe you need to Contact either Titan, Vinny or Permedd Titan can handle all paysafe donations instantly since he can spawn in the items you donated for directly into your bank/inventory Vinny can handle all paysafe donations instantly since he can spawn in the items you donated for directly into your bank/inventory Permedd can handle all NON IRON MAN donations instantly. He will trade you the items you donated for. Please make sure that the code you send us is valid and that the paysafe balance is enough to pay for the item you wish to purchase. We will of course help you out with any questions you may have, just pm any of us in game if you see us online. Regards the Zamorak Staff Team
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    Expect this within a week. Gonna keep it simple, but I think it'll be something
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    @Video of the week, good memories, i miss those zammy times!
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    Hello Zamorak community! Today I am hosting a Forum Event that all members of the Community can join & benefit from. This is my first step to make forums more active, I hope you all enjoy & goodluck. How to participate: Simply leave a nice comment or some helpful tips on topics anywhere on forums, (refer to forum rules) Rules: OWP (one word post) will not be tolerated & you will be removed from participating in this event, also trolling will have you removed, please refer HERE. for the forum rules - The comments need to be nice and/or helpful to the post. Prizes: every player who comments a constructive comment &/or a helpful comment will receive 100m cash In-game, you can claim this reward up to 5 times, (so 5 comments) this will close in 24 hours. 11pm gmt +1 I Hope everyone enjoys this event, there'll be more to come! you can private message me a screenshot with your 5 comments to claim your reward/s. regards, Sinning Tree on behalf of the Zamork forum team.
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    Hello Community! I've decided to host a small event that will be mostly forum based. During the upcomming days I will be posting small puzzles or clues for locations in game. Solving these puzzles or findnig these locations will grant you Points. The solutions of the puzzles will be sent to my pm and after a few days I will select 3 Winners based on their Points. Each winner will be rewarded with a donator box. I might also hide something in my posts to find, so be on the lookout for that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll answer them as quickly as possible. I apologize for the short text but I'm currently having problems with typing due to my surgery.
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    Thanks for the chance once again i'll do my best as always Yce
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    Add to quests interface or make a commands that lets you know how many riot wars you have won please
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    There have been a few people that have asked about locations of a lot of the bosses, so i'll just make a quick guide about their locations and how to get there. If you kill bosses in Wilderness you have 50% more droprate. There are 2 way's to teleport to bosses in Wilderness First Way. step 1. click on the mini global. Step 2. Click on "Wilderness bosses (DANGER) Step 3. Pick the boss you wanna teleport to. Second Way. Step 1. Click on the Mage book Step 2. Find "Boss Teleport" Step 3. Click on "Wilderness Bosses (Dangerous) Step 4. When you click on "Wilderness Bosses (dangerous) it gives you 4 pages of diffrent bosses. First Page. Second Page. Third page. Fourth Page. The Locations of the bosses 1 : Bork (Wilderness 54) 2 : Chaos Elemental (Wilderness 52) 3 : Wilderness bats (Wilderness 54) 4 : Tormented Demons (Wilderness 33) 5 : Chaos fanatic (Wilderness 40) 6 : Crazy Archeologist (Wilderness 30) 7 : Shadow Forger (Wilderness 47) 8 : Giant Moles (Wilderness 50) 9 : Nomad (Wilderness 50) 10 : Demonic Gorillas (Wilderness 21-23) 11 : Callisto (Wilderness 42) 12 : Cerberus (Wilderness 41) 13 : Scorpia (Wilderness 44) 14 : Venenatis (Wilderness 27) 15 : Abyssal Sire (Wilderness 39) 16 : Corporeal beast (Wilderness 38) 17 : Thermonuclear (Wilderness 7) 18 : Lizardman Shaman (Wilderness 55) 19 : Glod (wilderness 18) You can find these by typing "::glod" in-game. Locations of revenants (there are no teleports that take you to the revenants, you'll teleport to the cloest boss) 1 : Revenant ork & Revenant dark beast (Wilderness 29-27) 2 : Revenant hellhounds (Wilderness 22-24) 3 : Revenant Knight (wilderness 36-34) 4 : Revenant demon (wilderness 33-32) Gano Locations (note: If Gano beast has been spawned for awhile it will move around) 1: East Of Rouges Castle (Wilderness 53-54) 2 : East of Greater Demons (Wilderness 47) 3 : East of Bandits Camp (Wilderness 18-21) Wilderness Boss Cave. (The cave is in Wilderness 50-54) Bosses that are in the cave: 2x : Kalphite Queen's 2x : Glod's 3x : Rammernaut's 4x : Forgotten Ranger's If there are any bosses missing please let me know or someone that has the power to add them into the guide King regards, Yce
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    Hey zamorak players and owners and mods , supports , forum mods , admins etc... ive come up with some cool ideas that we could add to zamorak hOW THESE HELMETS CAN BE MADE? [USE KING BLACK DRAGON HEAD ON SLAYER HELM] [USE ABYSSAL DEMON HEAD ON SLAYER HELM] [USE KALPHITE QUEEN HEAD ON SLAYER HELM] NOTE: THESE HEADS DROPRATE SHOULD BE PRETTY HARD SO IT COULD BE MORE CHALLENGING So we should have on zamorak these custom red, black , green slayer helmets as osrs have Logically red is made from abyssal demon head Black king black dragon head Green kalphite queen head and little bonus idea to this these heads from the bosses would be achieved only during boss slayer task this could increase boss slayer tasks on the community and would bring more pvming on the game and we all agree probably that these customized slayer helmets are cool af second idea: Duo boss slayer would be cool if we had on zamorak duo bossing i bymyself like alot bossing and slayer and some times when i slay bosses on my alternative account i see myself getting tasks like abyssal sire and shadow forger wich is pretty hard to solo so duo bossing would be good idea on this situtation even if you dont kill the boss you get killcounts on task from assist 3rd idea about duo bossing: there could be duo bossing points and duo bossing shop also i have liked duo bossing on other servers ive played alot PS: Iknow my grammar isnt the best on writing long threads so soz
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    A big thank you to everyone who nominated a player for any category! We appreciate that you guys nominate, and so does the nominated player! The Community Award events wouldn't be possible without you guys, so thank you! Congratulations to all players who won in each category below! unfortunately I couldn't get the banners made in time for this months community awards, I'm working hard to have them made so please bare with me hopefully we have them by next awards! Best Overall Administrator: Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: Yce Best Server Support: Tremor Most Active Staff Member: Yce Best Hybrid: I Ko U Die Best Main Pker: I Ko U Die Best Clan: #ID Best Youtuber: Taven Best GFX Designer: cashed Most Respected: Snax Most Trusted Player: Angelofdeath Most Known PVM'er: Mystkitty Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: Fawk Best Role Model: Mystkitty Best Iron Man: Ebays kitty Most Known Skiller: Heart of ice Fastest Trivia Player: ohheyitsdan
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    Best Overall Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: @Yce Best Server Support: @Nivo Most Active Staff Member: @Yce Best Hybrid: @Leitz Best Main Pker: @Xenofied Best Clan: Help CC Best Youtuber: Best GFX Designer: @cashed Most Respected: @Snax Most Trusted Player: @Fawk& @Angelofdeath Most Known PVM'er: @Souly Most Forum Active: Snax Luckiest Player: ------- Best Role Model: @Titan Best Iron Man: @Souly Most Known Skiller: ------- Fastest Trivia Player: @pappa
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    Best Overall Administrator: @Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator: @Yce Best Server Support: @Choasburn Most Active Staff Member: @Mystkitty Best Hybrid: @Leitz Best Main Pker: @Xenofied Best Clan: #ID Best Youtuber: @Leitz Best GFX Designer: @AllisonHF Most Respected: @Yce Most Trusted Player: @Yce Most Known PVM'er: @Mystkitty Most Forum Active: @Sinning Tree Luckiest Player: @Timekeeper Best Role Model: @Mystkitty Best Iron Man: @Yce Most Known Skiller: @Mystkitty Fastest Trivia Player: @potatoes
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    Best Overall Administrator:Mystkitty Best Overall Moderator:Yce Best Server Support:Ashy Most Active Staff Member:Snax Best Hybrid:-dont know Best Main Pker: Best Clan:#YMCA Best Youtuber:Skinz (idk does he play anymore tho) if doesnt then dont know Best GFX Designer:Cashed Most Respected:Legendary Most Trusted Player:Ashy Most Known PVM'er:Souly Most Forum Active: Selena Luckiest Player:Cashed Best Role Model: - Best Iron Man:Souly Most Known Skiller: hear of ice? Fastest Trivia Player: -
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    Dont see this as something negative please, but I'm just a honest individual, As cool as skitizo is, I think there are alot of updates that need to be done before adding new boss content, alot of items are still buggy as hell, there still arent good mage or melee weapons, Elite clues are still garbage, So, I figured why not do it OSRS style, just poll all updates so you know what your core player base wants, yeah a boss is cool but it would be way cooler if the expensive melee armor sets had any purpose, why buy 30b torva when a bp is 17b and outhits melee?
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    Good luck with your clan bro! Some tips you can follow/use! 1) Make a good format so other players can use it to join your clan 2) Write more info about your clan and your clan members in this thread 3) Add some titles and colors to make your thread looks great 4) Add some rules so other players can read them before they make an applications 5) Add some requirements (if you want) to your clan thread
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    Great so have this, easy tool for people to contact in-game as well.
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    Congrats to all promotions! Glad to see some.
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    I know there used to be no restrictions on what you can you in wilderness and I'm wondering why they changed it? It would be fun seeing things like primal and wings in wilderness, maybe make it so its 0 trade value so people don't abuse them too much, but for now there is no use for primal and some other things in the game so what is everyones thought on this?
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    But the numbers have nothing to do with winning?? maybe you should try and not assume something and make yourself look dumb
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    Thank you all for the amazing responses to my new moderator position! Couldn't be happier to be serving you all. Thank you for everything you guys have done! And the things I've done for you!