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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. A New Era

    Dear Zamorak Community, Today I would like to take the time to shed some comforting news for all of you. For the past 6 months there is no doubt I have failed to push forward updates and produce content for our beloved community. You have have done nothing but the best for me and I in return have done nothing but the worst for you these past couple of months. For that I would like to take the time today and apologize. Now many of you have read my thread on how I have been extremely busy with Non-RSPS Projects and although that is still very true, I have taken matters into my own hand and taken the initiative to get Zamorak above the deep ends of the sea. Zamorak was contacted by investors who were interested in taking the project into their hands and have offered to bring a trusted development team to get the project to the direction it needs. However, after discussing the possibilities on what could be the best for the servers health we have made an agreement on a very promising approach. A new direction where I feel will put hundreds of smiles on all of your faces. The new development team and I have decided to release a Project called Pre-Scape. Motivated by the idea of OS-Scape to be one of the leading Old School RuneScape Servers. Pre-Scape's agenda will be to achieve nothing less, but to be one of the leading Pre-Eoc RuneScape Private Servers I cannot stress more of the fact that I am not the type of human being who is interested in chasing income or revenue in this state of my life. As for the past 6 months I have been more than comfortable with the way I have been living and have more than enough money to live off of for the rest of my life time. Which to 90% of the money I have isn't even from RSPS anymore. RSPS is not a source of income I need, and the only reason I have decided to create this project is because I made a promise to my community to create something enjoyable, and this is a chance for me to continue that legacy. There is no doubt money will be involved within this Project, but I can without a doubt promise you that is not my motivation for this. Pre-Scape was an idea Vinny and I had awhile back and this was also the project we were planning on announcing for all of you. However, because of certain situations this project could not be continued for development, and our goal was set to a stand still as no developers were in our position, and there would be no point to release it as it would end up just like Zamorak, due to me not having time to develop it. Now, an opportunity has risen which includes interested investors and a promising development team that is committed to do everything they can for this community and so far they have done just that. Below are a few screen shots of our Progress & Project. Which you will soon be a part of. https://i.gyazo.com/37e1807065493d56e7b879afa2f251ba.gif https://gyazo.com/ed2d1371af1f71e21b51687917499697.gif https://gyazo.com/88e2af7a494fc5976dd4f811169fe9eb.gif - https://i.gyazo.com/56a76d5c31df35edb17ab99173a1aa2e.gif https://i.gyazo.com/89d64609a1f019ba5ac695031acc7a5a.gif https://i.gyazo.com/4089a0f565f856356facb2c5f3053713.gif These are some screen shots I feel a lot of you have some interest in. The server is based off of Zamorak's original base and content has been added to it. So the familiarity within the game will be quite similar, but the game concept will be identical. Now what's the game plan? Zamorak will remain online, for the players who still enjoy to login and cherish the memories just as it has been for the past 5-6 months. All services related to the website will remain online. Which means if you want to donate to help keep it running or vote, you still can. Zamorak has had over thousands of users donated to it over the last 3 years, and it's my responsibility to provide you access to the server until I can't. However funding to keep the server online requires 1,000 USD + every month so if you all want to pitch in every now and then, that's totally doable. Pre-Scape will be an open invitation for all Zamorak community users who will be welcomed with open arms. There will be events dedicated specifically to our members to help them get into the server as a fresh start. Clarification Accounts will not be restored from Zamorak All banned users will be unbanned Fresh Start for All Donations will not be transferred from Zamorak Banks will not be transferred from Zamorak Zamorak will remain Online We will be giving out 50 Free Donator Ranks randomly, and in order to achieve it you must be registered and active within our new community. Now I know some of you may be a bit upset at the decision of not refunding any of the above, but there are just far too many users who would need to be refunded, and it would not be fair to the new users who join our community once we start marketing. I hope many of you acknowledge my transparent thread as my 3 years on Zamorak I have always chosen to be nothing but realistic with my audience. Hundreds of users visit the website of Zamorak everyday in hopes of something new, and I have finally decided to take the decision to bring you just that. I hope to see all of you join our community at https://pre-scape.com/forum The project is currently in beta and details regarding the release will be posted there. If you're wanting to take part of our giveaway for Zamorak users, you must be registered and active within the community prior to release. Best Regards, Your Very Own, Titan
  2. Hey everyone! As many of you have noticed, after being part of the community for 2 years +Vinny has resigned from Manager of Zamorak. Without him being part of this community we would have never seen the amount of success Zamorak achieved in its past. Not only was he our manager he remains a close friend of mine. That being said, I wish him nothing but love. Dslayer has returned to Zamorak! After being gone for nearly a year and taking a leave from manager, he has decided to help me aid on recovering Zamorak and moving to a more positive direction once again. Although updates are something we are on a pause for, the community itself deserves someone far more active who can host events and do everything I can't when I'm offline. As many of you are already pleased by Dslayer has been doing a great job so far, and I'm proud of him that he is taking the time and getting our small community together once again. Alongside, Mystkitty has also joined the management team and has abilities to please the community while I'm offline. Although she is a manager, her job will be focused on assisting Dslayer whenever needed, and assist keeping our community together as well vice versa this can be seen as a Head Admin position. No doubt, she'll continue to do an amazing job. What's Planned? March 1st, I'll be investing some money, into marketing and advertising again for a full 30 days to see if we can bring in more players. This obv isn't going to do much considering updates are still not going to happen, but I rather keep bringing activity to our community whenever I can. It is the LEAST I can do. From that point on we'll be on a static path Management continues to run the community and monitor staff and make adjustments Events hosted almost every other day to please the community that we still have Marketing / Advertising a set amount every month to maintain a 100-150+ player base if possible every month Continue the search of finding someone I trust on taking on Zamorak's responsibilities as our Lead Developer while I make the big decisions in the background Rinse & Repeat, and we should be on a stable track Other Information It appears some of you have constantly pushed for mass unban as there are over 200+ players everyday attempting to login, this may boost our player count, but I rather do this when we either do a Re-Launch / Reset (which is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon) Summary: Thank you to all of you who are still supporting the server by donating daily. It means a lot that you are aiding me on funding the server even despite the lowest phase it has been in for awhile. Hope this put a smile on everyone's face Best Regards, Titan
  3. State of Zamorak

    Will update you guys more and more as things happen.
  4. Back

    Wasn't expecting to see you get unbanned But hey new management, new decisions. Don't do stupid shit
  5. State of Zamorak

    Hey there Zamorak! I wanted to take the time to clarify a few things about the state of Zamorak. Some of you may have already gotten the idea from my comments from other threads. I will be discontinuing updates for Zamorak as there is no active developer in my position to keep the server going in the positive direction it deserves to be in. The server has had over 200,000 + Unique IP Addresses logged in over 3-4 years including the beta stages and no doubt I have loved every moment being part of it. Some of you may ask why can't I do the updates, well truth be told I could continue doing server updates but as of right now the server is in dire need of client updates, so no matter how many server sided changes I do, there will still be that side of the server that will remain lacking. Who knows maybe I might decide to temporary close the server and one day relaunch it, but as of right now it'll be the way it is for awhile. What have I been doing since I've been inactive on Zamorak? I have been working on large projects non-rsps related that have been very promising and not only that but I have also made enormous investments in the past that have recently exploded into multiple digits that I never imagined being touched upon. So with that revenue I have been working with a bunch of people outside the "RSPS" scene in projects that are very promising for my financial and business future. I have graduated College already with a bachelors in Com Sci / Business, and now within a year I'll have my Masters as well. I'm also moving into a new home alone soon, and a lot of IRL personal stuff that comes along with it. What Now? Zamorak will not be shutting down anytime soon, I will continue to pay the bills to keep the server up for pure enjoyment of the community that is left and you all have nothing to worry about. I'll be paying the bills out of my own pocket if I have to otherwise, if you still wish to support the server you can visit the store as that will remain online. Vinny Vinny has been a part of Zamorak since the beginning and without him I can't stress how much of an ease running this server has been. Without him I can confidently say the server would have never reached its prime and succeeded the way it did. That being said he has decided to resign from Zamorak after nearly 2 + years of being a part of it. He has made a thread of his own below is the link. Future Ideas I have had the idea of possibly opening another project in the future but before I dedicate any time to that I would obviously need to find developers (real developers / non malicious intent) to work on it, otherwise that project will be the same as Zamorak and end up the same way. If that were to happen, I would offer all my players who have donated on this server their ranks on there, but as of right now there is no confirmation on that occurring. Depending on how RSPS ends up, it'll be a decision I'll make in the future. Unbanning everyone? It appears even though we're not advertising anymore old players are still coming online to check out the server, and not only that, but large amount of players who are banned continue to try and login daily. I am not doing a mass unban, but I will say, if I do decide on doing a "re-launch" of Zamorak, I might debate on doing so. Only if that were the case. Now, in summary Zamorak is still something I'll be logging on everyday to, at least for now, but I want to clarify a few things so you guys can understand my situation. I am not chasing money on this project, so whether you donate or don't donate it doesn't effect me. However as I've said if you wish to donate, I'll happily accept the donation and put it towards keeping the server up. I'll show my appreciation as always, and that's that. This isn't some "scheme" to get more money from you all. So stop with that. Other than that, I think I have spoken on every topic that has been brought up, if you have anymore questions be sure to leave a reply below. Best Regards, Titan & Vinny
  6. Community Update

    No reason to shut your mouth tf lol. Keep doing what you're doing bro. You did nothing wrong.
  7. Community Update

    Oh I just saw this part. I'm being realistic too? I don't think I have disagreed with anything you said, besides the staff part, which I was speaking on their behalf.
  8. Community Update

    Being defensive as in what? I could care less what anyone says, I saw your post even after I already explained the situation so I responded. Your wording on your sentences make it seem like you're aggravated by something. I have nothing against you whatsoever lol.
  9. Community Update

    Ask any of the staff members no one is frustrated, I've already had an open conversation with every single one of them even the ones that recently resigned. They're not asked for too much. If you don't like the server anymore you can leave. I'm keeping it up for as long as I can for the community that is left and enjoys playing it. Which right now is, 1000+ Unique Ip Addresses log in daily throughout 72 hours.
  10. suggestions

    I've gone ahead and added extra vote reward points
  11. Community Update

    Read my response above
  12. Community Update

    Unfortunately there will not be anymore "major" updates to Zamorak. Vinny and I will do everything in terms of maintenance, but the server is up purely for the community that still enjoys to play it. More of a home for the veteran and old players. I don't mind paying the bills to keep the server up which is above 1,000 + USD a month, which is basically nothing for me. Even if no one wishes to donate, I want to keep the server up for as long as possible for those who still enjoy and love it. I don't want to give any false hope to our community and I'm being honest about the situation. Who knows maybe I'll open another "rsps" project one day and I'll update you guys on that . But until then I'm focusing on other large non rsps related projects and my studies. I'll always be in touch with everyone if you need me though
  13. My Resignation

    Lots of good memories. Take care brother.
  14. Hey there! I have discontinued the TeamSpeak of Zamorak. Lots of good memories there no doubt. However seeing as rarely no one uses it anymore I have decided to close it down, and have everyone stick to our Discord. Thanks! Best Regards, Titan