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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. RIP Abdul! <3

    rip to the boy.
  2. Server Update 11/19/17

    Here are the changes made since the last update log. Players can now you use their donator box by clicking "use" on a player to transfer the total donated to their account. Regular, Super and Extreme. Keep in mind, donator tokens will be sunk(deleted) in the process. This gives the ability to allow players to give their Iron Man Donator Ranks Anti Dragon Fire Shield added back to the Melee Equipment Store. All Milestone Capes now have the statistics of the Completionist Cape. Have added a decline delay in the trade screen, there's an ongoing issue with the trading interface which is being looked into. Content Update: Ice Demons have been added to the wilderness of Zamorak, they can be found at ::easts teleport (17 Wilderness) These NPC's drop a new item called the "Twisted Buckler" from OSRS The drop rate is 1/2000 Twisted Buckler is the best in slot range bonus and has a special ability that absorbs 50% of all range attacks it receives from NPC's. Twisted Buckler will be added to the store later on. Best Regards, Titan, Vinny
  3. Some of you may have noticed that Moparscape showcases a message regarding Apache Ah64. Apache has been in the RSPS Scene for quite some time now and is pretty well known throughout everyone in it. He used to be a consistent developer and worked on multiple different projects with other people and organizations. Now with all this said, he has taken a break from the RSPS Scene, and although he does help me from time to time, he isn't the most active. So to summarize what's going on; He owes work for the owner of Moparscape, and currently the owner is trying to seek his attention, but Apache hasn't responded. Now since Apache is the co-owner of Zamorak still and is affiliated with the server, he has gotten us into a bit of trouble. We didn't do anything wrong, and nothing is going to happen to Zamorak. I've already spoken to the owner and he's made it clear his goal was just to seek his attention. Hopefully we'll be unbanned shortly. Best Regards, Titan
  4. Pk vid 3 :)

    Appreciate creating the video for the community.
  5. Server Update 11/1/17

    Looks promising so far.
  6. Server Update 11/1/17

    Here are the changes made since the last update log. Content Update: Being a pre-eoc server, we've decided we'll be adding content that we lack from this time period, in this case; Flasks have been something players have been wanting for a long time, therefore we were able to finally get the definitions added and the system working within them. The following Flask's have been introduced to the Supplies Store: Super Restore Flask Saradomin Brew Flask Super Attack Flask Super Strength Flask Super Defence Flask Ranging Flask Magic Flask Prayer Flask Overload Flask PvP Instance Area: We have introduced a new PvP Instance Area within this update. Vinny and I have been trying to focus on PvP Situations for quite some time, and we've finally decided it's time to release something for the Pkers. This area will be much more synchronized with the server, and you'll feel a huge difference when pking here, in terms of switches, ticks, etc. To enter the PvP Instanced Area you can type ::PvP Here you will be spawned in a Instanced PvP Area that will remove you from the Regular World and solely focused on Pking. A New Npc : Jaraah is located within the Safe Zone inside "Edge Bank" Where it will allow others to restore their special every 3 minutes, and donators every 1 minute. You can only attack players who are on the same spell book as you, as this will prevent ragging. If you get a kill here it will be globally announced to the Public. If you die within the PvP Zone you will be respawned at the starting area You will receive 5x PvP Points for each kill in this area. We will be hosting events here, and adding more incentives in the next update for this zone, but for now we hope everyone is pleased with what we have to offer Misc Changes: The following stores have been adjusted: Trivia Store Achievement Store PvP Store PvP Ticket Store Zombie Store Misc Updates / Adjustments: Zombies mini-game has been reduced to 25 rounds, and should prevent the mini-game from glitching. Riot Wars now only gives a max of 40 PvP Tickets, Minimum of 5 You can no longer continue to use the Bank Interface while Fishing. You will no longer lose your Combat Bracelet when you attempt to rub it. Missing Npcs from the ::drops tables have now been added, such as Tekton, Vanguard, and Bats. Armadyl Crossbow has been reduced to 1/1000 from 1/2000 Armadyl Crossbow has been removed from the Armadyl Boss and switched to Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) Similar to OSRS Hexhunter Bow has been reduced to 1/1200 from 1/3000 from Forgotten Rangers Trident of the Seas has been reduced to 1/800 from 1/2000 from Kraken Cerberus HP Reduced to 500 Crazy Archeologist HP reduced to 500 Choas Fanatic HP reduced to 500 Abyssal Sire HP reduced to 500 Reduced the droprate of Abyssal dagger from sire (from 1.3k to 800) Reduced droprate of Bludgeon from sire (from 1.3k to 800) Reduced droprate of dkite from sire (from 1.1k to 800) Reduced droprate of divine sigil (from 2.5k to 1.5k Reduced droprate of Elysian sigil (from 2k to 1k) Reduced the droprate of spectral/arcane sigil(s) (from 1.5k to 800) Thank you for staying patient with me and the server. I appreciate all the love and support. Don't forget to thank Vinny for all the hard work he has been putting in as well Best Regards, Titan
  7. Update log by the end of today, post any bugs you'd like fixed :)



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    2. Fear


      I can’t use my Anger sword on lizard man pls fix 

    3. Mystkitty


      not supposed to use on lizard. use range

    4. vengepk


      When is this update coming ?

  8. Hosting provider is experiencing latency issues, I did everything on my end to make sure the server remains online, however until they fix the issues on their end and give an official notice, we'll be experiencing slight disconnection issues. Best Regards, Titan
  9. Peace

    This was by far the most unprofessional / farewell thread I have seen from a staff member in my life. Even though you barely wrote much, I felt the need to write this so you can realize how fucking dumb you are. For starters, What a biased written thread. The way you structured this was so poorly written and you can tell how angry and "jealous" if anything you are by writing this. If I wanted to I could say so much to counter everything you said, but I rather reduce the flame that'll come from here by just closing your thread, and only speak where I want to. I rather not "expose" you, or whatever it is you tried to do in this thread. Some points I'll say Positive Note: You've done an amazing job for the server of Zamorak, and all your hard work was truly appreciated and you and everyone else on the staff team is well aware of how much I have said thank you and if anything respected you to the highest level. Negative Note: You resigned every other month just because something didn't go your way. I could go in detail and basically highlight how stupid you would appear to the community if I went in depth, and look you resigned yet again. You resigned this time, for almost the exact same reason, I won't disclose why, but you know exactly why. You say you'll be inactive and won't waste another minute on the server, yet for the past few days since you resigned, you have done nothing but play the server and join TS actively, (way more than you ever did when you were staff). Anyone who has seen you on will agree, how stupid this makes you look after resigning from your original reason being "school and IRL issues". Now I'm going to speak about how you described me on this thread. Keep in mind, the updates that majority of the community want are require a trusted client developer, which I have yet to find for the 1000th time. You say I'm promising false updates, but completely disregard all the behind the work I've been doing in terms of advertisement and marketing every month. There's a reason we're still at the stable 100+ players and not like the other "completely dead" servers. So you lack to acknowledge that which is pretty disgusting. The second I find someone I can trust I'll do what I can for the server. Until then, obviously a server with 3 year + up time won't have many more bugs or server updates it can really do, unless maybe we do some new mini-game updates, that hey, if you kept up to date, you would know me and Vinny were planning to release by the end of this month. Now, you're saying I'm spawning items to gamble, which is completely false, because I only gambled the items I won from the players, and you say I'm ruining the economy? If anything I lost all the items I got from the players already and have yet to spawn anything. The reason I even gambled, was to give players a thrill, "hey the owner is gambling". Majority of the gambles I lost so, I'm not sure how you're saying I'm ruining the economy, with only gambling what I won from the players to begin with. Many of the other members in the community will vouch because I only gamble afront of them to give them some entertainment. Now you say I play PubG a lot, what I do in my free time is none of your business and you act as if you didn't play other games either. I am a full time university student, so with that, there's homework, exams, midterms, essays, and final exams, so no shit Sherlock, I want to spend my time having some fun and relaxing every now and then. You created an image on this thread of me as if I'm some lazy ass owner who truthfully doesn't give a fuck about the server. If I didn't give a fuck about the server, it'd be offline. I have more than enough money in the world to live, so don't say I'm only keeping it up for money. I built this community from scratch and there's still a reason why hundreds of players visit the forums everyday, and visit in-game as well. I didn't want to economy reset, because I rather keep the nostalgic for those players who ever return to the scene and want to enjoy the community. Instead we worked on making some adjustments. Furthermore, Just because I don't post an update log doesn't mean I don't do anything. Today I spent about 2 hours of restructuring the way the server handles latency issues with the hosting provider and am currently upgrading it so we don't have those issues, now this is something that comes with running a server, whenever an urgency is awaken, I rise to the occasion and do my job. I was occupied today IRL, but I made time to sit down on my computer and fix the issues that were needed for the server, for it to successfully run. I regret even giving you the respect I did, because the way you just portrayed me as someone I considered a friend rather an administrator, is purely disgusting and pitiful. Now you're just another admin who thinks they're the shit after the resign or leave the server. (No offense to anyone). Horrible Fucking Regards, Titan /Closed.
  10. Adios

    Bro it's okay. I got cleaned today too. Come back! I'm trying to rebuild, anyone tryna give me a loan?
  11. titan says hes always online like i am =]

    You're super active dude.