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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. [VIDEO] First Multi Event of Many

    Lmao at everyone thinking this was hosted today
  2. GFX Resignation & leaving Zamorak

    It was a pleasure having you here with the community of Zamorak, and you will surely be missed Misk Take care and I hope you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Take care brother
  3. Selling $50-$150 donation

    Are we gonna pretend you didn't charge back your previous donations or was that a mistake
  4. Congratulations!!

    Remarkable moment. Never did I think anyone would get this in my life when I added it to the Elite Clues years ago. Insane. 1/100k Drop chance.
  5. Server Update 9/13/17

    Yall hating on my boy Finch, but he finna get something sweet
  6. Server Update 9/13/17

    Here are the changes since the last update log. In the meantime while we're waiting on the client updates to come along Vinny and I have decided to throw in some content updates to please the community with. We've decided to add a new way to make money for new players, and tie along some possible PvP activity as well. Kodai Wand has been released to Zamorak. Its special abilities along with its rather well rounded statistics is to give players unlimited access to Death, Soul, and Blood Runes. While equipped with Tome of Frost, which gives unlimited Water Runes, players are able to take advantage of casting magic abilities for free such as Barrage. To Obtain a Kodai Wand you can visit the Mage Arena located outside Mage Bank. Where the Battle-Mage's will have a 1/1000 chance of dropping the higher tier end wand. Battle-Mage's now include a coin drop of 1/1 100,000. Inside the Magic Arena you can now only attack with Magic abilities. This includes PvP / PvM situations inside the arena, to give a chance for Magic to be in demand within this area. Thank You for staying patient and showing your love and support for Zamorak. I'm still finalizing some of the drop rates we talked about in the last log, so stay tuned for sometime this week for a rather long drop rate adjusted content Best Regards, Titan, Vinny
  7. Server Update - 9/11/17

    Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of update logs lately, believe me when I say I've been working on stuff in my spare time, but because of the whole Hurricane Harvey situation I was unable to do anything for a good two weeks due to always being distracted by something else. In my spare few hours that I had I would just sit back and relax because on top of school, I didn't really want to be bothered by anything else. I noticed a huge impacts towards the activity in the community since the drop rates update, so within the next few days I'll also be working on the rest of the drops that I have noticed could use some changes. The staff team will be helping me address the ones that have been the most bothersome, so I'll keep you all updated with the changes I do towards them. John & Mystkitty have been thinking of ways to make our Prestige Store's for Zamorak. Because we already had so many oppurtunities for most of the items that players want, we worked together on bringing something unique to the server. A lot of you know we don't have summoning in the server, so we decided spice things up by adding something similar to our store. The Prestige System: There will be 3 prestige stores, and each one with its own tier, along requirements to open. To unlock the Tier I store you must have at least level 3 Prestige. I'm sure a lot of you know what the Wolpertinger is from Runescape, we've decided that to be one of the things you can get from Tier 1 Store. Along with the Eye of the Mage. Wolpertinger is a high attack speed pet that can be used to PvM and in the Wilderness for 30 minutes. Each time 30 minutes run out, you'll have to buy a new pouch from the store. For 50 skilling points. It will take 1/4 of the damage from you randomly while you are attacking. Banned from Riot Wars Following up in the store will be the Eye of the Mage. Eye of the mage will be a magic bonus ring, stronger than the current "seer's ring I". Following up is Tier Store II where you will be able to unlock previous tier items, along with the new items. In this store will be the following: Fire Titan Pouch (Runescape familiar that will be active for 30 minutes for a purchase of 75 skilling points. It can used in wilderness and PvM situations, however also Banned in Riot Wars) Eye of the Warrior: This ring will be a melee bonus ring, stronger than the current "berserker ring I". In the last store, which can be unlock at level 9 Prestige. Eye of Range - This Ring will be the range bonus ring, which will make it Zamorak's strongest range bonus ring. Iron Titan - This will be one of the strongest pouches in the stores, it will be a slow paced, strong attack Titan. With a Max hit of 30. Banned in Riot Wars, and must be bought for 100 skilling points after 30 minutes as well. Ferocious Ring 5 - To be decided what its special effect will be. Dinh's Bulwark will be unlocked at level 9 Prestige as usual, but you'll have to contact me to claim it, or vinny I was planning on waiting out for this update log as there are a few things Mystkitty & John are still looking to find to add in the stores with its proper effects, but I thought it'd be good to keep you guys updated wherever I could. Thank you so much for the support as always, Best Regards, Titan (A follow up update log will be coming soon).
  8. ::autism test

    I would like to invite some selective few to take the test. Permedd, Vinny, Steven, , ArKeM, Scott, Apache Ah64, Finch, Making fun, S a g e
  9. Nivo was rich, "Hey Titan, can you tell me why you're eco cleaning and pretending to be "Nivo". 

    Steve gets rich, "Hey Titan, can you tell me why you're eco cleaning and pretending to be "Steve".


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    2. Steveee


      1 hour ago, Danny said:

      ??? I'm unluckiest gambler there is, my good luck is equivilant to ashy in-game time, very scarce

      +1 can confirm as witness on multiple occasions 

    3. Fawk


      2 hours ago, Danny said:

      ??? I'm unluckiest gambler there is, my good luck is equivilant to ashy in-game time, very scarce

      l0000l rekt

    4. Coby Matthew
  10. Updated bank - Steve

    I'm ready for the "Steve" is "Titan" undercover messages now instead of people thinking I'm Nivo.
  11. Back and stable, I heard buncha players been happy lately :) Let's get the grind started up again.


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    2. Chizzy


      glad to hear you're back and safe i need to speak to you about my donator box :P

    3. Making fun
    4. Steveee


      we missed your presence man! hope all is well :)

  12. When it hurts [Motivational speech]

    I cried. 100% not even lying :/
  13. Update on my situation: Everything is pretty much underwater where I am. Grocery stores, schools, cars, majority of the houses, we got a ton of water in our house, and I'm still trying to adjust to everything I'll let you all know how it goes.


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    2. dvuk


      Always welcome to come into my residents in mag homie


    3. Mystkitty


      I sure do hope you have house insurance =/ sorry you are dealing with that. keep your chin up and things will get better soon. if nothing else you can practice your swimming at your own house?! =] we luv you stay strong

    4. Steveee


      damn fam this is terrible news, hope everything works out in the end bro!

  14. I hear a lot of you are really having fun again on Zamorak, and even the player count is rising again so that's a good sign. Have fun and stay safe also ;) 


    1. Mystkitty


      thank you for all you have done so far.

    2. Chizzy


      better come back with a bang mate. :D

    3. Logaaaan


      It's going good man, and you're doing a good job at keeping it enjoyable. Well done, and keep safe from the hurricane!

  15. I apologize on the delay of the update log I promised. I live in Texas, and my area is being hit by Hurrican Harvey tremendously. I'll keep you all updated.


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    2. Steveee


      please survive so i can empty my angers for customs, haha i'm joking stay safe fam, hope to see you return soon!

    3. Danny


      Prayers for you man. Stay safe.

    4. Fawk


      Hope you're doing better each day man. Take care.