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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Congratulations!!

    Plus you are a hellsing fan, Give this guy a cookie.
  2. Finish the story

    And he replied, That's Haram.
  3. Wilderness

    Thats 2 hits in an entire fight to kill them, and thats not including if they have torva for example. A vine whip spec disabling it for 20-30 hits could prove ideal as vine is worth more (i think) and offers a balance between the two.
  4. Wilderness

    When i first joined zamorak, my beginning way of making money was killing @Not Zigmah for maxed melee at the time (torva, dkite, vine and wings). I don't see people pking with this much risk anymore. Would be nice to see it. Disabling divine at edge and mage bank just makes it pointless for pking, i admit its way too overpowered for pking, but adding one or maybe even two ways to disable it for a period of time to give people the ability to kill them. This way it still has use in wild and there is a counter effect to it.
  5. Herblore Suggestion

    I believe speeding up the time it takes to make them would be sufficient enough and get that lower exp mode out for ironman. This does make it longer but makes it feel quicker in my eyes. Might sound stupid but just seeing how slow it is to make them mentally affects how you feel about doing it.
  6. ::autism test

    When i am back home i will post my results.
  7. Titan Interview?!

    @Rare or 1xp wasted i think. they were both part of the first 5 to join, i know that. Would be great to have a definitive answer My questions are. What are the long term goals of zamorak? What made you start zamorak? Who are your inspirations in life? Who do you miss from "back in the day"? Also maybe ask about what his favourite pass times are
  8. Battle mage hidden bonus?

    Better defensive stats aren't supposed to reduce the max damage you could receive, its just supposed to make it happen less often. Mage has always been the lesser of combat styles, even in 07. The only difference is that on zamorak there aren't really any multi zones to add the sole benefit of using "barrage spells". i always said in the past that mage was the lesser style and i still agree, but if the zones were maybe reworked you could use it to a better effect.
  9. 2 Years, suggestions?

    Just thought a video with an owner answering question put forward by the community and get to the heart of what people feel would help the server and give you a privilege no1 has had before. (sort of a reward for your 2 years loyalty) Maybe im just being stoopid
  10. 2 Years, suggestions?

    A video celebrating your 2 years with your thoughts on the server and an exclusive interview with @Titan via teamspeak or ingame.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    A category four storm is a big deal, try get some supplies like food and water in some safe storage and best of luck.
  12. rules thing's

    Wilderness is wilderness, small exceptions were made for edgeville pking. if you make any more the little loyal pkers zamorak has will leave.
  13. Additional Titles

    Give it to ironman also, i see no reason not 2. Maybe make it only obtainable after a certain prestige level.
  14. How to be respected on forums and in-game

    Be friendly and get respect? permedd used to be overly nice to people and they walked over him. Insults are immature? insults are based on perception and a simple fact being told to someone can insult them. My best advice to gain respect is to have morals, stick to your guns and never falter in your mission. (supporting the servers/being a staff member) Not trying to say this is a bad thing you did, i feel its just your opinion on how to gain respect rather than a definitive "guide"
  15. Forum Update 8/7/17

    Apache never left, Management just call him in whenever they get a certain killstreak.