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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Resignation

    i left ages ago. Sad to see more oldies leave. Best of luck in life dude. Take care of yourself. Scott
  2. A great way to speak and interact with staff is through teamspeak, they are generally always a staff member on it. To my knowledge there is only one manager and that is @Vinny He does just as much work as @Titan. He can sometimes end up having no time to communicate with players.
  3. Simple PK buff

    I'm fine with the suggestion too Just need to make sure you guys got this covered or its the server that will suffer. A rework of the store again could help but i do not feel the influx of pkp and tickets would make that big a difference in the grand scheme of things. If they are got legit that is.
  4. Simple PK buff

    To implement this staff would need to be looking out for pkp farmers even more than before. Just saiyan.

    when i first read this i thought it said @Broseidon. i almost flipped.
  6. Red Skull

    I am against the red skull idea, i much prefer just no protect item at all, keeps in line with the way its always been for these sort of worlds, however worst case scenario i would accept the red skull idea if i had no choice.
  7. Little old dh fight against nivo

    If you are planning to extend your video's u can fight all old staff members also. Would be a good idea to have all the fight together in one video. I would be willing to help you with this, i can even skype a few people to help out. (no guarantee they will help though) Scott
  8. Zamorak Newspaper

    Just by me offering my opinion and feedback, doesn't that show i want zamorak to continue? Doing nothing on this specific subject will not kill zamorak, stop being a drama queen.
  9. Zamorak Newspaper

    Except there isn't just one npc walking around home? Home as an abundance on npc thrown there as they didnt know where else to put them, just adding "one npc walking around" is how home got clogged to begin with.
  10. x2 vote rewards?

    Vinny was giving out some vote points yesterday to help combat this current issue. It will be fixed in time and altering the rewards would effectively be pointless when its fixed. Scott
  11. Zamorak Newspaper

    I'd say just put it as a message in chatbox, clogging up home anymore than it already is just adds more lag issues in that location. But on the other hand i do like advertising the newpaper for zamorak.
  12. Promotion to Admin

    Congratz my dude. If you strive to be the best you will have to surpass the myth that is the lord of war. Best of luck in your future en devours.
  13. rule flaw

    Edgeville rules do not apply to any where else for the simple fact as we had dozens of messages and complaints saying that they couldnt even pk at edgeville because of brids with divine camping protection prayers and ruining the fun. The current management team at the time then came together to make the decision to have "special rules" for edgeville to give some people some protection is the aspects of pking, by doing this we helped the pkers who call themself "honour pkers" a fair chance to have an even contest (somewhat). There should never ever be any rules for deep wilderness, multi logging in 07 is allowed for a reason and that reason is people end up using clans and teams anyway, so allowing that single user to sort of even the field with multi logging is fair. If you have an issue with this "xu" or "allday" person tbing and fcing in maxed gear with divine, then i suggest like snax said, Find a different money making method. The staff team should not punish pkers in deep wild considering how unfair it is for some of them in edgeville. Side note: i die to that guy all the time on my ironman, That's life though. RANT MUCH ^^ Scott

    IF this is anything like last years halloween event, this will be LIT AF. Took us like 2 hours to complete it last year there was so many people to judge Looking forward to this event, see you all there.
  15. Vet rank

    Username: scott Rank: Veteran Primary or Secondary: primary Proof (screenshot/Video) Used to have it but it got reset.