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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  1. Plans for April?

    Just curious as to what the plans are for this server for this month? Any advertising campgains? big updates? etc etc? I wanna know!
  2. Staff Updates 3/28/16

    Rip Claire. Gz to the 1's promoted.
  3. Basic suggestion(s)

    Not that you play in-game anyways, ;')
  4. Favourite PKing video?

  5. @Apache Ah64 @Titan 120 capes where they at doe

    1. Aquatilc


      I support, where they at doe!

    2. Dylainxo
  6. Basic suggestion(s)

    1) implement particle effect to the completionist cape. Would be a dope feature to have. Idk how hard this will be to implement but fuck me it would be so cool to have. Also it would give players more of a reasoning to go for that comp cape. 2) 120 Capes. The poll got over 50+ approvals so when will we see them? 3) Remove E-mail verification via forums. I had to wait over 24 hours for my email and so did 2 of my other friends. i don't think the email system works. 4) Make it so the "Reputation" count shows on posts and not only just on your profile. 5) Remove the ugly demonic capes with the wings or what ever they're called lmao it's childish to have. Also i'm not a fan of customised items that were never existent to RS. 6) Implement Kiln cape with particle effect. Also would be a dank ass 420 blaze it feature to have. 7) Add some updates to the wildy to entice people to pk, like a "wilderness resource zone" where players go to make money. For example at this area you can gain the following: Fish rocktails Smith bars whilst getting x2 xp from this certain anvil Mine rune ores x2 faster than normal only from this certain spot Thieve from NPCs that ONLY offer keys which then the keys can be used to access the bank at this zone. This will give players more of a reason to deep PK or to PK in general. Idk I'm just over everyone either afkin or either Pvming I want to be able to fight people lol.
  7. Darwinism's suggestion thread

    cool sure support
  8. Forum Goals

    Nice 20 post count newguy
  9. Favorite revision to play?

    614's because I love to brid on them,
  10. Hey, :D

    Hi all I used to play this server back in 2015 like around November and just stumbled upon it via Runelocus.
  11. Didn't know this server sitll exsisted O.o