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  1. Feedback for Permedd

    I haven't done one of these in a long time so let me remind you all again, I don't intend to flame or disrespect Permedd or anyone else mentioned in this thread. So please, leave your complaints at the door. Well well well well well well, where do I start with you? I guess I'll start with an opening statement then develop into several points: I don't understand how you're an Administrator for Zamorak. Point 1: Activity You're by far one of the most active members of staff on Zamorak as you're constantly online - which is the sole reason why you're still an Administrator. This is probably the only positive attribute worth mentioning. The only reason why you've kept your administrator position for this long is because you're activity levels are beyond expectations. Your Forums presence however needs to be improved, you should step up your game in terms of Forums activity as it looks pretty bad when an Administrator isn't as active as they should be. Point 2: Immaturity and Grammar This is one of the major issues with you. You're a very immature individual and everyone knows this, they even tell you so you must be aware that the community see you as childish. Now I do understand that English may not be people's native language but it is yours. English is your first language as far as I'm aware so I don't quite understand why you're such a dumbass with your language and punctuation. When creating or replying to threads you sorta remind me of Miksi Ei, sometimes they're adequately constructed but the majority of the time they're just dog shit. Point 3: Public Image Linking to point 2, the community see you as a punching bag... I'm pretty sure you have the mental age of an 8 year old. If I were a new player looking for a new server to play and I spoke to you in TeamSpeak, I wouldn't for one second think about joining. Administrators are supposed to be an icon for the server and to see someone like you in that position makes me shake my head. Do you want people to see you as a retard or something? You don't do anything to help yourself even though you're well aware that this is an issue that you have. Point 4: Having an answer for everything I don't know if you unintentionally do this or you just try to piss everyone off but you have an answer for literally everything and anything. You don't take no for an answer and you always have to have the last word in an argument or a debate. It's at the stage where it's starting to annoy me with the answers that you constantly provide. There are plenty of examples that I could provide for you but I really can't be bothered to waste my time when I could easily get my point across with one example. Staff feedback by Fawk This individual is giving you his opinion about you and mentioning disadvantages that you have as an Administrator for Zamorak but you sit there and call him out, basically saying that what he's saying is wrong. Here's what Fawk said Here's what you said You're saying that you've never seen him send you a message but it's not like he's messaged you once or twice. I get that being an Administrator can cause spam in your inbox but to never see this individual's many, many messages is beyond me. You then have the nerve to say that you don't afk, when myself and the community know for a fact that you do. The point isn't that you afk or not, it's that you disagreed with what he said. He's giving you feedback and telling you that he sees you afk so why do you not take what he says into consideration, thank him then try to work on it? Point 5: Afking I'm not the first player to comment on you afking and I sure as hell wont be the last. People constantly tell you that you need to stop being away from the client but you're clearly not listening. I'll try to catch a "Zzz" coming from you but I've seen it many times, mainly around the ::edge pking area. You're well aware of this issue so please, in future log out and relog at a suitable time where you wont afk. The reason why afking as a member of staff is a big issue is that someone may urgently need someone to handle an issue, and if you're the only staff online being caught afk it'll not only delay the situation being handled but it may also give off a bad image for the staff team. Drifting a little off-topic I have something else to mention. You said a few days ago that you have an alternative account which you use instead of your staff account. Now this is completely fine, don't get me wrong, but being on your alternative account over your staff account when no other members of staff are online is just a bit fucking dumb silly don't you think? I wont go into much detail as it's pretty self explanatory due to it's stupidity but if you're going to be online Zamorak at least be logged into your staff account so people know they can approach someone if they're in need of assistance. Point 6: Bias decisions I'm not the first player to comment on your bias decisions and I'm sure you're aware that you do this, the only thing I don't understand is why you wont change? You let emotions and friendships get in the way of enforcing rules which is something that a member of staff shouldn't do. As per the staff rules thread which can be found here, members of staff are supposed to act accordingly when punishing players, which means they need to be fair and just. I wont bother leaving examples other than the fact that you're friends with Tripleys, the person who constantly fucks around on the server (advertising, spamming, flaming, hacking accounts). This says enough about you when you call Tripleys a good person, that he's your friend and that you find it funny when he fucks around on Zamorak. Point 7: Laziness During the time I was an Administrator for Zamorak I didn't have the extended powers like you and S a g e have, therefore when issues that I couldn't handle (such as recoveries, refunds etc) needed to be handled I would have to approach either one of you, and seeing as you're the most active one of each other I approached you. I don't go to you because I enjoy it, Permedd, I go to you because I need to. I can't handle certain things (why I wasn't able to was and still is beyond me) and I needed you to handle them, but when you say no or that you'll do it later due to pure laziness is when it started to really piss me off. The little things are the things that matter and it really started to piss me off after I had to continually tell players to wait due to your laziness. I guess that wraps up this feedback thread. Again, not to make you feel down or whatever but you're one of the main reasons why I resigned from my Administrator position. Your stupidity levels are through the roof and I'm truly dazzled how you managed to be an extended admin over me. You probably forget how to breathe, let alone do additional administrator tasks. Excuse any grammatical errors in this thread, it's pretty late and I'm tired as hell. Anyway, thanks for reading. Delivery.
  2. As I Promised :(

    I don't know what to say.
  3. Sup bitches. I've had a few days to think about my future at Zamorak and as much as I'd like to continue to be a part of this server I don't think I'll be able to. In addition to my Activity Notice thread, I'm resigning as Administrator for Zamorak. It's been a great journey for me and I appreciate the chance that I was given, it's helped me a lot in terms of professionalism and I can't thank Titan enough for the opportunity. I've tried to increase my activity but I don't feel as if I'll be able to put in more hours due to lack of motivation. A lot of my friends have quit for another server, which was the main reason for activity decrease. I've pretty much completed Zamorak and there's nothing for me to do other than attend my staff duties, I don't PvM, PvP or Skill so there's not much for me to do. The only thing I do here and there is gamble, but I'm not really in the need for any additional bank wealth. I tried to host some giveaways to aid my lack of motivation but unfortunately it didn't work. I've had a blast here at Zamorak but right now I'd rather focus on college and chill elsewhere with my friends, though I probably wont be joining another RSPS community anytime soon. Thanks for the memories and support throughout the year. Shoutout to the staff team + Permedd, best of luck with your future endeavours. Until next time, Delivery.
  4. Whatup. A few people have been commenting on my activity over the past week or two so I'd like to publicize my 'issue'. Right now I'm sorta tied down with college work, I have a lot to complete and very little time to complete it. I do login every day, but as for the duration I'm unsure. Some days it could be a few hours and others it could be for 30 minutes. The reason why I login everyday is to check if anything needs to be done in regards to punishments, appeals, reports etc. I don't actually do anything other than attend my staff duties so motivation is a big key here - if other members of staff are online I don't really feel a need to be. They contact me if they need anything and I answer accordingly. I guess that wraps up my activity issue, hopefully it'll improve over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Delivery's March Giveaway #2

    For my one year anniversary with Zamorak I plan to do several giveaways throughout March, this being the second one. There will be 2 winners of around 60b each (items below) - please use the Price Guide as a reference. I'd like to help the new players of the community as much as I can so if you're not in need of this cash I'd appreciate it if you didn't enter. Winner #1 x 2 x 3,800 x 6 x 28 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 Winner #2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 How do I enter the giveaway? In order to be eligible to win all you need to do is post an honest Staff Feedback thread. On Sunday (GMT), myself and the staff team will go over each feedback made after today and select 2 players with the most detailed and constructive threads. What needs to be produced Positive and Negative points about each individual member of staff (if possible) Constructive feedback for each individual member of staff (if possible) A rating for each individual member of staff (out of 10) Please keep in mind that myself and the staff team are going to take these threads seriously, so we'd like to hear some honest thoughts about what you think of us. I don't want you to just say that we're all doing a good job - there's always room for improvement! Rare and Apache Ah64 can be excluded from this feedback A few examples of a good Staff Feedback thread Gre's Thread Snax's Thread Muffin Man's Thread TheWhiteHaze's Thread Feel free to use the following template I'd like to thank SSG Goku24 for donating some items which will be given away in future giveaways. If you wish to donate some items feel free to contact me (Forums/In-game). Side-note for Iron Man participants: Unfortunately you wont be able to participate in this event as the rewards are items. Best of luck to all participants. Delivery
  6. This giveaway has ended, better luck next time! Congratulations to the winners. Donator Boxes x 1 Winner #1: moore Winner #2: lolkee Winner #3: Inflexion Winner #4: lambi Winner #5: demonessence Notes x 10 Winner #1: pkspirit Winner #2: 1chi Winner #3: Tokhaar Winner #4: Deon Winner #5: Rafadecillo Winner #6: trill slim Winner #7: Frontline0 Winner #8: chimera Winner #9: Mad Season Winner #10: Scott
  7. Member of the Month || February || 2017

    Congratulations to SSG Goku24.
  8. Member of the Month || February || 2017

    03yce has been removed from this month's nomination list due to abusing an eco-breaking bug as opposed to reporting it to a member of staff. Best of luck to the other 2 candidates. // Voted for SSG Goku24
  9. titan delivery can i get me account back xix w xix


    1. Permedd


      Stop messaging other staff members I banned you and I'm taking care of you ban so stop!

      Thank you.

  10. can you bring me acccount back i am banned for days10

    xix w xix.    helped a men out for java

    easy xxx Today 1:39 PM
    @r33rb np
    • 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default
      r33rb Today 1:38 PM
      got it :D cheers man must of been out dated java
    • 3366768-runescape-wallpapers.thumb.jpg.2
      easy xxx Today 1:37 PM
      @r33rb someting with u virus scanner
    • 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default
      r33rb Today 1:36 PM
      says " "java" is not recongnized as an internal or exteral command operable program or batch file."
    • 3366768-runescape-wallpapers.thumb.jpg.2
      easy xxx Today 1:36 PM
      @r33rb Download client https://www.java.com/nl/download/
    • 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default
      r33rb Today 1:36 PM
      downloaded the manual one aswel it doesn't launch
    • 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default
      r33rb Today 1:35 PM
      yeah doesnt work
    • 3366768-runescape-wallpapers.thumb.jpg.2
      easy xxx Today 1:35 PM
      @r33rb Download launcher
    • 3366768-runescape-wallpapers.thumb.jpg.2
      easy xxx Today 1:34 PM
      @r33rb goo too play
    • 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default
      r33rb Today 1:31 PM
      is there someone active that can help me set up clinet??
    1. Permedd


      I banned you also make a appeal.

  11. Welcome to the Zamorak Community Awards Nominations for February 2017. *Nominations end on the 27th* *Winners to be announced on the 28th* Information regarding the Zamorak Community Awards can be found here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awards: Best Overall Administrator: Best Overall Moderator: Best Server Support: Most Active Staff Member: Most Professional Staff Member: Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: Best Clan: Best Youtuber: Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: Most Trusted Player: Most Known PVM'er: Most Forum Active: Luckiest Player: Best Role Model: Best Iron Man: Most Known Skiller: Make sure to use the format when you vote! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: * Your post will be removed if you vote for yourself * Your post will be removed if you troll with your votes * Asking for votes is not permitted. You'll be penalized if you're caught doing so (DQ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: 10$ Donator Box In-Game Award Banner on The Forum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Know someone who would deserve to be nominated? Nominate them!! Best of luck to everyone nominated and thank you for nominating. Regards Zamorak Staff Team
  12. can you bring me acccount back i am banned for 7days

    xix w xix