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  1. The Giveaway video (ENDED)

    Dunno why I expected half of these people on the winners list, great job everyone and nice vid!
  2. I finally did it!

    Well yeah, it has been suggested several times, but it has not been implemented. Same goes for the achievement cape. I would love to see them ingame, and it would be something more people will go after :3
  3. I finally did it!

  4. I finally did it!

    Hi everyone! So after playing 285 hours on my easy account I finally managed to get the maximum ammount of xp possible in the game! This has been my goal since I got my first 200m in thieving, and to finally see myself at the rank that I am at now is just amazing. Still, I've done it on an easy account, so that's why I have Teazerzz: my extreme account. I just found out about xp lamps from the store that could change your difficulty, so I did change it to extreme just so I could wear the master capes. However I did all the skilling on easy mode and I do not find it as such an accomplishment to just switch to extreme now. So I did use it, but I will still use my 2nd account for prestiging. I just want to give a big thanx to all of you. I started this in like april last year, and I took a long break lately. However everytime I got back online everyone was always nice and many people that I used to talk often with were still playing. If the community wasn't so damn amazing, I highly doubt I'd reach the 4.4B xp mark. I reached max experience, but this will not mean I will abandon this account. Now my goal is to just get as much done as possible. Things like getting all achievements, getting all slayer store items, et cetera. Also I still need to update my 1-99 skill guide as I said I would do a long time ago :3 So yeah, see you all ingame! Maxedin1day / Teazerzz Getting my last 200m in herblore:
  5. The closest to 4.4B total xp I can possibly get

    I already have an account, but I want to finish this one first haha 2nd account is Teazerzz
  6. So after 285 hours of playing on my easy account, I finally managed to get the maximum xp possible. However I thought: let's wait for a moment with the last grimy guam. Then I checked the hiscores: As you can see, only 200 xp more is needed, and cleaning a grimy guam gives 360, so this is the closest I can get to 200m herblore without achieving it. I will make a post when I'm done, I just really like looking at my hiscores list like this :3 Maxedin1day / Teazerzz
  7. Herblore help needed!

    Well since I have a lot of torstols I think the fastest method for me is still either Zammy brews or Overloads... Still thanx for responding!
  8. Herblore help needed!

    I'll give it a try, thanx!
  9. Herblore help needed!

    Yeah it shows the levels needed but it doesn't tell you what is the fastest way, since I can only make 4 overloads per inventory for example... Thanx though!
  10. Herblore help needed!

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to max out my account. I only need 200m exp in herblore, but I'm looking for a good method. Anyone got a recommendation on how I should train? I'm currently at 61m exp. Maxedin1day
  11. Lvl 1-99 guide for all skills!

    Lol said 5k views for remake... Now this post has over 7k... Still no remake... Whoops!
  12. Runelocus Voting Event - March

    Gratz to Runelocus! I should get back to voting as well xD
  13. Lvl 1-99 guide for all skills!

    Okay so spoilers are weird... I wanted to use spoilers in my guide to make it shorter and easier to use... I added a spoiler under "thieving" and I closed it with /spoiler after the the thieving skill... Now, it skipped the /spoiler and made my entire guide 1 spoiler, and for some reason I can't remove the spoiler either... Anyone who can help?
  14. Delivery's Cooking Guide

    Really Nice guide! How do you get the images of the fish and stuff? I'd love to be able to use such things in my guides...
  15. Lvl 1-99 guide for all skills!

    Woah so many views! I'm thinking about updating and remaking this guide at 5,000 views... Thanx everyone for the big support! Edit: if this doesn't have 5k views by tomorrow I'll update the guide anyways!