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  1. Yeah legends, arrow and flash
  2. Welcome Zamorak, I see you're a flash fan
  3. Valar Morghulis - All men must die.

  4. Ah yes that would be really nice if they had construction somewhat like the real rs and we would have houses with restore pools glories etc...
  5. LostBastille (I don't play on this account its already maxed and its not an ironman anymore). - In-game Ironman = Blackadder
  6. Enjoy your trip! Hope you're back with us soon.
  7. I see what you mean by the lag but you could always make it that you can't summon the pets at ::home.
  8. Now I don't think it's only me who'd like to see summoning and construction into the game. This would add more variety of skills to the game to make in more enjoyable for the community and not to mention maxing would take more time because you'd have to get the charms through slayer.The way summoning works is all your opinion, but the reason I want this added is so we could have ice titans and yaks introduced to the game to add more variety. Although some people don't like the idea of summoning I think most would agree it would be nice to see this added into the game. Adding construction is something that i've seen been requested a lot and I'm unaware why it hasn't been added into the game yet, obviously you're working on many things but I think this would again improve the game and make it more enjoyable for the community. There's a lot of money to go no where but it could be used on construction so there is a reason for people to have so much money rather than gambling... Also ironmen would actually have a use to use their money that they obtain through skills such as hunter and thieving. The master capes would look as so: Now if you have read up until here, thanks for reading my opinions. Kind Regards, LostBastille/Blackadder
  9. Oh yeah, you guys seen the finale? SPOILER ALERT IF YOU'RE NOT UP TO DATE WITH FLASH:
  10. I like these idea's and I would really enjoy seeing them implemented into the game!
  11. Check out the many suggestions in the suggestion list if you have time to make some of the things happen there.
  12. Yes a friend suggested this to me and I had no thought about it at the time but I have added it to the suggestions because I'd like to see it implemented in-game.
  13. There's still added benefit, for many of the community who do not bank stand in Edge and who go for max capes and don't really bother going for the money for the death capes + wings or just can't afford it, now have an option to customise their max capes.
  14. So I remember making a topic about shows last year to interact more with the community but the thing is I made on primarily about Flash. This time I want to show what series I've watched and talk to you guys about it in the reply section. So to name (most of what I've watched): -Game of thrones -Flash -Arrow -Dc's Legends of Tomorrow -Series of Unfortunate Events -The Originals -Blackadder -Big Bang Theory(all of it) -Daredevil -Orphan Black (really good story line, not very famous recommend watching) -How To Get Away With Murder -Suits Some Recommendations for Movies and Shows: Now I have a lot of recommendations and I really insist (if you have free time obviously) to watch all of these movies: -A monster calls (Extremely meaningful movie easily one of my favourite movies of 2017, it's either this or LOGAN) -BFG (Nostalgia to childhood) -The Babadook (Scary film but really good story line), also - indie. -Children of men (One of the deepest most meaningful movies I've watched in my life) -Game of thrones (Obviously come on) -Orphan Black -Suits (Highly recommended if you like lawyer and comedy with action and drama all in one) -The Departed (If you like Leo, Matt Damon, Mark Walberg all in one film you have to watch this, amazing acting) -The Grand Budapest Hotel (All time favourite, this movie was so meaningful, fun and funny movie to watch in my life) -Blackadder (HILARIOUS AND HISTORICAL AMAZING) For the many RSPS's players i've come across many of them haven't watched any shows which intrigues me because I honestly don't know how I would live without shows... NOTE: IVE WATCHED MOST MAINSTREAM MOVIES I'M JUST NOT MENTIONING MANY OF THEM HERE BECAUSE THERE IS NO POINT, BECAUSE EVERYONE WATCHED THEM.
  15. Yeah, I saw you questioning this in the help cc, some npc should be able to drop a bulk of adamant bolts or at least we should as ironmen be able to make them.