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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Staff Updates - 10/12/2016

    Congratulations guys
  2. Selling Anger Sword

    I'm willing to sell my last anger sword for 500b , can decrease a little if it is a satisfying offer , Pm me IGN : Piggypwns , Thanks.
  3. Announcement 8-23-16

    sounds cool to me XD , good luck ma maaaan
  4. Server Suggestions ReWritten

    Dayuuuuuum , love you <3 <3 <3 XDD @@Titan
  5. Hi

    I do , lol
  6. FIfa 15 PS3

    hahahhaa XD
  7. Server Suggestions ReWritten

    I totally agree with you we should increase the amount of bank slots depend on time played or total donated , and about the untradables , it can be introduced in a thread made by the owner first as an announcement and then change the items into untradables.
  8. FIfa 15 PS3

    i got ps4 bro and i gotta fifa16 on it but i can't afford to buy psplus right now
  9. Server Suggestions ReWritten

    I've actually thought of some suggestions while playing this game for like 2 months : 1 - We should introduce spirit shards to this game to promote the coins instead of notes ... in addition summoning should be added too to this game. 2 - We should fix the duel arena and add the idea of tie in staking (if it is not added ofcourse) + allowing trading there. 3 - We should not specify the area of gambling .. we should allow flowers and dicing at different areas other than ::gamble (not in home or crowded areas of course). 4 - We should introduce clan wars that works 100% .. it is very interesting and would be perfect for ikov players of course (if not added also). 5 - We should add POS (player owned store) as it was on ikov , it will help alot of players players to obtain their items easier than yelling and selling at home. 6 - We should improve the bank pin so it can not allow any trading -- buying or selling to shops -- withdrawing money pouch except when bank pin is entered .. would be very helpful to a lot of players. 7 - We should add gambling clans so no dicers are allowed to dice except when in a specific clan + super donator rank required .. would also be helpful and so rolls can appear in the clan chat . 8 - We should prevent buying/selling at home and work more on market. 9 - We should add more quests to the game as it is fun. 10 - We should work on the "quick prayers" icon so it can work .. it is non benefit able right now . 11 - We should work more on all the "donator islands" providing more skilling areas there .. more advanced skilling shops .. better theiving stalls and get the islands more arranged .. 12 - We should add the ability either to turn on or off the target pking tab because it just looks too annoying for some players. 13 - We should improve the "protect item" as many items less valuable are kept over more valuable items and so the trade price guide should be updated too. 14 - We should work on the construction skills and allow the gilded altars and houses. 15 - We should add the idea of "bumping" a topic on forums every 24 hours .. would be perfect and very helpful for people to promote their important posts on forums. 16 - We should allow the PVP armour and the barrows armour to degrade when dropped on the ground or when looted at wilderness , + a shop to fix these items. 17 - We should allow trading in the duel arena , it is just boring teleporting to another place to trade someone then coming back to stake. 18 - We should add Flasks to the game (probably in Extreme mode shop or super donator shop) 20 - We should remove barrows from donator shop to promote the barrows price ingame and strengthen edge pking 21 - We should make these items untradable : Kiln cape -- Fire cape -- Barrows gloves -- all defenders -- inferno adze -- All void items -- All chaotics -- Imbueded rings -- fighter hat , fighter torso , ranger hat -- Challenge scrolls - All Clue scrolls. 22 - Items dropped on the ground should not vanish or disappear as this disallows drop parties and so. 23 - We should fix dungeoneering and add all chaotics , eagle eye , primal and promethium armour to the dungeoneering point shop for more fun getting the items. 24 - We should add the ability where Legendary donators + can set their name title as they wish by paying an amount of 1 billion coins at a new shop in the legendary donator island Thanks For Reading This. Leave your ideas at the comments and i'll add it to the post
  10. G@MBL!NG ofcourseeeee , and staking when duel arena is up
  11. Virgin: Ingame Goals - Extreme Mode

    Best Of The Best XDD , nice goals man !!
  12. Dmobs Updated Bank

    Good one man , keep it up
  13. Staff Updates - 08/16/2016

    Congratulations all , Gz @@Scott
  14. My inactivity

    Have fun man , gz on moderator too
  15. FIfa 15 PS3

    I would like to own some kids on fifa , if you wish to get destroyed reply to this with ur psn or ask for mine , its PS3 FIFA 15