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  1. Hybriding, Dharoks Pk video 2

    Good video, its always good to see hybrid fights. keep them comming!
  2. Combat Opinions - Favorite RSPS to Pk On?

    Its nice to see you working on it. Ikov was pretty decent.
  3. Im a pleb

    Welcome to Zamorak!
  4. Blowpipe drop at work :)

    Congrats! Thats one really good drop mate.
  5. What kind of videos would you like to see?

    Hybrid pking would def be cool to see.
  6. A really helpful Suggestion.

    Uhhh, I dont really see how this is of any benefit..
  7. Dice hulk first returning video!

    Good video mate, keep them coming!
  8. New Gambling Area

    Couldnt hurt to give gamble a much more wider space.
  9. Black Ops III Montage!

    It looks good!
  10. Lottery Type Event Thing

    Really good suggestion mate. I support it.

    I can get you one of those, friend.
  12. New Zamorak Logo Design [Concept]

    It doesnt look bad, but I think it could certainly be improved as I believe you will do.
  13. Leaving due to negligence

    Sad to see you go :/
  14. Finally after all S hunting

    Finally, grats
  15. add flasks/corrupt pvp armour,weapons

    I think the flasks would be a good addition, same goes for the corrupt (once we get more people in) there are definitely people who are going to be looking after corrupt stuff.