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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Welcome back xoxo

  2. State of Zamorak

    thanks titan for the continued support, im sorry things went the way they did, i love you & hope you prosper in the thing you end up doing.
  3. Farewell Beloved Community

    take care bro.
  4. My Resignation

    thanks for everything x
  5. My Resignation

    Hello friends, yes it's true I have resigned from my position as forum manager.. this choice didn't come lightly. But it boils down to having 0 motivation at all. People can sit there and argue that titan doesn't care, but he's done all he could in keeping zamorak alive, with the amount of players on I just find it hard to enjoy the game, forums aren't very active anymore so there's no point for me. i love Zamorak, all the staff team. Titan & vinny. i will log in to check if the game hasn't completely died, thanks for the good time ladies & gents. Love to all xx
  6. Ghost Logan's Bank.

    Nice bank champ! Goodluck getting 200m's x
  7. Legendary Donor

  8. Mini-Games

    Very nice suggestion champ, hopefully Titan sees this and can do something. (hopefully!)
  9. Snax temporary farwell

    Take care bro, you where my go to guy gonna miss you bro. Hope things irl clear up.
  10. donar

  11. Hey.

    1. Danny


      Hey my sexy Aussie xoxox

  12. remove this 3 day prune for shoutbox.

    It's not a set rule amongst the forum staff, however we implemented it to filter spam and anything we might've missed, I've seen the shoutbox has been quiet the past 2 or so Day. I will take this into consideration and hopefully we can make a change. i will speak with the forum staff and maybe we can sort something else, Util then it'll be pruned every 48-64 hours. thanks for the thread! PS. The forums ain't dead. regards, Danny
  13. Jkosty4fastesttrivia #whoskosty x

    1. Casino


      Agreed, +1 uncle.

    2. jkosty
  14. Finally got it!

    Nice bud. See you at gamble for round 2?
  15. Welcome to the Zamorak Community Awards Nominations for December 2017 P.S Happy New Year! thank-you for the ongoing support on the community awards. *Nominations end on the 31st *Winners to be announced on the 1st Information regarding the Zamorak Community Awards can be found by clicking here! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You must fill out the WHOLE template if you miss/don't have a nomination for 1-2 of the nominations then your votes will be considered, however if you fill the page with only 1-2 or only a few votes then your nominations won't count and therefore won't be added in the final telly of votes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awards: STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator: Best Global Moderator: Best Moderator: Best Server Support: Most Active Staff Member: COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker: Best Clan : Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected: Most Trusted Player: Most known PVM'er: Most known Skiller: Most Forum Active: Luckiest Player: Best Role Model: Best Iron Man: Fastest Trivia Player: Make sure to use the format when you vote! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: * Your post will be removed if you vote for yourself * Your post will be removed if you troll with your votes * Asking for votes is not permitted. You'll be penalised if you're caught doing so (DQ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: 10$ Donator Box In-Game Award Banner on The Forum (to be made) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Know someone who would deserve to be nominated? Nominate them!! Best of luck to everyone nominated and thank you for participating --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Zamorak Staff Team