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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. rank application

    Primary or secondary is important to include. If your ranks set to primary your profile will show up with the $10 donator tag, if set to secondary your profile will show up as members tag. Please choose which you want it as, primary or secondary.
  2. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Go and fuck off you idiot retard go suck Snax dick more for a anger imbred fuck go eat your crumpets n drink your tea fkn idiot love u tho bro x n u love my sc
  3. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Heart emojis only x
  4. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Ducking retards PM me for flame lessons x
  5. Its time

    Thank you for everything permedd, we had our ups n downs but I'll always look at you as a good mate. Take care bud.
  6. Nivo's Updated Bank V3

    I'll take those pvp tickets, ty. nah but gz bud.
  7. suggestion template.

    Hello Zamorak community, below is the Offical "Suggestions" template made by Lancelot Please be sure to use this when creating a suggestion. What's the issue/idea?: Argument/Why is this needed?: How should this be implemented?: Desired result: regards, Danny shoutout to Lancelot & Bardaloo making the thread.
  8. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Sure, yeah I did and got banned then after the mass unban I was only one who didn't reoffend, you where the only one rooting for me
  9. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Least I never got demoted
  10. Inactivity notice

    Safe travels champ.
  11. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    You Pussy bitch can't even flame dint trt me
  12. Issues with rule #8.6

    I'll give my opinion I could be right or wrong. firstly, I understand your point. However from my knowledge the reason it's like this is because at riot-wars there's always a change of receiving a item, let alone a note & pop tickets every time. With pest control the items might not be tradeable but indeed are useful so using more then 1 account at either poses an unfair advantage therefore gaining access to gear/items in an unfair manner to other. With the above mentioned issue you stated the wand is 1/1000 & and it's in wildly so my views on this are that 1. You can try killing the person, & 2. Without donator perks it's going to be hard/er for them to get the rare item anyway.
  13. Finish the story

    a nice looking blond shiela
  14. My suggestions

    this, is great. full support.
  15. Drop ScreenShot Table

    Nice drops! We will be sure to add them next newspaper edition.