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  1. This is kinda cute. Axes is great so is choas. Xo
  2. I'm saddened by you leaving. Hope you come back soon bro. It's been a pleasure #YTB @[email protected] Of God :(((
  3. 1. What's your favourite type of girl? 2. Do you like fishing?
  4. wow. very nice guide, thanks champion, will be very handy.
  5. Mustve misread. Still, people complaint.
  6. Not having a go at you banger. people complain wildly is dead and ask Titan to come up with content to make it more active, as bats is quite active for the keys he makes it so people can skull on the bats making it a go to spot for pkers & now people complain again, garunteed it'll go back to not skilling by next update and people will complain yet again.
  7. It's been a great journey been staff with you champ. Wish you the very best in your schooling.
  8. No support. For such an OP item $300 donated is a good amount, last thing we want is 50+ non donators with anger swords.
  9. Y'all gay niggas
  10. Hello Zamorak community, Below is a list of our current Trusted Middle Man team, this thread is designed so everyone can keep track & know who to go to if they need a Trusted Middle Man, all members of TMM have been picked/discussed by the administrator team. . Fawk . Axes . f1nchhh . Yuki with regards, Sinning Tree & the Zamorak administrator team.
  11. Congrats to all promoted, sad to see S a g e go, looking forward to his return.
  12. No support, you can beat those players in normal gear. Can't disable all items from it.
  13. Neeeeeerd where u @?

  14. read messages plz


  15. Congratulations to the winner, sure you made his day Chris! Very nice of you you've away a high priced item.