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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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    Foooood and other stuff but I don't remember =]

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  1. I think it's around Gold 3 (just saw his rank on the pic) Very nice man, have not seen Zac in play for a long time
  2. Personally, I use http://www.kissanime.to. I think it's a great website, and basically contains all the animes I wanna watch so I know the real popular ones like yours will be there too.
  3. * Type your in-game name: Reimu * Pick a number between 1-1000: 572 * Type your in-game mode (Extreme/iron etc) : Easy
  4. New signature added to the gallery! @ Currently in progress: - A L E X
  5. Sure! Was there anything in particular you wanted? Like a character etc?
  6. Not too sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I decided to give it a shot anyways. Had fun making it though! http://i.imgur.com/T0ssS3B.jpg
  7. Hey Zamorak! Reimu here, and I've recently started kinda teaching myself how to use Photoshop and one of the things I've been trying to do is create signatures however I don't want to keep making signatures for myself as practice. Instead, I would love to maybe help out people and gain experience for it too! I've only done two signatures so far, and hoping to get some feedback on them as well if possible . Here are the examples: So yeah! I'm not the best, or even close to it but I would love to make some signatures for players of Zamorak, free of charge! I'm looking to forward myself using programs like Photoshop instead of making a profit from it. If you're interested, leave a reply with what you would like, colour scheme and what text you would also like . I'll try get them done as soon as possible! Thanks a lot everyone! Reimu
  8. Very nice dude, great achievement congratz!
  9. In-game Name: Reimu Number: 936
  10. Wow on an Ironman too, very nice accomplishment man. Congratz!
  11. Lovin the video Nap, will definitely be watching out for your new videos.
  12. Welcomeeee to Zamorak! I'm approachable too so we'll probably meet each other very soon haha. Enjoy ya stay.
  13. Yeah what Chris said, if anything the Vel'Koz may have tried to teleport earlier but cancelled it which results in a 50% CD reduction. I've also never seen enemies summoner spell cool downs.
  14. The idea is good, but maybe not have the final decision handed completely over to the community. Instead, using it as a guideline to see how the player currently stands within the community. Then with that, the staff team make the final decision. There's no point of promoting someone that doesn't have the community behind them as they just won't be listened to. Just my two cents though.
  15. Welcome Eugene to Zamorak, very brave of you to admit to something like this . Certainly no one here will hold a grudge against you as well. Hope you enjoy your stay here.