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  1. New Signature [For Me]!

    Is it just me, or can I not see the image? You may need to upload it, or it may be something wrong on my end.
  2. #ZAM zamorak pvm/chilling clan

    Good luck with the clan, seems like a lot of fun.
  3. Only took 2k kills

    Gz man, lot of kills later.
  4. Staff Update 09/18/2017

    Gz to all promotions. Sad to see all the demotions though
  5. Video editor

    If you actually need one, pm me on forums or in-game. I gotchu.
  6. Weekly Stories Epi. 1

    Thanks for your work out there. Interesting read. I'll be sure to turn in.
  7. Its time

    Take care permedd. Will miss you bud.
  8. Pvm grind today paid off!

    Not bad at all. Gz man.
  9. Homie spazzin out.

    Looks like he's having fun
  10. GFX Resignation & leaving Zamorak

    That sucks man. Sad to see you go. Gl in your future endeavours
  11. Nivo's Updated Bank V3

    The rebirth of nivo. Gz hun
  12. Dragon Crossbow

    I never said in the suggestion that the dragon cbow couldnt be used in pvp! I just said that it'd be more worthwhile using it for pvm as it has the boosts. As for the other suggesitons, make one.
  13. Dragon Crossbow

    you have the twisted bow and the hex, you've also got plenty of magic alternatives. As it is, there are no pvm weapons for the wildy, the bp has a damage lock and the hex works both ways. This is a great way to revive pvm in the wildy, which in-turn will lead to an increase of activity in the wildy.
  14. Dragon Crossbow

    What's the issue/idea?: Implement the dragon c bow alongside the release of the dragon harpoon. Argument/Why is this needed?: I believe that the dragon c bow has great potential to be a much needed pvm weapon used for solely the wilderness. It can be added with increased drop rate or accuracy/damage only in wildy. For example, 10-20% drop rate increase in the wilderness and 20-30% damage or accuracy increase in wildy pvp/pvm. Now obviously it wouldn't have the greatest stats, maybe a bit lower than the ccbow, or the same. How should this be implemented?: As it would be a weapon solely for wilderness pvm, it should be obtained there as well. With the new release of the Kodai, which is more of a pvp oriented weapon, it would be cool to see the dragon c bow become a wildy pvm weapon. It should only be dropped by wilderness bosses to bring life back to them, or a new seperate npc such as vetion can be added. Desired result: The addition of a new wildy pvm based weapon to bring new life back to pvm in the wilderness.