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  1. Community Update

    plz add cerberus to non wildy places other than donar island
  2. Server Update 2/28/17

    I mean, Probably should be working on a way to keep the game from dying or maybe add a more strict afk counter so theres not "150 online" when theres really 30 active..
  3. Server Update 1/11/17 (Cash Drops)

    U should prolly do something, idk what. I remember around new years you were bragging about how prices will rise because 2x donations ended and that we will have a flood of new players. 2 weeks later and you guys actually lost some players, as well as prices are still the same lol. just pointing it out there :P:P
  4. Huge Giveaway! [Join Now] [Ended]

    Name: 3pt assassin Mode: Extreme Number: 33
  5. December MOTM - Voting!

    lets go juunkie
  6. 100 Day Time Online On Forums & Big Giveaway!! [Ended]

    King K Dot 248
  7. No Kill Count for Zombies

    I think that you guys should remove the requirement of 15 kills to do zombies. Honestly what does 15 player kills have to do with a mini-game? I have found that me and multiple friends who are PVM/Mini-game players are not able to play zombies because we do not PvP, and its very hard for us to get kills. This led to one of my friends camping the wilderness agility course for 15 kills which nobody wants to see. Hopefully you guys can think about this, as many pvmers want to enjoy this mini-game. If you guys disagree, please let me know why. As of right now I cannot see a downside to removing the 15 kill requirement. Best Regards, King K Dot Edit: I read Virgin's comment, and I think a good thing to do is have a timer so people get kicked in game. Regardless of whether you guys remove the kill count requirement, there should still be a timer. People who have 15 kills can still leach. You could have an achievement or donor requirement (more money. some farmers would rather grab 15 kills than donate just to farm.), but I guess the 15 kills req does kinda keep the semi-dead wilderness a tad bit more active. Best Regards, King K Dot
  8. Big Giveaway _ [Blowpipe As Reward]!! [Ended]

    number: 23 IGN: king k dot Good luck everyone but gl me more
  9. [FOREVER CLOSED] [HQ] Signature Thread

    Text:King K Dot Color:Red and black Designs/Images: Chicago bulls logo Background or Transparent: background Signature or Avatar: signature
  10. omination #1 Username: hq Award Nomination:Best gfx designer Reason:cheap and gr8 designs Nomination #2 ​Username: Xtremethunda Award Nomination:best main pker Reason: he went from 2b to 120b in 1 week risk fighting Nomination #3 ​Username: allisonhf Award Nomination:most trusted player Reason:mmed like 3 trades in 2 days for me
  11. [Ended]Deep's Giveaway Continued

    With the blow pipe and santa i would probably just sell it to get a LOT of supplies for pk/pvming The sets of armour is what i really want, i can pk a lot for a while without worrying about running out of supplies. Some vestas and bneck fights would be nice. I'm not very good at pking but its fun and i wont have to worry about running out of money if i win this stuff XD IGN: king k dot
  12. Vengeless

    Irl name: Bryan In-game name: 3pt assassin Best Gear: Max str with vine Will you follow the Rules: yeah Do you meet the requirements: pretty sure Time Played: 290 hours Do you PvM Regularly: everyday Whats your Favorite Weapon to use: vine Any other Questions?: no
  13. What would you liked added to Donator Zones?

    Multiple god wars guys in reg donar zone and nomad and glod