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      Security Reminder   05/05/2017

      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Server Update 11/19/17

    Eagle-eye has double that range attack bonus.
  2. Anger Sword giveaway! [ENDED]

    Congrats Snax! That's killer! The reason why you chose Zamorak: The different modes, PvM, community was helpful. Number/500: 77
  3. Server Update 8/18/17

    Woot, new loots incoming!
  4. Announcement 8/17/2017

    Would love to see more new players, but aye it is what it is. Zamorak FTW!
  5. Small (40B) Giveaway!

    1. Describe Zamorak in 3 words - The Best Server 2. Post your best PVM/Riotwars drop - Best PvM drop, probably the many Torva pieces from Lesarkus :). 3. Comment a number from 1-300 - 77! Goodluck y'all!
  6. Giving away UDI

    77 I like Zamorak for the PvM. Plus the community is pretty active with a lot of player that have been around for awhile. Also that it gets a fair amount of updates with new items and bosses being released. Goodluck Y'all!
  7. Fashionscape Contest

    Too many outfits to choose from! Good luck y'all. https://gyazo.com/f43e09e168e1f37c5f37986078dc6771
  8. I'll take tickets and probably rapiers.

    Why didn't you just reply this on the poll thread haha. I'm all for for players, and I dont gamble, so that part doesn't bother me.
  10. [ENDED]Forums Giveaway - 10/18/2016

    IGN: Stragg I found Zamorak on one of the top list sites when I wanted to get back into RSPS's
  11. New Giveaway! - Everyone Can Join! [Ended]

    Number: 7 Mode: Extreme Name: Stragg
  12. Goodie Bag - 9/30/2016 [ENDED]

    Wow, I'm in!
  13. 1 Year Anniversary

    One of my favorite parts of Zamorak is probably how spread out the community is in terms of pking, skilling, bossing, gambling, and buying/selling. Also most of the community is pretty helpful. Congratulations on 1 year Vinny!
  14. Welcome Back!

    Going pretty good so far! 300+ players, and doesnt seem like theirs to many issues!
  15. Second Chances to All Players

    This shall be interesting.