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  1. Huge Giveaway! [Join Now] [Ended]

    Devin47 Ironman 151
  2. Ironman | Necklace of Anguish | 10 kc

    Aye, great update. Love the new items.
  3. New Giveaway! Join Now! [Ended]

    In-game name: Devin47 In-game mode: Iron Number: 347
  4. Ironman | B2B Pernix Body | 4 KC

    Wtf? Can't tell if lucky or unlucky.
  5. Well, I've recently decided to make a comeback to Zamorak after getting over the loss of my iron man months ago so I've given it another shot. Decided to go for Gano and got this. Not a bad way to return.
  6. Farewell everyone. I just turned 20 and I got a job at a pizza place at a mall nearby. I don't have the time to repeat my achievements on another ironman so everything on my accounts will be given away. I had fun guysa. Peace people. If any of you knew me for a while and want to stay in some sort of contact, search up my username. Thanks.
  7. Community Update

    Welp, looks like it's close to time for a big ass goodiebag.
  8. Another Giveaway!! - Join Now!! [Ended]

    Devinduhdood Iron man 985
  9. Small Giveaway!! - Everyone Can Join!! [Ended]

    Username: Devinduhdood Number: 47 My birthday is Wednesday lmao, I hope I win!
  10. Ironman | Abyssal Vine Whip | 1366 KC

    Finally got it. This was one of my more legitimate grinds, but another goal has been demolished. Now, where's that abby dagger?
  11. Ironman | Malediction Ward

    Been hunting this for a while. It's about time I got it. Think I've killed fanatic around 300-400 times.
  12. $100 Donation Giveaway [Ended]

    In-game username: Devinduhdood If I somehow win this giveaway, it would allow me to pursue my pvm goals as an ironman on here faster than before. I've already accomplished many goals, but I would like to start helping out fellow ironman who are new and are in need of help. I'll simply use the reward as a way of setting new goals as an iron and become an inspiration to other players around me.
  13. World 2?

    Would be a good idea. It would give more goals to achieve for the players.
  14. Bank Pics

    Bank was made. Nice bro.