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  1. Let's stop this scam.

  2. Big Ingame suggestions list

    Really liked these suggestions,also if titan has in mind grand exchange instead of PoS,don't add g.e i know that no1 will use it
  3. bank ^^

    Not even close to my bank,get up yo sh1t m6
  4. General Improvment Ideas

    I really like this list except i would love to see PoS instead of g.e if one of them is going to be ingame it must have pos,i am pretty sure that no1 will use g.e sine you don't know the prices exactly at it doesnt really tell,oh ye i dont support degrading pvp armour too,it would destroy wilderness if its a must to make pvp armour degradeable it should be when you drop it on death it would become broken and pay x amount to fix,oh ye ye,should add being able to drop stuff and for others to appear on ground. Summoming would be really good for multi pking
  5. [Ended]Deep's Giveaway Continued

    I would like to go for max/comp cape maybe even some max exp,would get some gear for bossing and i wanted to complete every achievement,oh ye ofc for pking too *everything ingame* C:
  6. He totally got me man.

    help me with a clue @ ::west ardy
  7. Max Cash

    He wants to trade it i think and we cant buy notes from the npc...
  8. Corrupt staff.

    Oi where/can i get a corrupt zuriel's staff?
  9. Combat Opinions - Favorite RSPS to Pk On?

    Ikov and soulsplit had the best combat sys.
  10. New signature for me [i will pay]!

    Ill claim my 15b ty 1.5 too low
  11. Username on Ikov: Ext dragon Username on Zamorak: Ext Dragon Proof (Video/Picture/Forum Account) : http://prntscr.com/9cqkys Total Donated on Ikov: 1010$ How did you find out about Zamorak? (If you're a new player) Videos on youtube New Player : Yes/No Yes Tell us a little about your history on Ikov: I spent most of my time mostly staking thats how i got bank on there,also skilled a bit for comp and pvmed for whenver i was cleaned to rebuild and go stake again gottafeedtheaddiction