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  1. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    @Tamilz He thinks because he managed to get Logans 'Smite' account he's some known hacker lmao Now he thinks he's even better because he got DMX banned with picked out messages. @Hidden ace doxxes people by typing their phone numbers into google l0l Don't worry. Micahel will be fine. If he gets declined, then he has other computers which he could use to play if he really wanted to. If it get's declined and he doesn't want to play we'll go to another server. No problem for us. the only reason why we've moved around so many different servers is because of Gracie and yourself abusing. You're still a beggar. That will never change. http://prntscr.com/bjqsxr http://prntscr.com/bjqt76 http://prntscr.com/bjqtl1 http://prntscr.com/bjqtxr A few of many on Michaels videos. Getting him banned because he didn't give you any pixels for once lol Sad guy. Only reason why the appeal has been made is because you took things out of context and used proof dating back before we legitimately started playing Zamorak.. Giving Michael a bad name. Jealously is a bitch isn't it? Took you 2 days to report him for a reason which you should of had all proof in one chat/screenshot lol Not multiple screenshots of others writing stuff and you changing the name and using messages from days and days ago. All good anyway. @gracie DMX has caller ID so tell your cousin and brother about the consequences that will happen if they carry on with the pranks/death threats by the way. you will obviously deny because you're a liar. (Yes you can get in trouble for it, just because you live in England and We're from Wales, doesn't make no difference. One phone call away.) Shame your religion doesn't teach you how to be real. Cannot be that good. DMX knows it was your brother because he sounds just like you except his balls have dropped. Also, he has his number saved from when your brother was in #Swarm 'Gracie/Riad' Lmao. Nice rank by the way, where did you get that from? you couldn't even afford a decent pair of creps, let alone $250 for a RSPS rank. Guessing Michael gave you that as well? Lol. Snakes. Logan said W378 Coffins. We NS big boy.
  2. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    When small fish @Hidden ace http://prntscr.com/bjchp9 Think they can talk shit like they can fuck with the big fish @Tamilz Or when hypocrites @Hidden ace http://prntscr.com/bjcjfv http://prntscr.com/bjcjpl Manipulates the big fish @Vinny http://prntscr.com/bjckn5 Into thinking someone else is actually a product of something which they aren't, with a picked/edited version of a clip of meaningless WORDS. @Titan - Thank you. This thread is decent.
  3. Username on Ikov: Fuck a hater Username on Zamorak: Ii Will Rise (two I's) Proof (Video/Picture/Forum Account) http://prntscr.com/be3f2z http://prntscr.com/be3eqr Total Donated on Ikov: $5,010 How did you find out about Zamorak? (If you're a new player) Clan member @@Dmx1140 New Player : Yes/No Yes Tell us a little about your history on Ikov: I loved single pking and i loved multi pking. I was in a clan called Swarm.
  4. so the best times were when Tamilz actually put in work and played. no different from the other rich guys