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  1. Yes this should definitely be updated +1
  2. Drop table needed a nerf like 2 days ago rip, also @vengepk Riot wars is one of the only ways cash comes into the game which is desperately needed so idk what your talking about we have plenty of items the amount of ancestral sets/vestas/korasis that would be in the game within a week would make it all unsellable. Also why add a boss that drops Ancestrals? One of the reasons it was so wanted and rare is because it was earned through pking only or donating. Why would I go pk for 2k points a piece when I could get trick and go to Skotizo for a day and have the full set. Full support Fawk
  3. Actually just thought about this the other day I support for sure
  4. Wow gz on the Pegasian!
  5. @Yce maybe players that cannot find partners can be written down and randomly paired? Other then that @bugzee just try your best to find one!
  6. Username 1: @young metro username 2 : @Fawk Gl everyone
  7. We both missed that I had 2p vs 1p this is proof
  8. I would have to agree with @Nivo I would like to see the twisted bow with its osrs function. As far as the spec goes for whichever bow is or becomes the pvp weapon I think it could be nerfed but if so not much. I also think that the way players are refunded may need to be reconsidered as both items are worth more then 100 dtokens.
  9. Good luck take care man
  10. A lot of people that do slayer and want a frost dragons task (extremes, and players that seek bones) will sit there and ::resettask as many times as they need to until they get it. I think it would be helpful if there was an option to simply select the frost dragons as a task.
  11. That would be very nice lol
  12. I like it as it is from my experience with it I hit a fair amount of 0's.
  13. Well i'm not proud of it but here it is lol. If I could have 10$ donated removed and the tokens removed for the box back that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Bump
  15. This would be cool +1