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    I identify as a vegan transgender atheist German engineer who vapes organic decaffeinated compressed soy breast milk on the regular and a person who does Indian naked crossfit yoga 5 times per week. I'm also a male feminist and identify myself as a pastafarian Apache helicopter dog who serves only to one master: my chihuahua which I helped cross the border of Mexico because I hate Donald Trump. My dog also walks me, if you find that weird you're an arrogant ignorant homophobic globaphobic sexist.

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  1. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    I'd have flamed the fuck out of you rn if i didn't have so much love for you, fucking faggot.
  2. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    back? where did you see me login into game? fuck i don't even understand why they gave this fucking retard server support, all you do is talk shit to new players and give them a hard time, you're a fucking nuisance, lel "staff hunter" weren't you ex staff? isn't 1 time enough? obv not coz you're as you call it a "staff hunter" fuck outta here retard, lmfao "learn how to roast someone" yeah okay nigga don't you live in a country where people get offended by the word "cunt"? fucking idiot fuck outta my face, no one asked you to come here.
  3. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    "You're* an idiot*, the last feed back WHEN* I* was a staff MEMBER* I* was IN* turkey, and that was when i didn't log in to zamorak*, for three* fucking months mate. Think*, just think for at least* 10 seconds before you type, fucking IDIOT*, fucking toxic over some pixels, lmfao* get a fucking life.* fuck nice autism bro where can i get some from, tells me to "think before i type" yet you have the grammatical capabilities of a fucking stage 3 autistic, dyslexic foreigner, i mean that's what you are anyway, l2type before you come talking shit, uneducated fucker
  4. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    "typing all this shit" i mean if you call that "being upset" you can, i call it having an education, obviously you wouldn't know what that is foreign retard, your English is probably more broke than your family lel, WDYM ? i came here first, and if i was "upset" i'd have stopped responding, but obviously you know i'm wiping the floor with you, any other retard want to get roasted, just like how i put all your mums on the spit?
  5. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    mad? lel, like you said, this is FLAME WARS, nothing here is personal, obviously you're getting quite upset with my responses, I mean if you're getting cut/contemplating jumping off a bridge i'll leave you alone #saynotocyberbullying
  6. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    ARE YOU CONFIRMING THAT YOU'RE GAY? obviously i meant when you're in there with myst, but if you're gay i mean it's 2017 niggas ain't judging your dickloving self "you tried on jill" what the fuck are you talking about? I WOULD SAY JILL GETS TO AGGRESSIVE WHEN YOU DONT FP HER AFTER YOU WIN, fuck you're delusional honestly, like i said, grab a rope and a stool and do everyone a favour, and if your poor foreign family can't afford such necessities i'd be happy to sponsor your suicide
  7. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    teamspeak sex, as in like phone sex, see i'm literally talking to a fucking virgin hahahahaha fucking neck it bro honestly
  8. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    "haven't been here for 6 months" yeah ok nigga I made my first acc in JANUARY 2016, and i made a forums acc in JUNE 2016, so obviously your brain can't comprehend simple mathematics, you have the intellectual ability of a fucking pig, i didn't beg for dev sword either i asked you maximum 4 times to sell/fp it, don't get your knickers tied in a knot, and why the fuck are you lying bruv, you did fucking nothing LMFAO, EVEN STAFF FEEDBACK FROM NEW PLAYERS FOR YOU WAS "don't really know you/haven't seen you ingame" so shove a dick in it retard, oh, you don't trust me fuck some retarded turk thinks i care that he doesn't trust me, like i said, dealing with 10 year olds, when you get better come backs HMU, if you want my cum back, check your sisters chin maggots
  9. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    i mean i can confirm i fuck bitches IRL, rather than try to have teamspeak sex with them, loooooool druggy? hahhahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaha ok nigga don't grab what you can't clutch, and if you don't get what that means, don't talk about what you don't understand; call me druggy all you want, i make more money in a week, than your entire foreign family does in a year, wouldn't be surprised if your dad worked at a sweat shop, also you probably still live at home and do nothing with your life, that's ok; i'm not "judging you". lmao once again, i went from 15t+ to barely 1t, so i got cleaned, therefore i quit.... i mean i don't get what's so hard to understand about that, i really don't care about not getting ss, salty yeah, but i only wanted to become SS to help the server, funny thing is, the whole server, or if you will, 95% of the server, including most of the staff team knew i deserved it, but obviously the management team have got rocks for fucking brains, but i'm not going to go into that, but i mean you can think what you like lel
  10. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    not really, i quit because i got cleaned lmao, also, please show me where i begged for SS? never have i asked for anything, and I will never ask for anything, Pretty sure you'd be pretty salty if u were mm for almost 5 months to no avail, also, didn't you quit and come back to try to get into mysts pants? fuck outta here E-dating boy, 2 ugly to get chicks IRL boyyyyyy
  11. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    I'd have to start off with thank fuckkkkkk @Permedd quit he was a fucking retard and for about 6+ months straight all you fucking did was "pm me if you would like to donate rsgp" fucking retarded randy hope you choke on fucking dicks, your dad should've swallowed u faggot cunt, @Titan where do i start with you, first of all you're a fucking retard, i mean it's a given, i would say you have stage 3 autism but that would be an understatement, how many times did you skip me from getting ss for retarded randys who don't even answer half the fucking questions properly, obv retardation/autism is present if you chose some1 with 120 hours played as opposed to 1200 hours, no words, except, maybe visit your local health clinic and see if you're suffering from delusions, almost as deluded as that player count cya
  12. Ma bankies

    OWR please ban pls sir im poor lel
  13. Dragon Crossbow

    I'm good
  14. Dragon Crossbow

    trust me there is a massive difference when PKing/Nh'ing when using a bow which requires both slots, as opposed to using a crossbow which only requires one slot, like i stated, if they fixed the ACB mechanics, this will be fine, but i'm going to say it again, the only decent crossbow for pking right now is the chaotic crossbow, and lets face it; it's pretty shit. bringing out another C'bow which will be 3/4 c'bows useless for pking, IN SAYING THAT, I do believe that HEX AND BLOWPIPE should be fixed so that they are just as good in the wildy as they are in a safe zone, that is if; people are willing to risk expensive items in the wilderness.
  15. Dragon Crossbow

    NO SUPPORT, Items like this should be strictly for PVP, and at this time the only alternative to RCB is CCB, ACB is trash, unless the mechanics of ACB are changed to how they are on OSRS i do not support DHCB being a pvm only weapon, Because there is literally 0 bows that are decent for pking besides CCB.