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  1. Ex Staff rank app

    hello Im just wondering if I can receive the ex mod rank emblem i have the banner on the side but no emblem. thanks
  2. I've asked various people around the Zamorak community and they all agreed with me on this that there should be a seperate highscores for extreme players. Thank you for reading this
  3. Giveaway!! - [New One!] [Ended]

    * Pick a number between 1-800 (530) * Type your in-game name (Fum) * Type your in-game mode (iron man , extreme etc) (Extreme) Thank you for doing giveaway!
  4. Two easy suggestions

    Agree on first, although revs are still doable with food and pray mellee, and since vesta outscales any armour in str and attack bonusses it shouldn't be an easy drop, same goes for morrigan, statius and zuriels.
  5. First Bronze Dragon Kill!

    Pretty sure your inventory is full of dragon bones tho sure it was the first one?
  6. Hexhunter Bow

    Heya, As we all know currently everything is dominated by the Abbysal vine whip, So i'd like to suggest adding the range variant to the game, the hexhunter bow. Possibly also dropped by Glod, to increase glods popularity and making people feel a little more confident about doing 20 hour glod camps. and ofcourse to have something for vine to compete with.
  7. Suggestions List.

    I think you should apply on forums for "trusted dicer" and get a certain amount of vouches, and atleast 1 vouch from a staff member. Another possibility is indeed paying for a rank in a global gambling cc named "gamble", that you'll automatically join when teleporting to ::gamble.
  8. Thank You - Zamorak 6/18/15

    I'm so glad Zamorak is finally getting the players it deserves! Thanks everyone
  9. Prestige

    It's on many other servers. Once you have all skills 99 you would be able to reset them and gain prestige points and a certain prestige level (1,2,3,4,5 etc.). Prestige points could be spent in a shop with various items. and the prestige level is honestly just a title. Possibly you could give a lower xp-rate every prestige level, but thats all up to you
  10. Zamorak League Of legends Team

    Name: Her first period Continent: Euw Rank: Probably silver because of inactivity Role: Vlad/Lucian. Wherever honestly
  11. Heya I would like to suggest to add other loyalty rewards than titles since i already have a 50k-title and so much leftover loyalty points i won't be able to spend without removing my title. For example try to code in some of the loyalty outfits that are on actual RS or robin/ranger recolours etc.
  12. I know james but EVERY kill is always filled with rune because of my droprate increase leaving no space for the actual drops i want. and 1/650 -40% (1/390) and only getting one in over 2k kills seems like shitty luck to me lol
  13. I understand that but since the effect applies to every drop it actually decreases the 1/650, logically speaking.
  14. Hello, Since most bosses drop items like rune armor and adamant armor it's in your disadvantage to have droprate increases because you will more likely get that armor then actualy boss drops, therefore i want to suggest applying droprate increase ONLY to items above 1/100 droprate to actually make it worth buying instead of it being in your disadvantage, for exampling i killed over 1800 rammernauts with only getting Primal Maul (1/650) once with 40% droprate increase, while it should've been atleast 3 to 4.