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  1. Progress Video #11

    Nice video man!!! You have good mic quality
  2. Have a good one man!!! We'll miss you
  3. Gopro's vacation

    Enjoy your vacation man!
  4. Hexhunter Bow 70 kc on easy mode

    That is crazy!!! I can't believe that!!!! Wtf!!! Screw extreme
  5. Achievement Series [Ep.5]

    Wish I did.... I didn't really know in the beginning but it's whatever haha also asking Titan if he can change or if it's too late...
  6. Loot from instakill darts pt.1

    Nice video man! I am never sure if I want the darts or not lol
  7. Achievement Series [Ep.5]

    Thanks guys for the replies! I will be uploading episode 6 tomorrow or the next day!
  8. Achievement Series [Ep.5]

    Esisode 5 is now live! Hope everyone enjoys! Leave some feedback and if you like my content please subscribe!
  9. Zamorak - Commands - Guide [Updated]

    Thanks for this guide man... Helps me a ton every day
  10. [Zamorak] Dh pking video #11[#1 317]

    Nice video man!!
  11. you wont regret watching this boyzz ;)

    Dayum!!! Approved!!!
  12. Achievement Series [Ep.4]

    Indeed you will haha
  13. Achievement Series [Ep.4]

    Hey guys! Here is episode 4! Hope everyone enjoys!
  14. Achievement Series [Ep.3]

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback. Will try to get episode 4 out today!
  15. 100 Revenant Knights Killed

    Nice video man!!! Revs suck lol they need to maybe increase drop rates in my opinion