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  1. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    It literally take peopel 4 min's to gain 20m for a dharok set from thieving stalls, so that "people can't afford to risk barrows" is just stupid to say. Making it free to get a dharok set dosen't make sense at all and won't boos the activity at all. As i said, it's already hard enought to gain any pkp or pk tickets duo to the pk community is pretty much dead (atleast when i was around) Usually people need to pm eachother to get a fight which makes it very hard to get these pkp and tickets. If that people are not pking because they can't waste 4 min's at thieving stalls to get a dharok set then i am lost lol. Myself and i know a lot of other pker's would agree with me to have the barrow's piece's priced at higer vaule so they can actually make some money from pking. At the moment if you kill a dharok you get 50m in loot and may be 100m in tickets/points for 1 kill which is 150m, now if u look at elder maul being priced at 20-25b or something like that, that mean's you need to kill like 150 people to get a elder maul which is ridiculous with this pk community. This is my view of it, but we're all diffirent
  2. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    lol, this won't bump up the pk activity at all, you're only making it free to pk. It's very hard to gain money from pking because of the barrow's sets being priced so low. Would rather have the barrow's sets wiped out and put them at 100m each set, same goes for dragon boots, furie's wipe them out and give them higher value. At the moment if you kill someone in dharok you get like 50m loot which is pretty much nothing. And making it free to get a dharok set etc, will kill the pk community even more what it is, it will make it pretty much not possible to gain ANY money at all from pking. (´・ω・`)
  3. Zamorak

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ good questions my friend, i am not able to answer it though
  4. When you try your best but you don't succeed :rolleyes:

    1. Pen Griffey

      Pen Griffey




      When you get what you want but not what you need



  5. Zamorak

    It's really starting to seems like "We don't have a client developer" is being used for a poor excuses for not having decent updates. There are soooo many things that titan is able to code but seems to be too lazy. Titan is indeed able to rework most of the pvp system. Titan is able to code a store so it kinda works like a G.E / POS Titan is able to rework some pvm bosse's These are probably the main problems on Zamorak, and he is able to work them out if he really wanted too.
  6. Squeal of Fortune

    No offence at all, but i think it's very stupid to keep coming up with suggestions where a client dev is needed. Ofcourse titan wouldn't just randomly trust you and give you the power to code this in. I personally love the suggestions but i just think it's getting annoying to see all these suggestions were i know titan isn't able to code them in. It seems like you know what you are talking about, so i am sure you could come with some other suggestions were titan is able to make them. Now i don't know anything about all this, but if he is able to code this in then i am blown away that he hasn't done it yet lol
  7. dh tourney

    Gratz to the winners. If i wasn't banned i would've definitelytake the top prize
  8. Some suggestions.

    Definitely some great suggestions, personally like the note a lot. However the Grand exchange and some of the others are not possible without a Client delevoleper, which seems to be impossible to get since he's been looking for one for quite some time now. He tried to build his "own" Construction but i think he gave up one it. But as i said, most of these will need a Client delevolper, which is not possible at the moment.
  9. Pk vid 3 :)

    He didn't have the admin rank infront of his name so clearly i would think he would lose items. If he i had the admin rank infront of his name i wouldn't have fought him lol. I know he used to be an admin lol.
  10. Pk vid 3 :)

    I know he "used" to be an admin. He didn't have the in-game admin rank so i thought he was losing items. Before we fought he asked me to risk against his red vine but them he denied it. So i geared in same gear as him an fought him cuz i thought we were risking lol. But he didnt lose his items when i killed him
  11. Pk vid 3 :)

    Appriciate the kind words. I try my best. Thanks
  12. Pk vid 3 :)

    You never killed me, thanks tho.
  13. Pk vid 3 :)

    Enjoy Was fun as always making it
  14. pk vid 2 :)

    Sadly it is, Thanks for the feedback
  15. pk vid 2 :)

    Well, i am aware that the video is too fast, but as i said i rather have all my clips on one video then in multiplie video's i could've slowed it down but then it would be like 15 mins, i was aiming for the 10 mins range. Appriciate the feedback as always.