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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. nice man. keep going maybe you'll complete the set
  2. Opening 216 Mystery Boxes

    hey nap when you opening your boxes? 'umm when i get 1-2k' two days later.. hahaha nice
  3. MY LEG

    Yea had to get an injection
  4. What would you like to see?

    don't support nerfing of blow pipe / trickster / poly. And i don't own any of it anymore so not a biased opinion, these items are expensive for a reason..
  5. MY LEG

    haha yea i'm fine thanks !
  6. MY LEG

    Tru. Some rusty old metal pipe ripped it open
  7. MY LEG

    Just thought you guys might like to see my leg. http://imgur.com/a/ENvws lovely
  8. Bulk selling notes?

    umm this isn't an issue, anyone who deals with big amounts of money uses notes only anyway. if you are selling items for coins you most likely don't even own enough money to feel the need for this to be added. also even if you have say 10b cash.. takes 2 minutes to exchange it all its not effort
  9. World 2?

    this sounds great!! support.
  10. Announcement 7-26-16

    i disagree when people say the server is dying. 1. such a wide variety of time zones who play the server so not everyone plays at once 2. new people daily 3. people moan its dying at the worst time of day, like 8am GMT where UK are going to work, america, sleeping ect.
  11. Resetting Ironman & Fixing Them

    support !! Do feel sorry for the few legit irons though.
  12. first video and plenty to come

    level 126 i'm impressed!! nice iron man boi
  13. Hello, i'm Dungchick47

    Hi guys, time to introduce myself even though i've been playing 3 weeks already. My names Jake, i'm from Sunny England. The name Dungchick47? just back in the era of dugeoneering on RS when there was plenty of fake girls around i made this name to mock them people, and it kinda stuck for a while. You might notice me no-lifing at the minute, thats due to an issue with my job meaning i have a load of free time. Not sure weather thats a good thing or a bad thing? Oh well. I'm very approachable in game, maybe we'll have stuff in common! I'm football mad and i have a rareish hobby which is CARP FISHING, so if anybody shares that hobby let me know? Thanks for coming guys. enjoy life
  14. Let's stop this scam.

    @@Chris i accept this fact, but it wouldn't hurt to make the rules more friendly towards the innocent individual? i'm not saying it makes it right for people not to show the items, i'm just saying this will prevent people even trying this idiotic method of scamming. This could be an issue in this circumstance; two people are FPing for a while, so they both know each other has money/items to bet. One of them eventually runs out of money and then feels the need to scam (see this happen countless times).
  15. Let's stop this scam.

    Right i know you have to show the bet to each other to confirm when doing a FP bet, but lets put that to one side for a minute. Can we update the rules so that you ARE NOT allowed to trick people into betting stupid amounts for worthless items, for example; a guy just got scammed for a BP stake, the guy paid him a bronze platebody. Everybody knows that a BP is a blow pipe. 1. the fact that the wanted 30b for a bronze plate should be scamming 2. the fact he tricked the guy into thinking it was for a blowpipe should be scamming 3. the guy will no doubt scam again and unless the rules are changed get away with it. i understand with the current rules nothing can be done about this, but if they're updated it will prevent this happening further. and i know you need to trade the items before the bet.. but anything which lowers the chances of somebody being scams is a positive to me. EDIT: even if this post doesn't have any official effect in game i hope it atleast makes some people aware of this scam.