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  1. Nivo's Updated Bank V3

    Hit the bank up?
  2. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    My nan is KennyS and England is my city, you wouldn't stand a chance. Pipe down silver fuck
  3. Flame Wars ( season 3 )

    Someone with a constant tick in their arm has better aim than you, retarded cunt.
  4. Staff Feedback - Giveaway

    You don't need to say anything negative? There must be something that these staff members can improve on, make it constructive.
  5. Staff Feedback - Giveaway

    Not exactly feedback if you ask me, you could've made this much simpler and said @staff team you're all great guys. As for permedd he's away for some time in turkey.
  6. Farewell

    Another one of those that gambles their bank and quits.. cya
  7. Disable Op items on riotwars?

    Never have I once been tick koed by anything in RW. Don't stand next to the player you're fighting, simple. If you have any sort of sense you'd know the tick was coming and switch prayers before his hit.
  8. Disable Op items on riotwars?

    Disagree completely. Use barrows range tank vs Max geared players in riot wars, if you're good with prayer flicks then it's an easy fight.
  9. Chris's (Anger) Giveaway!

    Ign - Gre partyhat What I like - Riot wars What I dislike - I dislike the fact that the wilderness activity is very hit and miss. - 480
  10. Member of the month - June - 2017

    If I'm very honest, I don't think either of them deserve the rank. Graph, I don't know too well. But his activity is very hit and miss. Very active for a few days then he disappears for a week and repeats. Taven is a good friend of mine but I've only seen him active this last week.
  11. Heads up

    Best of luck mate, thanks for the heads up.
  12. Server Update 6/22/17

    Thanks for the updates, Abdul
  13. Summer Vacation

    Enjoy yourself buddy.
  14. I don't know why you think the rewards are too much? You're Pking for a month and only 3 people earn these rewards. If you make the rewards dharoks sets and dragon daggers the wilderness will stay as it is. The majority of servers that actually do well now a days are pking servers. If Zamorak had an active wilderness the entire playerbase would increase massively.
  15. We all know the wilderness activity is rather poor, @Titan has done many updates trying to improve the wilderness in different ways, the first few days of release of wilderness keys for example, the wilderness was booming. That faded away like all of the other wilderness updates. Bats are still active, but there isn't exactly much Pking that goes on. I'm going to express a suggestion I came up with that could hopefully boost and maintain wilderness activity. A monthly Pking leaderboard (monthly Pking event). Another PVP Ranking category will be inserted below the current ones, Whilst maintaining the current rankings, implement a FRESH category that will reset every month. The top 3 players that have the highest amount of kills on the leaderboard will each get a bulky reward. Reward Ideas; General Pking items Elder Maul Twisted Bow Serpentine Helm Toxic Staff of the Dead Staff of the Dead Trident of the Swamp Trident of the Seas Dragon Warhammer Abyssal Bludgeon Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Vine Whip Heavy Ballista Korasi's Sword Armadyl Godsword Dragon Claws Vesta set Dragon kiteshield Other Items (Sometimes used for Pking, some not) Torva Set Pernix Set Virtus Set Vanguard Set Trickster Set Battlemage Set Necklace of Anguish Amulet of Torture Odium Ward Malidiction Ward Divine Spirit Shield Everything stated above would be chucked into a 1-28 Goodiebag, for the sets only 1 part will be placed in the goodiebag (Helmet). Yes, you may get very unlucky and pick an Armadyl godsword for example, but also may be very lucky and choose a pretty rare Odium Ward.. First place: 3 Picks. Second Place: 2 Picks. Third Place: 1 Pick. On top of the goodiebag, players would be awarded with PVP Tickets and PvP Points; First Place: 3000 PVP Tickets, 3000 PvP Points. Second Place: 2000 PVP Tickets, 2000 PvP Points. Third Place: 1000 PVP Tickets, 1000 PvP Points. Everyone placed 4th-10th would recieve 500 PVP Tickets and 500 PvP Points for their efforts. Extra Ideas I've suggested this before but in a different context. Add Dragonbone armour. Melee Set, Range Set, Magic Set. These sets would have better stats than Nex gear. Add a Rune Pouch. If these items are coded add them solely for this monthly event. First Place: Gets all 3 Dragonbone sets and also the rune pouch. Second Place: Gets 2 Dragonbone sets and the Rune pouch. Third Place: Gets 1 Dragonbone set. If there's anyway I can improve this idea leave your personal suggestions below. Thanks for reading.