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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. I own all of you now, donate please

    Can confirm, Anf is owner.
  2. Staff Updates - 07/07/2017

    Congratulations you heckin' monkeys!
  3. Winner of the Anger Sword Giveaway

    I guess now you can get chaotics quickly mate! Congratulations
  4. Chris's (Anger) Giveaway!

    - In-Game Name: Dinkey - What You like/love about Zamorak: I really enjoy the sense of community within the smaller group of more 'original' players as well as the content. Although the updates aren't super frequent and the content doesn't change/extend because of that, I do respect that as I have a life (sometimes), Abdul probably has one too. Tl;dr - Lots of bosses/Community - What You Hate about Zamorak: I don't hate the wider community but similar to any online game there's always the negative side of the community which either never have anything beneficial to say or just think very highly of themselves. The staff turn around time isn't the greatest thing to see. I haven't been incredibly active over the last few months but I visit the forums quite often and see the amount of SS's coming in and going out is crazy but I understand that's the nature of the 'business'. - 1-500: 343 I don't have the best luck in the world so I'm not overly hopeful but regardless, thanks for the opportunity Chris and goodluck to everyone else. Nice to see you're still around by the way man.
  5. Dinkey Rank App

    Username: Dinkey Rank: Legendary ($350 donated) Primary or Secondary: I don't understand so I'll say Primary. Proof (screenshot/Video)
  6. Nivo's Bank

    Daddy let me show you how I use my little foot pussy. Do you like that daddy? Also, nice bank
  7. New & Improved Combat System

    Love your work @Titan. So glad to see things happening with the server, awesome updates, keen to be able to come in game and test it all out!
  8. Upcoming New Content

    Great to see more content coming in mate, I look forward to it all.
  9. Forums/Child Forum Suggestions

    I said boards not threads. A thread give some no diversity and doesn't allow you to make threads about different topics. 1 single thread about each thing makes no sense at all. Boards/forums/sections and child boards/forums/sections are a better alternative.
  10. Forums/Child Forum Suggestions

    Cheers for the reply man, guys don't be afraid to show support for something even if you won't use it personally, if it helps the server/forum it's worthy of being an addition.
  11. Forums/Child Forum Suggestions

    I've noticed that there's quite a large group of active members on the forum but I still would consider the lack of active/engaging threads a problem. I think there is room for improvements within the forum and the amount of sections and the diversity within those boards. The suggestions are as follows: 'Real World' discussion thread 'Intelligent Debate' thread. Could name it differently as to not question peoples intelligence (For those softies) 'Music' section as a child-board to the 'Media' section. A place to discuss music in all forms, from things as simple as discussing music tastes/suggesting we listen to a song/album to things like discussing the intricacies of our music tastes/knowledge of music. (I'm not smart at music but I know a lot of people here who like different types of music and I'd love to hear what they're into and why). Lastly, possibly the idea of separating the 'Gaming' Board and making it a list of child forums for different games from Most Popular to Least Popular or in alphabetical order. It would allow for the forum to be cleaner but might make it a little harder to navigate to certain sections if you're new to forums. Hope my suggestions are of some use to someone, am happy to help with descriptions for board/child-boards if anything is implemented, hit me up if you need a hand with anything.
  12. Forum Suggestions

    I'm not going to pick apart every suggestion and say which is good and which is not, but to me it seems to me that you wrote this sort of in a demanding way which is annoying. Some suggestions are agreeable.
  13. This team

    Triplets, the fact your name is retard troll says a lot about your contributions to this game
  14. Forums Giveaway Results

    Congratulations to all winners, enjoy your new items. Great to see the level of participation from the community.
  15. Delivery's Woodcutting Guide

    Seriously unreal Delivery. Absolutely beautifully done once again my friend, keep it up dude. Look forward to seeing more of your threads generally, so very well done.