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  1. request for tmm

    I still play zamorak but when I published the apply I put 35-50 hours week but then I got cleaned and change it to 10-25 hours
  2. request for tmm

    Username:night knight Time Played(100hrs+ required): (Post a screenshot of your time played) skeletor will put it cuz i cant screen shots Date Joined: sep 2016 Timezone (GMT): israel Do you have any sanctions(Disciplinary Action) on your account(s)? no How many hours can you be on during the week: 10-25 Why do you feel like you should become a Trusted MM? i know alot of the server and i spent alot of time in gamble i think i can help players and some players trust me What would you bring to the team if you are accepted into it? honesty,help,and trying to be the server better Do you have skype as a means of communication with other members of the team? i have skype and have some staff team skype
  3. vote sites

    but not all the sites work
  4. vote sites

    i have idea about vote sites and points we all know just 3 sites work atm so maybe we can do something to help people to get more vote points maybe titan can add vote points for every site: normal player get 1 point for every site titan can give 1 point bonus normal donator get 1 point and 1 bonus for every site so maybe add 2(1 for site+1 bonus) super donator get 1 point and 2 bonus for everysite so maybe add 3(1 for site+2 bonus) extreme donator...and 3 bonus ...4(1 for site+3 bonus) legandary donator...and 4 bonus...5(1 for site+4 bonus) ultimate donator...and 5 bonus...6(1 for site+5 bonus) preimum donator...and 6 bonus.....7(1 for site+6 bonus) i know its hard to do and 80% u will not support the idea but we did that we can get the same points like 6 sites work and thats make vote worthmore and make more players vote and after the sites fix we remove this
  5. IronMyTShirt - Iron Man Goals

    gll bro u must add trick set
  6. STAFF AWARDS Best Administrator:finch Best Global Moderator:nivo Best Moderator:leigh Best Server Support:kenny101111 Most Active Staff Member:fawk COMMUNITY AWARDS Best Hybrid: Best Main Pker:xenofied Best Clan :#aodd Best Youtuber : Best GFX Designer: Most Respected:logaaaan Most Trusted Player:ms angel Most known PVM'er:deathrow Most known Skiller: Most Forum Active:tremor Luckiest Player:hellraty Best Role Model:danny Best Iron Man:evil bunny Fastest Trivia Player:jkosty
  7. Reg donator

    Name: night knight rank: reg dontor proof: i dont think u need proof because my rank now ultimate and i want you to change it to reg because i put my udi in ironman
  8. Trivia shop for ironmen

    So i made today ironman and when i tried to answer it says ironmen cant then i knew ironmen cant use trivia shop the idea make trivia and shop allow to ironman because personally i like to get santa hat it will be nice to get santa on iron and im sure the ironmen in game will support the idea i hope u can do it and thank you
  9. 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    first congrats on 2 years guys titan: i don't know what I can say he the best owner I have ever seen I know he is not activity that much but he don't give up the players quit everyday but he still do updates if someone else the owner I'm sure he will close the server vinny: activity player he help everyone I like him too much he is the better danny: dont know a lot of him met him once snax: I have bad story with snax we was gamble and he won my 7 angers then he empty the angers that's make me feel bad but then he told me he don't want to see a lot of angers in game that's make me feel better but he still a good player mystkitty: the queen she make a lot of giveaways to help players she was to mute me but I was deserve that tremor: don't know a lot of him too but I know he a good staff finch: the best admin I have ever seen in game he help me a lot sometimes I ask him 10 questions and he help me with everything logaaaan: don't know a lot of him but he still good staff and he help me sometimes fawk: he help me a lot I ask him questions more than anyone else and he help me everytime nivo: nivo....... the best gambler in game I know he cleaned from hellraty but he still better than him when I back to the server last month he gave me items to rebuild nobody is give more than him I hope he can rebuild again and be the richest in game again leigh: don't know a lot but he help me when I need help deathrow: the best pvmer in game jkosty: don't know what I can say but he good player kenny101111: owner of #aodd my clan. my friend u are the best in game I hope u can get the mod soon love u so much bruh casino: I know he is not staff anymore but I swear he good player I'm so sad because he want to quit and not staff anymore I will miss u casino <3 I know my feedback not good don't know a lot words in English
  10. 59kc odium ward

  11. udi wild xp

    Ye i found them too and there 2 coals near them too but the ores must fix!!
  12. udi wild xp

    Bruh just fix the ores in wild thats all i need
  13. udi wild xp

    My problem just with mining 70% of the ores in wild not work
  14. udi wild xp

    So after you told me we cant add comp colors i start think about something else titan can do it i found a great idea will support a few things: •help extreme players about skilling •make players donate to get ultimate donator rank anyway.... the idea make ultimate donator zone with wild xp i mean the xp what u get in wild while u skilling in extreme acc we will get the same xp in ultimate zone thats will support donation and i have a few ideas else about the zone too: •extreme players hate mining cause its low xp in safe zone and in wild 70% of the ores not work so maybe should add some ores at ultimate zone when the wild xp added like rune and adamant ore and 100% of them work •farming there no patch in wild and farming is the hardest skill in the game maybe titan can add patch in udi with the wild xp ofc im not sure if you guys will agree about those ideas maybe thats alot or u dont like it but im sure extreme players will like it and thats will help donation too i was want to say pdi not udi but i think 1500$ is alot and maybe 10-15 players have pdi and most of them maxed and there more udi players than pdi and they will donate for udi I hope u can support me this time Zamorak #1RSPS thank you all.