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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Just showing what my bank used to be

    I have no clue how to lol
  2. Just showing what my bank used to be

    I have no clue how to lol
  3. Just showing what my bank used to be

    I have no clue how to lol
  4. Just showing what my bank used to be

    It's all gone now:/
  5. Just showing what my bank used to be

    Sorry it didnt upload so i had to do it like this
  6. overall price check is 5t http://prnt.sc/dqhne7 http://prnt.sc/dqhni7 http://prnt.sc/dqhnm5 http://prnt.sc/dqhnq7 http://prnt.sc/dqhnsp http://prnt.sc/dqhnwy I got ban for attempting to rwt and got unban and got reset just happy im unban :)
  7. Proving I'm the CSGO God yet again.

    That was hard to watch tbh....
  8. It's been fun

    Alright just clearing up the air. I have been uid ban for real world trading because Ext Pker Is a untrustworthy rat. First off the reason for doing this is because I had alot going on yesterday as in not waking up for class 2 days in a row which made me pissed where i thought I needed to quit the server. So that was my "I guess goal" yesterday which was to quit the server. But I didn't want to quit with all these items. So i asked my m8's if they want to buy some items since im quitting. I thought I could make a quick couple of osrs gp. But I didnt even get to sell anything. I had the second trade screen and Ext Pker msgs me saying I got 5 mins to give me the stuff or hes gonna report me to ebay anyway, So Ebay msgs me and asks me and I was straight up yes i tried but it didnt work. So either way im uid ban and I talked to scott and ebay after and they pretty much said if i denied it i could have gotten away with it. But anyway It's been a good time playing. Peace.
  9. small 40b cash pot fp that i lost to burden :) gg

    i got all our fps recorded i'd like to see other side of it:)
  10. What shall i buy?

    Buy me?
  11. why are you still bringing this up who are you?
  12. I'd like A ely 2b/arcane 1b/divine 5b/black phat 10b/reg phat 6b/skele set2b/polly 10b/2 gano sets 16b/pink phat 10b/virtus 6b/pernix 6b/ Those for now for place holders. That comes out to 74b. Ill buy for 70b cash if you dont mind since i buy alot of items.