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  1. Ultimate donor/veteran app

    Username: Mr Criminal Rank: ultimate donor/veteran Primary or Secondary: If i receive veteran please make it primary, otherwise ultimate please. Proof (screenshot/Video) https://imgur.com/a/AkH66 proof for veteran is the hours played and that i started October of 2016
  2. A well needed revamp/reset

    Don't forget this isn't just a reset topic, the revamp can work just as well, updated bossing, mini games and PvP along with the gambling system stated above could bring back many players along with new ones. The redistribution of dead accounts banks is just an idea and would of course not be needed I just feel alot of give aways and tournies would bring life back into zammy that I'm sure everyone misses.
  3. A well needed revamp/reset

    This server was a great server, still is however only in a much smaller community and economy. The cause of this I believe was the ease of anyone being able to host gambles and fps. "Whats The Problem With That Crim?!" it caused a huge gap in the eco meaning that you where either piss poor Really Rich 20b+ or one of the lets say 10 eco holders give or take 700b+. I haven't been here since the beginning but I'd say ive been here around 1 year now off and on. And I know the eco wasnt always like this why? because i watched it slowly crash and burn while people with trillions worth in items and gp either quit or they only used them as poker chips and plaid until they got cleaned and then logged off until one of them like me comes back because i loved the community that was within this game, i've met a lot of really good people on here but NONE of them play anymore... a reset/revamp would: Revamp: when I think of revamp I think of 3 things adjusting pvp to be coded to the exact stats for each item of a certain year the best rsps pk videos i can remember where from 2012-2013 with things like torva curses chaotics,you know alot like zamorak! only i believe the gap from a ( here we go about gaps again) low tier wep to a high tier wep is just a little too big minor tweaks would fix this and help balance the eco a little bit. now with stakes and gambles, a fairly consistent(1-3times a week) problem where scammers who got away with it! A simple fix would be a mandatory chat room and automatic chats when certain options are used, much like how the duel system announces a change in rules only in a clan chat. example: 2 people agree on a 2b fp pot inside the chat, they proceed to show the items in the trade this will also be announced in the chat showing either the item or the amount of gp it consists of. they then proceed to plant. everytime they plant the color would be announced in the chat. the gamble cc would be constantly saved thus removing the need of people with low tier computers having to record and also create a very trusting gamble community that would thrive in a much healthier manner. The second thing i can think of is the simple fact that pvm has no safe spots and is a little simplified. Third and most important in my opinion is a distribution of dead accounts wealth over a time span depending on the amount obtained could be anywhere from 3months-1year depending on size. The owner of the accs should have not logged on for a certain amount of time and also have should be notified of the plan to distrubute is accs wealth by email or address if they have donated. their items would be the source of numerous giveaways for the revamp process and leading up to what the devs believe is a new and improved zamorak that everyone will love. Reset: would be a complete reset of the eco and wouldnt happen until the issues stated above are tweaked to perfection this would breathe a new life into the server where if done right can be the start of the best rsps ever! i mean look at soulplay i personally do not enjoy their server as it is not up to par with what zamorak is capable of but they are at a succesful 500 players a day! adding things like inferno ds2 and other enjoyable content osrs AND rs3 have come out with could create create a very unique playing experience much like the items we have now only a little more expanded on both spectrums. this option would bring in a lot of old players and even more new players! "hey crim what about all the money ive already spent on here!?" trust me we should definitely keep our donor status with some sort of "refund" like mysteryboxes according to the amount donated being dispurced on a 1 a day basis so it wouldnt rush the eco by entirely giving ex donors a great chance of becoming rich first day. I took about two hours to write this and hope these ideas have enticed you to want to watch zamorak grow to is original state again or even better! Feel free to leave your own ideas you think could save zammy. or tell me why you dont agree with me! i want to hear back from everyone who reads this!
  4. Stealing Creation?

    This would be an awesome minigame,
  5. Should we freeze at Riot Wars?

    freezing should be allowed as this is a pvp hybrid minigame, if you don't bring more than one attack style youll lose anyway so no one should be able to complain about far casts as you should have atleast range or mage with you.
  6. Riot Wars Rewards?

    Since there's a low amount of money in game how about a rare chance of receiving 1-4 notes? Other prizes as well of course.
  7. Server Update 11/25/16

    Can I ask why mage max hit was lowered? I don't really understand the reasoning
  8. Extreme mode/donor

    Mr Criminal Extreme mode/donor http://imgur.com/a/amE53
  9. New Giveaway! - Everyone Can Join! [Ended]

    ign: Mr Criminal number: 499 game moode: extreme