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  1. Just wanted to share something that happend

    i did jkosty got his wand 2 minutes after coming on ts with me and i gave him some also 16kc glod vine whip
  2. Just wanted to share something that happend

    man you are late to the party i already got 3.
  3. selling kodai wand

    Pm me offers for my kodai wand.
  4. Server Update 9/13/17

    i made it to the newspaper right ?
  5. Server Update 9/13/17

    3 total
  6. Server Update 9/13/17

    to bad that it needs a tome of frost to be good which kinda ruins the value since way lower defence
  7. Server Update 9/13/17

    make that 2/3 dropped kodai wands
  8. Server Update 9/13/17

    upon further inspection of the wand and its abilities the special of it is worthless since tome of frost has no value in game and is lost on death in wildy 100% of the time so that rules out wildy pvp with kodai next up is the effect in general of needing a tome of frost to save 3 invent spots no thanks. rather bring runes and have higher magic bonus. @Titan @Vinny ¨sincerly a guy that got the first kodai in game
  9. Server Update 9/13/17

    my grinding skills knows no limits other then sleep and food
  10. Server Update 9/13/17

    @Tremor @John @Mystkitty @Vinny i made it first one in game front page newspaper material at 277kc
  11. bank update

    if someone could care to pc it would be great.
  12. Finish the story

    she said yes and cried.
  13. My suggestions

    how about focusing on the issues at hand rather then takling a hard set economy the issue isnt selling or buying items it waiting around for someone to be bothered to buy them also what do you mean issue with making 10b ? you can make more then 10b a day it just takes time and game knowledge might be hard for a fresh guy to the server but even after all of these complaints that its so easy to make money at bats its still decent money 500-1b per hour depending on luck also pvp is rewarding its just abit slow i suggest that the pvp tickets price of items gets dropped abit compared to the item value to make it beter to pk for both older and new players might make it a viable money maker. the issue i am talking about at hand is ofcourse the neglected combat skill magic it isnt viable other then utility void knight magic doesnt work, (no 45% accuracy bonus) magic is severly lacking variaty in game refer to ::thread 14689 if any questions (all the testing was done over a long period of time.) custom items are fine but original items dont have the proper stats, (serp helm) all i can think off on short notice. other then that i mean why start with the eco ? when combat skills lack variaty.
  14. Whos has the biggest skotizo kc currently?

    notebola got more then me so
  15. Whos has the biggest skotizo kc currently?

    no need to guess bois notebola got the most