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  1. 10/10 man this boss is hard.
  2. still broken mghmhmhm
  3. it wouldnt load first time around look now
  4. just to be 100% sure you dont doubt me tho i.prntscr.com/sfhQ9V1kTFWjOwJkBumnUw.png copy paste it bois
  5. want a picture of it or i need to just get hawk to confirm ? http://prntscr.com/fwvdj7 i am going in lad
  6. ofc hence the reason ima do it in blue mage robes a blessed spirit shield and some other shit gear
  7. karambwans would make this faster and zammy brews for more space for those who dont have extreme pots ? and celestial gear ?
  8. and infinity boots and such since not all ppl have ragefire and so on and for those that have it eternal boot top tier ? celestial gear ? we also got this nice thing called a zammy brew btw.
  9. could you then update the picture to make it karambwans since it increases dps or a suggestion as to keep the dps on the boss from blood barage to deal more damage/heal more while still being able to eat
  10. feel free to use the picture from my post aswell
  11. yes that isnt the problem tho, the problem is the boss only drops 1 item per kill at the most. so no matter what you do you need to account for the 1 item and remove it from the frost dragon bones in this case.
  12. do you not realize that a 1/1 drop chance isnt 100% ? on this server or wat ? you can only 1 get item dropped per boss (or most monsters at the same time.) you will never get 100k frost dragon bones from killing 10k kraken go figure out how it works lad before you shit talk me
  13. we care about the eco i swear........ the only ppl who might and i mean rlly might agree to this are stupid asf ..
  14. @f1nchhh is celestial not considered mage gear ? aswell ? or wut ? also not to be rude but it kinda lacking for actual well having done research on what is best to do .... trident blows compared to difficulty as to just auto cast blood barage. staff of light > master wand (and others) reason being the special attack helps mitigate damage. second off what happened to infinity boots ? and eternals ? blessed spirit shield ? i mean it works right ? Trident of the swamp BLOWS ASS. honnest to god, yes its beter damage but holy shit is it anoying to prayer flick and eat at the same time with that thing. + you get no healing what so ever from it, so yea... if there was an other reason for having please tell me cause i see none what so ever. as for capes a thok har kal works. ????!?!? i mean even a mage cape would do. allmost forgot whats wrong with a fury ? inventory looks good but why bother with extreme magic when you can just use zammy brews and not spend boss slayer points or time to train herblore and make them unless you have them already made (should be included in calculations.. if you ask me. Easiest option so far SOL (any mage gear i mean literaly any.....) you make this look like a clown fiesta of needing gear of 5b+ to make it good and decent. could be done with a lil work perfectly with this inv (given you actualy prayer flick......) overly complicated and difficulty building in this guide as for requirements. if you ask me. sorry for slaugthering your carefully executed and planned guide lad. good job tho and if i might add the calculations arent done properly. go figure out the loot system before you make calcuations i sooooo gone get in trouble for my attitude in this post. but meh atleast i am honnest. a practicaly impossble (not just in theory.) impossible loot to get from 10k krakens. 5x Trident of the seas (5 x 6B = 30B)20x Abyssal tentacle (20 x 8.5B = 170B)20x Spirit cape (20 x 5B = 100B)33x Third-age robe top (33 x 1B = 33B)33x Third-age robe (33 x 1B = 33B)33x Third-age mage hat (33 x 425M = 14.025B)50x Celestial shoes (50 x 2.5B = 125B)50x Celestial gloves (50 x 2.5B = 125B)100x Arcane stream necklace (100 x 125m = 12.5B)500x Black mask (500 x 500K = 250M)2,000x Mystery box (2000 x 17.5M = 35B)100,000x Frost dragon bones (100000 x 1M = 100B) HOW THE FUCK LAD ? a more accurate would be if the drop rate is 100% accurate. 71,560 frost dragon bones from 100k ^ given all the other loot. BTW. (71,5b)10,000x 15M Coins (10000 x 15M = 150B) (is correct since its a 100% drop.) which makes it roughly 900b rounded up with 750m total. 1,25 net.
  15. would also like to comment that for more dps output with ahrims you can use karambwans instead to not stop attacking while being there to make the kills go faster if you slip up with the prayer switches