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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Shoreline Im like the nice lights and much cool presents you get!
  2. Ring of overload

    Hello is me shoreline! Im say that forgave me nglish not #1 so hard to understand sometimes so stay with me! I do much pvm and i love it! I think of a new ring that maybe make pvm more fun! I think of ring of overload! What is ring? Ring is be a special ring that give you 125 combat stat in attack, strength, and defence! I want ring to have it very nice stats, but when wear it not give you 125 stats yet. In order for you get 125 stats you must right click ring then clikc the operate thing. Then you get 125 stat for 15 minutes! Once 15 minute happen you get 5 minute cooldown so you not able spam ring. You can do maybe 5 times before ring run out charge, and if want to charge you must go leskarkus lair and pay 500m to recharge! This will maybe make it the lesarkus lair more active since not many people do and also it bring nice new ring! Ok that all I have it today, pls tale to me what think!
  3. I add it soon friends! not to feel left out!
  4. Hello friends of zamorak. Before i do the talk about people i say that english is not good so maybe some part you not understand so forgave to me. ok I do this now TITAN is very very cool owner. he is giving much updates and bug fixes of server. I not able to beleive how much time he spend it doing update for us to enjoy. He has much stress on him and still he do so much for us. Titan sir much thanks or what you do for us and we much love you! VINNY I not really know you much but i think it that you still very nice person. I see friend vinny on forums all time giving such nice comments and make everyone feel nice. So much ty sir vinny for nice comment on forum! CHRIS I see friend chris here and there. He very cool staff! he always having the fun and jokes with friends of zamorak and making everyone feel much happy. he also help much on yell chat too! PERMEDD Friend permedd help me much when i start server. He also help me when i have many question and not anyon answer. Much ty for hardwork friend permedd! You keep do great job! DEP Friend dep!!!!! is me fav staff member! I joke every staff member is fave me but friend dep i know very well. Friend dep is super staff member. he doing so much giveaways, helping, being nice, and much more. He always helping everyone in the help cc and yell chat. Friend dep is such super staff member he always being so much nice me and other friends too. he always say me "shoreline riend you have nice day?" and things like this. he much care for me and I much care for him too! he is such nice and amazing staff member! IRONWEIGHT I remember when i start server friend ironweight is always helping me. he take time out of busy time schedule and he stays for long hour to help me and so many other of zamorak. Ironweight is suh super nice and cool staff member that he always online and say much nice things to everyone. He on forums too doing vry nice job and commenting many nic things! ironweght is always there to help everyone and he spend so much time of him to help us and I want thank frind ironwight that he do this. ENZO Friend enzo! friend enzo is very funny and sweet person. he make me laugh and enjoy zamorak more becuase he always making everyone smile much. He always helping like rest of amamzing staff team doing super job in help cc and yell chat!! He love to make people zamorak smile since he such nice person and want to make sure friends of zamorak are happy and make sure he help everyone! MAXS PVM I have so much amny things to say maxs pvm that i fill many pages. I never see day wheere max pvm not help in cc. I see someone ask the qiestion and BAM maxs pvm go asnwer souper fast! He so amzing that even some staff member not able beat him speed of help cc answerr! He ALWAYS help me when i have it queston and he always such nice to me all time. He never get angry to anone and he much nice person that he motive to me t help others in zamorak too! he is very nice idol and person to look up tp since he always do much hard work ans amazing fast super job! amaxing job friend maxs pvm!!!!!!! PVM GOD pvm god is another close friend me! He help me about any question i have it about server. He always answr super fast and never keep me wait! I ask him one day question and within 1 second he say to me answer! BAM super fast! He always very ncie when he says things and very proffestional when he has to handle tough situations. He do much hardwork and I want to thank to him so much for all time he spend helping memeber of zamorak! IF NOT ME MENTION YOU NAME THAT NOT MEAN I NOT LIKE YOU! IT MEAN I NOT KNOW YOU MUCH WELL AND I MUCH EXITE TO SEE YOU SOON! TITAN YOU HAVE SUPER AMAZING STAFF TEAM THAT DO THE BACK BREAKING WORK FOR US PEOPLE! EVERY STAFF MEMBER IS SO NICE AND AMAZING! MUCH TY STAFF TEAM FOR AMAZING HELP!!!!!!
  5. Fun time Gamble

    much ty for such kind word friends!
  6. Fun time Gamble

    Me and some friend do funny thing haha We circle around tree and make big snake line Much ty for people who make the snake line hahaha
  7. Introducing Riot Wars 12/9/16

    is very nice update! I will like to fight other player and feel safe too since i not lose items. It also help me practice pk in safe way haha
  8. A Day of Celebration!

    Happy birthday friend! Much ty for hardwork you do! you take day off and enjoy birthday with family and friends!
  9. Zombies Minigame

    Before i start the post please forgive to me english is not #1 so it sound not good. I put in picutre to make more nice! Ok i start suggestion now I think it that zombies minigame not many people play and is sad thing. I want get many cool thing that in zombie shop but not anyone play with me so is very hard do alone. Maybe staff can do it like double zombies points event like how they do t double pkp event. If not that make it maybe so after round 15 or 20 you get it 2 points per zombie and not the 1. If that not allow or possible maybe reduce high price that in shops. 1 peice triscker is 3000 zombie kill! is too much! Ok that all I have share. please forgiev to me english haha
  10. Server Update 11/25/16

    Is nice update sir Titan! (English not #1 sorry me) but I think fire boss is small bit hard now. I understand you that much things were coming in game so I guess it make to me sense. Maybe if can just allow ::recharge for the prayer resort and not allow the rest? It would bring some more inventory space and some small more kills. Also maybe you not allow soulsplit there so people not able to get hp with prayer.
  11. My idea for Demonic Gorillas!

    I think maybe it too much work but it not bad idea!
  12. New Giveaway! Join Now! [Ended]

    Name: Shoreline Gamemode: Extreme Number: 380
  13. Vote Shop for Iron Men?

    Yes I see it would be nice idea. I fear though it make iron man too easy, maybe they make special kind of mbox like "iron mbox".
  14. Community Update

    Good update I cannot wait to see