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  1. In-game suggestions [Dazzle]

    Coloured helms seems like intresting idea.
  2. oh ok..

    Decided to play little bit on my alt and this happened. To the next boss i guess.
  3. Iron Man's Suggestion

    Actually baby blue dragons drops alot of rune bolts (50 each drop) and the drop rate is 1/10 or 1/15.
  4. Alching 2 bandos pets

    idk i was bit bored : http://i.imgur.com/kqE90xY.gifv
  5. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    Proud of being turkish LUL, make me a kebab, you hairy handed ape XDD.
  6. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    Your insults are like Chris Brown hitting Rihanna, they do no damage. step up faggot.
  7. Flame Wars (Season 1) [ENDED]

    fuck off
  8. Delivery's Mining Guide

    Nice guide there, i obtained my dragon pickaxe from crystal chest. I guess thats one way to get it.
  9. New & Improved Combat System

    Good shit. Keep up the good work.
  10. Donator/Iron rank

    Username: Iwnl Rank: Donator and Iron man Proof(Screenshot):
  11. Some Iron luck i guess

    Few drops i've gotten.