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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Huge PK-Event

    pm me in game il be ready
  2. Club Legendary rank on Forums

    Username: Club Rank: Legendary Proof (screenshot) https://gyazo.com/a84c57f36e4608bbda4e81d3f0cd5377
  3. Apex Clan Recruitment (Closed)

    its not done yet just showing my mates the page but thanks ;p
  4. CLOSED Welcome to Apex's RecruitmentClosed We are a clan and are trying to have some fun since there's other clans on Zamorak so we thought might as well challenge them. We will mostly focus on Riotwars/Deep Wilderness Pking, if you have singles experience that will be accepted as well. The rules you must follow and agree to, and apply for the clan would be. 1. Listen to high ranks and not talking trash to other teammates/leaders. 2. Ts3/Skype 3. Pking experience such as tanking in multi and how long you have been pking and what servers you have been pking on and in singles/multi? 4. How long have you been playing Zamorak and other rsps. 5. If you wish to leave the clan at any point let a leader/owner know before you do and tell us why you are leaving and maybe we could help you with that problem. 6. Have enough money to buy pk sets and such things dont beg for items/money for other members. 7. Also if you can Post a screenshot of your return tabs/gear for pking tab 8. If your interested in this clan post your response below or pm me for futher information. Owner -Testifyy Pk Leader - Club Captain -Sharkyv1 Warrant Officer - Tehbakes Recruits -Inri -Whitetiger2 -Ew you smell -Jingles Also Check out the Pk video i made, 50b+ or
  5. Excision + Bang vs Divineforce

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao85k_sGDjo This is the war between Excision+Bang vs DivineForce. 1-0 Cleared ezpz
  6. Zamorak Pk vid 2

    Enjoy, it toke me 2 days to make this and its alright made around 20-30b ish.
  7. Merry Christmas!

    ING:Club my favorite thing about Christmas would be the snow and such since i don"t even celebrate Xmas so yea mostly the snowfall and since its in December its also the month my birthday is in so yea which kinda makes it both a good month and its close to a new years :p.
  8. GG boys even though it was 2 clans vs 1, it was fun hope we have a battle like that again
  9. Item Drop Fix

    Hey i got an idea, why not when you drop your items by accidentally they actually appear on the ground instead of saying "your item has been gone forever" Some items have a warning but some dont. so please fix this. Ex. Coloured Infinity.
  10. 50b pking video by Club

    dont mind the Watermark and the shit quality, also this is like 6 months old or so idk so yea
  11. Members: Zonicboom , astrolabe, b e n n y, Noitskk, Testifyy Leader: Amanda Bynes, Club Clan name:Reckless