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  1. RIVVZ Iron Man Rank Application

  2. WELCOME TO MY IRON MAN THREAD I've made 2 other accounts on here, both have failed due to me gambling my items lol. So i decided to make an Iron Man account to make sure that i cant gamble and just to see how fun it would be. Heres my progress so far! Blood neck from zulrah! 12/9/16 Elysian drop from Corp! 12/10/16
  3. test

  4. test

  5. Server / Client Update 12/5/16

    Very nice updates titan, good work!
  6. Rocktails

    I support this 100%
  7. Iron Man vote shop

    As it stands now, the only thing iron men can use there vote points on is Zulrah and Kraken. It would be nice if you could re open up the vote shop for us iron men or even make a new one. Me personally i want to use my vote points on Drop Rate Box. Anyways would be nice, ty
  8. More random suggestions

    not x option, a buy 500 option
  9. More random suggestions

    Following what i said about another boss like zulrah in my last post, i think queen black dragon would be a nice addition to zamorak. From what i know that boss is insanely hard in rs3, so you guys could tone it down like you did zulrah, would be interesting. And ofc it would have its own room on the map like zulrah does so its a solo boss (which i love) i dont know if it would cost vote points though. Drops, i have no idea but something interesting, Maybe: Dragon Claws, Blood Neck, vissy, 15-20m, Whips, Better fire cape, primal boots or something like that, would be pretty cool. Add a buy 500 option to stores, nothing really needs to be said about this one, everyone knows spamming buy 100 is annoying, that would be nice Thats it for now, thanks for reading!
  10. The Teleport Icon

    Can we PLEASE move the teleport icon to the empty space next to the friends list. I just find it really annoying when im doing a task because i have to click back 2 times just to see how many monsters i have left, just a small little change i would imagine, thanks for reading!
  11. Random Suggestions

    Thanks for the reply, and yeah i can see that happening aswell
  12. Random Suggestions

    Hello, was thinking today and i came up with alot of things that arnt in the server and i think would do well if added to the server. And here is a list of them. 1. A NPC for gambling, i thought this would be nice. The NPC would sit in the bank next to vote shop maybe, and maybe he could hold a raffle aswell, raffle ticket would cost 15m and you can buy 10 max, and an hour later who ever won would get all of the money. The gamble game would be like 55x2 or maybe just a 50/50 game. 2. Being able to choose your XP rate while having an iron man. I feel this would make playing iron man alot more fun for people that have more achievement sense to the game, for example iron man leveling is just to easy, if you could make it extreme XP mode, it would be a long term goal and more fun in the long run. 3. Staying on the topic of iron mans, An Hardcore iron man would be nice aswell, 1 life and if you died your account locks you out of it, or just switches to Default account or whatever. 4. More bosses like Zulrah, as in you can kill it by yourself and no one can crash or steal your kill, i know alot of people will think it just makes it easier for you to camp a boss, but most of the bosses that actually drop good items are in wild, and with the pkers on this server, good luck with that, and for that reason alot of people are scared to even boss in wild. Ofcourse it would cost vote points to kill it, maybe 5 vote points per kill, throw random items in the drop table, example would be: Primal boots, Primal Longsword/rapier, Claws, ect. just a boss that actually has good items that isnt in wild, this is a debatable topic but just an idea. 5. I have no more ideas but i think this could be a thing, through out the time ive played this server, i never see people at pest control. I think it would be a cool idea if you made a boss that dropped the items that you get in pest control, make the items something like 1/850 to 1/2500. Just an idea. THANKS FOR READING!