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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. #PalmTree | Official Single Pk Clan

    Username:dada Skype:yes Mic:yes Experience: been in MM in old rs for 1yr+, 2 singles clans on rsps(bbb and exploit) Reason you would like to join: been searching for a decent clan and your members are all solid I know we can work well together in singles, and heck even multi if it came to it Timeline: est -5 Thank you for reading my app!
  2. yce's bank :)

    Beast bank and kdr! Also haven't got the chance to say well deserved on the staff promotion @Yce
  3. This is one of the best feedbacks I have ever seen in my entire life. Straight from the heart! Even if your English is not perfect, I can perfectly understand what your saying. Overall had a great time reading this, thanks again or shining light on some of our staff members who are very dedicated to make our community prosper.
  4. Skilling Pets

    This idea would sure shine some light on the skilling aspect of our server! Support and thanks for making this suggestion.
  5. Tournament Results & Update

    Grats to @Dep's team on winning first place and the prize pool. Thanks to all participants and best of luck to all teams in the next tournament, thanks for hosting @Vinny
  6. Even with my not so great PC, I have never had performance issues here on our beloved server. Glad to see a new client being pushed. It will definitely help many people resolve client issues. So thankful to have you as owner @Titan.your work and dedication for the community is admirable, words can not explain it!
  7. Christmas Special

    Fantastic keep up the superb work @Titan and @Apache Ah64
  8. December MOTM - Voting!

    Good luck to all nominees they have been a hoses for a reason and they all deserve it! I voteed for @Lolfish does excellent in forums ads also with the wilderness assistant team not to mention the awesome feedback for Wiley thread he made!Shoutout for @Yag he's been really active this month and doing events for the community, helping at gamble, and been promoted to trusted mm so he's keeping gamble safe.
  9. My late intro

    Never too late mate, Welcome to Zamorak RSPS and it's beloved forums. Glad to see you really enjoying the server like I do. The community, staff team,and owners/dev team are all so great. As you said, indeed PKing will be greatly active in no time that's for sure. Lastly hope to meet you In game or on our lovely teamspeak!
  10. Muffin Man!

    Welcome to zamorak rsps nice to see all tot awesome attributes on another note glad to see you choosing our neloved server and I hope you enjoy your stay and want I meet you in game or teamspeak as we'll, this server is remarkable with all the latest content being pushed and the growth of the paler base
  11. Tetra's Late Introduction

    Hello and welcome to zamorak rsps and it's forums I hope you do enjoy your stay bud always nice to see new people and I hope to meet you in gAme and in our teamspeak. Till Jen I hope you do have a grey time in your adventure in zamorak
  12. here come dat bone

    Welcome to zamorak rsps and it's beloved forums I hope you do enjoy your lovely stay here as I know I am! It's great to see fellow new players joining and making intros'i hope to meet you in game and I know you will lie this server that is constantly pushing updates and making things better or new players to begin there adventure.
  13. fresh start

    Welch to Zamorak rsps and I do hope you enjoy our stay on this beloved server there is a lot of content being pushed out , the owners and debs are really unity based I know you will like it andi. Hope to see you In game and maybe even in ts
  14. It's been a good run.

    Sad to see you go rather inactive we shared some fun times thanks for the memories and hope to see you back in game, active and helping people because your good at it.
  15. Delivery's DANK Achievements

    Wow! By far the best achievements I seen on zamorak rsps. Keep up the great work!