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  1. Doing some corp

    It was 2 kills apart lol
  2. Doing some corp

    So today i was doing some corp...
  3. Trying this out....

    thank you!
  4. Sara Pet!

    thanks guys but i logged of with it following me and i think its gone
  5. Sara Pet!

    Got my first pet
  6. A Day of Celebration!

    happy birthday hope you had a good one
  7. Ironman Help cc

    My friend and I have made a help clan chat for ironmen. If anyone would like to just it 'Ironman help" if you're a ironman and need help everyone in the cc is willing to help.
  8. Lost my phat's road to 1k zulrah kills

    lol thanks for pointing that out will fix it. Thanks me to lol
  9. Today i am going to be starting my road to 1k zulrah kills. This is a long term goal but i will try to update this post every day. Here is my starting gear and kc. If anyone has and suggestions on different gear feel free to let me know. End of day 1: loot from day 2 what a lot better.
  10. high level alchemy

    Great guide man, Thanks
  11. Lost My Phat's Fletching Guide

    In this guide i am going to be showing how to get 99 Fletching. To start off you are going to want to get a axe, cut down a few trees, and make arrow shafts. Make then until you have about 200 arrow shafts then its time to make headless arrows. This is where you start to get good Exp. Every set of headless arrows you make is going to give you 60k Exp. You can get the feather to make them from the tools store. Once you have made the headless arrows you can either go and smith arrow tips, or you can move to making dragon bolts. If you are a iron man i would suggest making iron arrows. So you have some arrows to start training range with. Iron arrows give you 232k Exp every set you make, and they are pretty easy to get the stuff to make so its a very good way to get 99. Dragon bolts are also a very good way to get 99 Fletching if you are a Iron Man they are going to be a little harder to make then iron arrows, but they are better Exp. If your not a Iron Man you can just buy the rune bolts from the ranging shop. Then once you have some rune bolts you just take a cut dragon stone and use a chisel on it. Then use the bolt tips on the rune bolts, they give 328k Exp and this is what you are going to do to 99 Fletching. If you are Iron Man getting rune bolts is a little more difficult. You can refer to my guide i made on this. https://forum.zamorak.net/index.php?/topic/10568-guide-to-rune-bolts-on-a-iron-man/ Once you have some rune bolts you are going to want to get some dragonstones with you can get rune either voting and using the crystal keys on the chest at home. Or you can buy them from the Tools Store (the same place that you get the feathers). When you have the dragonstone's all you are going to want to do is cut them into tips and make the dragon bolts. I hope this guide helps. Thanks and Good Luck.
  12. Smithing and Mining Guide For Iron Men

    Thanks guys, means a lot
  13. Smithing and Mining Guide For Iron Men

    Thanks you
  14. Smithing and Mining Guide For Iron Men

  15. In this guide im going to be showing you in my opinion the best way to get 99 smithing on a iron man. to start off you are going to go to Falador Mine. you can get there from the Skills Teleport in the magic tab. Once you are there you are going to mine Tin and Copper. Tin can be located to the east Copper is located to the west of the furnace. They give 1955 mining exp and bronze bars give 1085 smithing exp ea so it want take long to get to 15 mining for iron. Once you are 15 mining you will want to move on to iron ore. They are south-west of the furnace and give 4025 mining exp and 2187 smithing exp. Iron Bars with 4375 Exp per bar when smithing them. Iron Dagger will give 4375 Exp and a Iron Plate will give 21875 Exp. So make sure you are always smithing the best thing you can. You will want to do this until you have 30 smithing and mining. Then move to mining Coal and Iron to make Steel Bars Coal can be obtained by mining it, or killing gargoyles. If you mine it there are a few places it can be found. Here just south from the furnace and bank booth. and here just east from the furnace and south from the tin. Gargoyles are a pretty good way to get Coal when you get into higher Smithing. To get to them you are going to want to click on the big T next to your mini-map. Then Hard Slayer Task And Gargoyles. They drop 8 Coal every kill its much faster then mining. Steel Bars 3062 Exp and 6542 Exp per bar smithed. After Steel bars you are going to want to do Mithril. Mithril gives 9200 Exp per mining, 5250 smithing, and 8750 Exp per bar smithed. Its located just south of Iron ore. You will want to mine and smith Mithril until 70 mining and smithing then you will want to move on to Adamant. Admant is 10925 Exp per ore mined and is located just south of the bank booth. Adamant gives 6562 Exp when smiting it and 10937 Exp with smithed. Adamant is what you are going to do all the way to 99. When you get 88 smithing you are going to want to make platebodys they give 54685 Exp per body, and is the fastest way to get 99 smithing. I hope this can help you and you enjoyed it.