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  1. veteran rank in game

    I don't know what harder to believe that titan fiannly fixed comp capes or that he found a person he trusts enough to use there code
  2. suggestions

    I have looked and cannot locate zammy on any top vote lists topg-rank 77 Runelocus rank 87 Top100- rank 57 rsps-list- rank 51 so clearly voting is an issue with such low score no wonder no one can see it
  3. TeamSpeak Discontinued

    The plegue of desolation is spreading, the Black Death is upon us
  4. Mage Arena II Capes

    No mo updates with apache gone the site won't get anything good and with titan stepping back for irl stuff it seems there is no hope for future content sure a few tweaks or fixes but as for new content, not likely
  5. A well needed revamp/reset

    A reset would be nice, I'd play again. Only reason I don't anymore is no personal progress and in a game like runescape progression is everything so being maxed with a big bank is kinda the end since they pvp and mini game aspect of this rsps aren't exactly big.
  6. Comp cape colors

    I do beilive there is an issue with comp cape, colours has been suggested a cupple of time before with no avail
  7. Small suggestion

    I would like to see skilling pet perks first that would give me more of an reason to collect em
  8. Yesmad suggestions

    The problem isn't people "hoarding" it's the lack of small transaction since nothing is lost on death the need for food pots low end gear u don't care about loosing such As barrows and other items isn't there or very little need to buy, this leads to less transactions between players and leaves only high end items to be purchased regularly and lets be honest unless your a "hoarder" you will only ever buy 1 of a set then your good so for instence if you have a deathcape and full trickster and blowpipe technically u never have to buy anything again your set. hoarders if anything they are the main reason people still buy stuff I know people like Yce who has a huge bank buys stuff all the time for the sake of hoarding if he didn't the people he bought it off one might still be shouting sellin xxxxx at home. Furthermore We NEED a steady flow of items OUT if the game to cause a vacuum of item disapation to bring in a new flow of purchases to sustain the new drop off of items. It's basic economic. The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. Thomas Sowell
  9. Big QOL suggestion list.

  10. Coneverting max cape into fire max cape

    Nifty idea but would still not compair to the death ape and would just fall into "cosmetic" category and we all know there are too many pointless cosmetics already
  11. feeling when colt cleans you

    Then theirs me 5or so trill in my bank and haven't logged on in months
  12. Christmas Celebration

    Ign : bardaloo the thing I like most about Christmas is being jewish
  13. Hilt/shard ratio from mystery boxes

    If anything a full rework of mboxs and c keys is needed. Changing just a few items seems like it would have little too no effect at this time.
  14. New world

    I would come back that's +1
  15. New world

    So since we now have a pvp world I was wondering if we could get a 2nd "Eco" world? Basically the same as other Eco world but without custom items or anger sword to keep over priced item out of game. I feel if implemented it could bring a whole lot of new players as well as keeping old world for vet players who want to keep there progress. I truly think it would help with the influx of new / returning players. key points; new Eco world, no customs or over priced items (anger), no item cross over between worlds, remove items such as barrows from donor stores to keep need for bossing. Let me know what u guys think.