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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Server Update 11/19/17

    Right on I like em keep it up champ
  2. Squeal of Fortune

    Sorry but no, Eco doesn't need more items in it needs items out
  3. Duel Arena suggestion

    No he's not he's more of a back end / server side dev client is more JavaScript https type stuff that's why he has apache do the web side integrations stuff like high scores. To break it down he can code pre existing code and revamp code such as customs and such but needs someone who can code new stuff / flawlesly integrate client end tasks. Now I could be 100% wrong but from my understanding of the situation this seems to be the case.
  4. Some suggestions.

    As john said we need a client Dev, I think only one titan can do himself is the note idea and maybe quests but he has other stuff he should work on first. As for getting staff to work on quests that would intale titan giving permission for others to code and he dost trust anyone enough for that he fears they would insert malicious code such as pass sniffers or something. It would have to be someone he 100% trusts who have a knolladge of JavaScript and others. Thus leading back to the first issue no trusted devs. However if u start a thread for quest ideas and make it so people lay out all aspects like npcs to use and what they said then titan can have a easier time implementing it. Sorry for negativity but as of now there is about 190 amazing suggestions given but no way for them to get implemented and I'm watching g the server die and not much changing with it.
  5. Drop Rate Increase Change

    Hell yea cash sinks for days, it's what this server needs
  6. Misk's Graphics Topic [UPDATED november 21th]

    I like it, maybe add a faint border to the letters like a dark blood red
  7. Red Skull

    I like the red skull idea
  8. Events Poll

    Pvm event kinda like wildly keys but boss key dropped from elite bosses / wildly ones keys used to enter area to fight a special boss, the boss you fight will be randomly selected upon entry of area. If boss is killed it will drop a unique peice of armour 1/1 drop then reapate but when entering where armour peice and the boss will drop the next part of the set much like defender system but drop will be 1/10 . Drops will go up until full set is complete after say a month of keys being dropped stop em, then few days after that no longer allow keys to be turned in for access to bosses, the set should be untradeable for Eco purposes but should give a good bonus if full set is worn such as 50% bonus drop rate or a healing spec to help with pvm
  9. Oh Titan you, making me blush

    Still got nothing on me
  10. Damn son want some fries with your salt
  11. TopG Advertisement Banner

    I would say add a little more red it's a lot of grey ATM other then that awesome
  12. Offering my services to Zamorak

    We really need a flashing / moving banner ever other top list banner but zammy has some sort of eye catching movement
  13. pvp ticket store / pvp points

    I support.
  14. Tremor's bountiful treasures

    You will never get my customs muahahahahahaha but still impressive
  15. Bringing Raids to Zamorak

    At this time no support titan need to FINISH some updates before taking on anything large like this. Some updates to be finished imo is prestige store, skilling items pet/cloths (ATM no bonuses so basically junk), and player stores /g.e system.