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  1. New Signature [For Me]!

    Probably forums I cant see your pics in your signature either tremor
  2. Inactivity notice

    Aha could be worse I'm going for an electrical engineering degree it's all math 5 days a week
  3. Guides you'd like to see?

    A guide on how to make a proper suggestion. Not just shouting ideas but how to constructively formulate an idea and get it down so like *main point..* *argument for point* *ways to implement* *concultion / desired results* also keep in mind, the best suggestions are more then just an idea you think would be good but a purposle to enhance an already developing product.
  4. My Opinions/Suggestions

    The problem isn't gambling it's player having no use for items after a certain point. Take me for example if you asked to buy a bp off me I would say no as I have no use for cash (no good store and I own all items I need with no way to loose me other then to other player), so I would suggest to gamble it that way I get a bit of "gameplay" most of the time people who gamble don't do it for pure gain it's for fun, something to do. Reworking zombies and others would be good but. All the people who have the items won't play as they don't have a need. Unless titan introduces new items to gain interest it would be a lot of effort that could be put else ware. in my opinion the main issue, buy/ sell, Eco, gameplay, maxed players being bored, cash having little to no real value, and over abundance of items with no purpose to sell. Is ITEM SINKS. once you get an item your good, I got my first bp first week of gameplay, and I still got it. Unless I sold them all drops are still in bank with no need to sell since I don't need any other items. We need a steady flow of items out of the game, from armour to food to pots most things players make just sit in there bank until they ::empty if you where worried about dying things like food and pots would be sold more readily giving a purpose to cash (not just notes) most people wouldn't want to risk super high end gear on powerful bosses giving lower end player gear better chances to stack up. Pvm would be more attentive giving community less of a afk feel. And lastly could lead to some cool donor perks / benefits (I know I've made basically the same post on other threads but I do honestly think this would fix a lot in the long run and want titan to consider it)
  5. My suggestions

    "how about focusing on the issues at hand rather then takling a hard set economy the issue isnt selling or buying items it waiting around for someone to be bothered to buy them" as I said above the BIGGEST issue is lack of item sinks, once a player obtains an item they no longer have need to buy another so buying stops. if we had a steady flow of items out of the game Eco would see a rise in activity. As for the magic it really isn't an issue, ppl Mage for pvp in riot wars just fine and even if titan had it 100% balanced, range would still be a better option due to items Avalible such as blowpipe with no ammo or scales needed.
  6. Drop ScreenShot Table

    Bro..... set a bank pin
  7. My suggestions

    One major problem is item sink, there is really no way to loose items so when someone has the gear they need it's not nessesary to keep buy / selling unless a new item comes out then bam Eco goes crazy. If we had a grim reaper system where if u died u would have to buy items back from him if u don't and die again there lost forever. Would suck at first but in the long run would cause people to have to buy more then 1 for a stock as well as keeping the flow of things like barrows going since low end players would be dying A lot more. Things like food would also see a jump since u would have to worrie about your hp. Not just afk and if u die who cares just tell back and resume the monster. This could also lead to some new donor perks/ items such as less money payout per donor level needed per item and new items like ring of life (must be made via crafting skill) and phonex necklace (common drop but untradeable)
  8. To increase player slayer leveling

    I like. Also should make slayer helms untradeable and make focus sight / hexcrest a drop from the higher end bosses that req slay lvl
  9. I'm addicted to ::empty

    Yup confirmed, arkem is titan set out to item sink.
  10. So I've been playing 07 for just over a week now (9 days) and this is what I have gotten so far https://imgur.com/a/ojEHK https://gyazo.com/5d86b0070002d157f99aac91e9416f51 i currently have 23 quest points ps I cheated a bit I sold 4 bonds for little under 10m ;P
  11. prestige store suggestions

    I'm not a fan of that idea I wouldn't want to work a week to get prestige done then get an item I already have or don't need, maybe if there was like 15-20 custom items that u get a chance for so only way to get is prestigeing but if your going to do that would be a waste to just not put in a shop if anything a simple weekly lotto would be better and just make it available for everyone then just make the buy in cheaper per prestige lvl
  12. donator rock cake

    No support if anything just add a command ::drainhp and set it as ext donor and up
  13. Customs

    But does it make people obey? Does it?