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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Sev is going

    This is my last time entering the forums, I have read pm's and this post so it's useless to come back. Yeah I wished every staff was able to talk to players cause that's what I basically came for, during my stay only Mystkitty talked to me for a bit. If I wanted to talk to players, they only want items, when I go pvm. People has called me "oh the rich ofcourse" which has made me stop pvming because I was too rich :b or so the players say. There are also too many alts just doing afk, they should be kicked or punished lol imo. Which has made me see that the server had under 100 players, with all of them having 3 alts on at the same time doing nothing. This is my final farewell and hopefully you'll consider banning those alts c: jks Goodbye.
  2. Sev is going

    Hey guys I'm leaving the server, I hope you guys do great in the future! I will be checking the forums for a couple of times and no more after that, it was fun to see eco move around, but now the fun feeling is gone since I've seen it over and over. Sad to say that when I formed my clan, I received a lot of hate in the first 2 weeks and it wasn't nice, it felt like the whole server went against me. I couldn't really enjoy anything after that. :b Thanks for everything.
  3. The "Foundation"

    The thread has been updated and if you want to join, apply in this page. https://forum.zamorak.net/index.php?/topic/11490-the-foundation-applications-thread/
  4. New Irl Picture thread

    Heres an ugly picture of me c:
  5. I got 5oaked.

    Nice, and you didn't screenshot my 2x fh? just kidding, rare indeed.
  6. Huge Giveaway! [Join Now] [Ended]

    1) Type your in-game name: Sev 2) Type your in-game mode: Extreme 3) Choose a number between 1-700: 12
  7. The "Foundation"

    Thank you for joining The Foundation guys, we're really growing!! 20 members in our 3rd day. If anyone else would like to join us, pm me
  8. Merry Christmas!

    Sev My favorite thing about christmas is that I get to see my nieces/nephews open the presents I got for them. Good luck all.
  9. Partyhat giveaway

    The Foundation wishes you a Merry Christmas!!
  10. The "Foundation"

    The Foundation #OATH We have a created a thread so you can apply to be part of the Foundation --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The requirements are: 75+ hrs of playtime A Zamorak forums account Communication (skype,ts,discord) -- (Optional) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founder: Sev Comment The rank system have been changed, you will have to start from Recruit! As you know, the clan chat ranks are always glitching so I made a list here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Co-Leader: Tehbakes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generals Each General will reward you with ranks if you participate with your leader. PvP Leader: [Open] PvM Leader: Falkon Gamble Leader: Taven Skilling Leader [Open] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Captains Commanded by the PvP Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the PvM Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Gamble Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Skillng Leader [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lieutentant's Commanded by the PvP Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the PvM Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Gamble Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Skillng Leader [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sergeants Commanded by the PvP Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the PvM Leader: Skillers2ftw [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Gamble Leader: [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Commanded by the Skillng Leader [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corporeal's if you receive this rank, you are a trusted member of the Foundation 1. Rose is Dead 2. King Ismo 3. Sharkyv1 (Sharkyv2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruits Recruits are official members of the Foundation with no specialty 1. Morokkan 2. S T Y L E R (s t y l e z) 3. Amfum 4.Lolasaurus 5. Extremehurt 6. Sharkyv1 7. Dry Foreskin 8. I ko u die 9. Lunaar 10.Recycle Bin 11. Bot RS 12. Erotic 13. Da Pk Boy 14. Ix Barrage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan chat Rules If you are using heavy words and talking about illegal stuff, you will be Banned from the cc. To Appeal the ban, private message "Sev" 1. Respect the people in the cc. 2. No flaming at someone. 3. Don't argue 4. No spamming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During a clan event, only members of the Foundation will be able to join the clan chat. (Recruit and up) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave a feedback! Welcome the Foundation to the server!
  11. Hello! You guys did well this month! I was able to log in every day seeing the owner of the server doing something for the community. I hope the year 2017 brings us more awesome people! Keep up the work! :b
  12. Forum Update 12/23/16

    That's a nice forum update! Good work man :b
  13. A guy named V O X was attacking me and he switched places with his team even after 1vs1 was implemented, it's very unfair. I suggest removing prayers so that we may have a chance to kill the person we're attacking. Thank you.