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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Nivo's New Gambling Video.

    My new video is me fping vs ya boi Casino I hope you all enjoy my new video, the second episode of this should be uploaded soon, also, remember to hit me up with any idea/improvements I can make! Thank-you for watching and take care. Nivo
  2. Resignation

    Take care bro, everyone here appreciates you and everything you have done for us. I hope your future life adventures go well.
  3. Nice work with the Quest tab interface. Would like to see more images of what would be shown once each button is clicked if you're able to make those? I'm intrigued.
  4. Nivo's First Gambling Video.

    Do I go down the Non-copyright route or just think nah, leggo for good songs?
  5. Nivo's First Gambling Video.

    Decided i'm going to start uploading some of the gambling I do. So, here's my first ever upload vs Tremor! I hope you all enjoy the video, give me any tips/ any changes I should make to help me improve, thanks!
  6. Simple PK buff

    Honestly, this makes sense because as Logan says, when the server is quiet and there are only a few people pking then it still give you some sort of reward. But then again, as stated by Scott it'll cause us staff to have to be more wary of PKP farmers, which isn't essentially a big problem but it may stop us from doing something more important etc. Including this change would allow more and more pkp tickets and items from the corresponding stores into the game and those stores have just had a revamp as prices of items have been lowered, perhaps they would need to be changed again? or?
  7. Taking a break

    Take care and good luck on your job bro, hope to see you return soon!
  8. Man I just wanna Go Flex, gold on my teeth and on my neck.
    And i'm stone cold with the flex, with my squad and i'm smokin' up a check

  9. Taking a break

    Take care bro, hope to see you at some point and I can pk you for some more Vesta sets Gl and hf with OSRS in the meantime
  10. Nivo's Updated Bank V5

    It's actually insane the amount of changes my bank goes through. ALSO, just updated the images as I just gambled and won/lost some more items!
  11. Nivo's Updated Bank V5

    I almost cleaned Tremor and got to this bank what do you meeaaannnn?
  12. Nivo's Updated Bank V5

    Well, it seems like my monthly bank pictures are happening, what's new this month then? Have a good ol' gander below - So yeah, there's the feast of my bank, i'll edit this thread soon with an overall price check. Love you all, take care. Nivo
  13. New Member Here

    Welcome to Zamorak! I know everyone says this but if you ever do need help pm me in-game or hmu in the DM's on forums if people aren't able to help. Other than that, enjoy your stay and I hope you enjoy your time here!
  14. Honestly a great job. Every time I see your threads about new work I can genuinely see improvements each and every time. Keep it up man, you're doing great. Also kinda agree with Myst, perhaps brighten things up a bit? The effects etc. grab my attention but perhaps not as much as it would if the colours were a little bit brighter? If you get what I mean. Overall though, you're doing fantastic work.
  15. Nivo's Inactivity Notice.

    Hello everyone, you may have noticed that in the past few days I haven't been online very much at all. This is due to my dreadful internet provider, every so often I have a good 5-10 minute window of my internet being online and then after that it goes down for a good few hours or the rest of the day. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes anyone as i'm sure a few of you guys miss me . But hopefully after I contact my internet provider for the 7th time, they'll come to the realisation that they're wrong for telling me "There's nothing going wrong on our end". Thank you and take care. Nivo