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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Forums Guide + Forums F.A.Q

    Nice work man. look's insane keep up the work like this!
  2. 12B Bank on Iron Man

    Nice bank mate! keep grinding the iron man! It will be bigger in the future!
  3. 12B Bank on Iron Man

    Nice bank mate! keep grinding the iron man! It will be bigger in the future!
  4. Trade screen

    Supported this for sure!
  5. Client Troublshooting

    Thanks for this! good work and it will help alot of people out!
  6. Zulrah Guide by Viaz

    Nice man! The Guide is very good and nice and it will be helping people out. I wish everyone the best luck of the drops. Grind for the blowpipe guys!
  7. New Price Guide

    Good idea man! i support this :).
  8. Christmas Giveaway Results

    Congratz on the winners!
  9. Untradeables

    I support this, it's good what you saying, because you can just buy it, and if you want a fire cape, you need to kill the Jad for it and get it on your own and not buying it, because it's just getting to easy to get it then in my opinion. But your idea is pretty good in my side. Like trickster,vanguard and battlemage is just hard to get it that's why it's just tradeable i guess. But i will sure support this, seems not as a bad idea i thought.
  10. Happy New Years

    Happy New Year to! A new year i'm gonna grind Zamorak so hard as i can :)! You thanks for everything that's good in the server! much love back
  11. Everyone that's read this a Happy New Year and have a nice 2017, wish you all the best.

  12. A 500m Trivia give-away

    Thanks for the good comments both! means alot to me thanks.
  13. A 500m Trivia give-away

    Hey everyone, i'm doing the 1st january 2017 in the evening a 500m trivia give-away. I will be yelling it around the day if i can. Everyone can enter and your all welcome in the giveaway! :), i wish everyone the best luck. Btw the Trivia isn't gonna be that easy so look out for it! (:. I will see you all in the game! I'm out peace. Also everyone to everyone a happy new year and a good 2017, i wish you all the best of the bottom of my heart. Frederic.
  14. Delivery's 2016 Achievements

    You can do it Delivery! reach it and you will be happy with it! also a happy new year for you to haha
  15. Extreme mode & donator rank.

    In-game name: Frederic rank: donator(10$) Extreme mode proof: