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  1. Gear helps but if ur nub u gonna get dropped anyway xD
  2. That's my boi

    1. Renaissance


      :D always and 4ever

  3. There's a big difference between a 500$ item and a 20$ item. No point of even bringing anger uo. Iron mode should also be about the grind itself. If u don't want the challenge of making arrows yourself just make a normal account and play
  4. Killed 2 ppl in max gear using enchanted and black dhide and ppl qq over op gear xD
  5. The nub still managed to make 2ppl rq kappa
  6. L0L we cleared them for like 5 weeks and then i stopped playing rw to better fulfill my staff role. Where is da 666vs YMCA clan war at???
  7. 2poor4me xD the only thing i let tremor decide is if I'm getting 1$ burgers or not
  8. So much lies... Luf u @Tremor
  9. Imo i Think wings are op enough as they are since they provide a +30 bonus in all stats. I think you should have to choose between godly stars and making arrows or make less arrows with worse stats
  10. Support. Even though i fint compete that often i really find the tab annoying
  11. I corrected it to yes instead of no
  12. Rip. Can't compete xD while there's still time, make it a nh event instead
  13. No need for draven when you can play thresh
  14. Imo draven is one of the harder adc's to play along with champions like vayne. I would even consider him to be the hardest adc to play. If played correctly he's a best and u get free elo
  15. Ayy

    Look it even has me calling u noob xD