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  1. Anger Sword giveaway! [ENDED]

    I chose zamork for the pvm and dicing always love to dice and the community!!! Number 282
  2. The Future of Zamorak

    did he change the time you could vote from the 27th to the 28th?
  3. pvm suggestion

    Full support on adding those bosses to udi or pdi and being able to use anger !!!
  4. Gambling over 3t in one pot

    Thank you we will see what happens!
  5. I don't know where to post this because there isn't a gambling section but tonight I will be dding/fping my bank it's over 3t or something if anything wants to do it let me know!!! I figured it's probabaly going to be a little bit tougher to find a bet so I figured I'd post it on fourms let me know!!!!!! And gl to whoever challenges me!
  6. ::pdi store

    I agree with that too I need to put some thought into that and if anyone would like to suggest items would be fine too!! Thanks for support :)!
  7. ::pdi store

    Totally agree with you there!! Thanks for support!
  8. ::pdi store

    @Tremor I agree but still pay 1500$ we should get a nice store and some nice bosses ya know! We got the bosses just need the store just an idea if Titan thinks it good then good if he doesn't then it's okay just an idea :)!
  9. ::pdi store

    I agree with that! I guess we will wait and see!
  10. ::pdi store

    Yea I understand ya there no rush on it just think we should add that! If we can thanks for support!!
  11. ::pdi store

    Hey guys I don't know if this has been suggested or not but I think there should be a shop at the premium donor island. I know it has some really good bosses there but every other island has one so I feel as if the highest tier of donator island should have one too! Now I don't know what should be put in there I guess that can be talked about too but just a suggestion not sure how good it is!
  12. 500$ donation

    Pm me on here on what u would offer on 500$ donation if I get a good enough offer on it I will sell it keep them to yourselfs so do it thru message