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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. more items might come into my sale but for now selling ancestral pm me ingame or on here
  2. Thanks for the comment! I don't mean anything in that message in a rude way. You're doing a great job with the server man, any time I'm available to play I'm on and enjoying it. I also appreciate you commenting cause it shows you actually care, instead of some owners that might just tell me to fuck off or ignore me altogether. Keep up the good work man and I'll keep supporting by voting (and maybe donating).
  3. Don't like the riotwars update, I really think you should've made the community vote on that. Also you didn't include that you banned the new boots you get from the crystals (eternals, pegs, whatever the range ones are). I mean this with as little offense as possible: it took y'all a month to get another update log out, at least make sure all the info is there. Bats update also sucks, you created dead content in the wilderness which is exactly the opposite thing that needed to happen (cause any pkers know the wilderness is already dead). Noobs and vets alike would use this area for moneymaking and killing eachother but nerfing the drop rate seems like something that could've gone up for a vote, because there being "no risk" is false because you're in the wilderness so that's the riskiest place in the game. make the trade value of keys drop to 0,which it might already be, while skulled, which you added in the new update, and bam! You have risk. I know updates can't make everyone happy, but I think the minority on these issues complained to you and you listened to them.
  4. Won't be on this weekend but enjoy yall! hope the prizes are decent
  5. Torva's allowed, primal's not. Elder's allowed primal and promethium mauls aren't. There's no reason there should be any items banned if items that're better than them are available. I agree 100%
  6. As a frequent rioter i couldn't agree more
  7. I don't want my message to sound too complainy so I want to start by thanking you for giving away 500b, that's wild. Also congrats to the winner @Free Kills But, just outta curiosity, what was the point of having us pick a number if you were just going to give it to the person with the best likes/dislikes? I feel like if it was made more clear how the giveaway was being run those who responded (including myself) would have given more thorough answers; I really just thought you were gonna hit us with the random number generator so I didn't write anything too constructive for my answer (and judging by most of the answers I believe a lot of others did this too). But again, thank you for the giveaway. I really appreciate it as giveaways are how I made most of my starting income and how I was able to actually compete in ::riotwars and not just get merked every round. I just think this is something to think about for those who are hosting giveaways like this in the future.
  8. - In-Game Name:chuck1234 - What You like/love about Zamorak:riotwars - What You Hate about Zamorak:not being able to multilogg minigames - 1-500:117
  9. Ingame name : Chuck1234 Timezone: EST (I'm in New York) Tber/bridder/nher/tanker: Would be happy doing all 4 but I'm a pretty good nher Can u use skype?:yea How would u benifit the clan: I can represent the clan during my night time (10pm-3am EST roughly) when no one else is on. I also have max riot gear so that's cool. I also don't mind risking a lot in the wildy cause it's just pixels
  10. nevermind lol soz and i also cant figure out how to delete posts
  11. same but you don't do that in zamorak. All the brothers are above ground and you only need to kill the one you want to kill
  12. but u dont have to kill all the brothers like you said in the first post
  13. u dont have to do the minigame to complete barrows, you just kill whatever boss you need to kill for their armor
  14. chuck1234 normal 29
  15. 1) chuck1234 2)Hard 3)300