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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Staff Feedback Giveaway

  2. Staff feedback

    @Titan - Cool guy, puts out great updates. @Vinny - Also a cool guy who puts out great updates. @Apache Ah64 - Don't really know him but he seems cool. @Permedd - Chill guy. @John - If he hadn't changed his name so much more people would know him, but John is really cool. @Mystkitty - Watched kitty climb the staff ladder form helper, really chill girl. @Snax - Snax is an awesome pker, I've watched his other accounts. @Danny - I did Skotizo with you once so that was cool. @Renaissance - Great guy, definitely deserves his position @Tremor - Cool guy, I used to play a lot more and interacted with him a lot back then. Forum Moderator @Claire - Cool girl, I've spoken to her on the forums and in the game. @Nivo - Rich mother fucker @Choasburn - Also some how a rich mother fucker. can server mods control flowers?? @Fawk - Fawk and Finch are the dynamic duo. @Ashy - Definitely deserves helper rank. @Finch - Like I said this guys half of the best set of twins in the game. Can't wait to watch everyone climb up the ranks
  3. Melee Pvming

    Fan of this! more items can hopefully help the eco
  4. Sale, also buying pk supplies

    Selling this: Buying pk supplies in bulk: d kites, vesta sets, high level melee weps, etc. PM me in-game Chuck1234, ultimatechuk, riotwarz
  5. Bossing Weapons.

  6. Played Owned Shops?

    Can't wait. Overwhelming yes
  7. 'Buy & sell x' button

    Why isn't there a 'buy and sell x' option at stores? It's annoying to have to buy runes (that aren't barrage or veng runes) food, ammo for range, etc. by the 100, and I don't see any negatives for this except for those who're trolls and love watching others suffer?
  8. Iron Man Goals

    You definitely jinxed yourself by including the troll monkey nuts on your list. I'd bet you finish with at least 500. Good luck with your goals tho iron arkem.
  9. Bossing Weapons.

    Great ideas trying to improve the eco by adding more items, I think we should all agree to stuff like adding more items. BUT, I don't think your reasoning makes sense. For range we have: Blowpipe, hexhunter, Armadyl crossbow, heavy ballista (which needs better coding btw, the power in rs comes from the dragon javelins not just the ballista, and in this game the use of the weapon doesn't account for the fact there aren't any here). For mage we have: staff of the dead, toxic staff of the dead, polypore, trident of the seas AND swamp ,master wand (same mage bonus as regular staff of the dead). For melee we have: Anger(obviously), vine, tentacle, 3a long, primal weapons, prom weapons, and even the chaotic weapons have good stats. There are plenty of ways to currently pvm, and although some items are more expensive than others it's because those items are priced because of how good they are compared to how hard to obtain they are, and I think the pricing on this server does a good job reflecting that for the most part. EDIT: idk who is encouraging you not to post (@ how you started this thread) but you shouldn't listen to them. You have good ideas man, and you should share them.
  10. Selling Pernix set

    Any chance you have a hex? I'd trade my ancestral for your pernix,hex, and maybe some money/other item(s) if ancestral interests you
  11. Trading ancestral for trickster

    pm me ingame to trade me trickster for my ancestral set. Also selling it for 40b
  12. trading full ancestral for trickster pm me in game

  13. Notebola Sale

    14 notes, 1b?
  14. Server Update 8/11/17

    Love hearing that, you're always grinding man. Any idea if you're planning on making those changes about riotwars we voted on? Just curious
  15. Server Update 8/11/17

    I really appreciate the bug fixes, I get they're necessary, but I'm a little disappointed in lack of new content.