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  1. Anniversary Giveaway Results

    Why did my post get deleted lmao?
  2. Big QOL suggestion list.

    You forgot: add a client dev
  3. Just emptying some stuff

    Danny emptyed 1t of my dope ass items that he won off me so i had to finish the job :/ Someone sell me an anger for collector 5 icon please
  4. Server Update 12/08/17

    Adding wilderness bosses to premium island smh.....
  5. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    But i also agree 100% with you, making money is so easy on here that it shouldnt be an issue to get those things in the first place.
  6. PvP/Economy Change(s)

    I voted yes just because it will probably get more little noobs to pk, which means more free kills for me and even if i get those items now I don't even pick them up, because we rich kids don't care about anything up to like 500m xd
  7. Pvm/PvP Activity

    People still prefer new content even if it makes old content dead content... They would probably also add a new boss which could be in wildy so it would make it even more popular. Don?t disagree for random reasons and be glad if they are willing to add new content. And don?t say we nee more important updates, which i do agree but we will never get them either way.
  8. Pvm/PvP Activity

    There is no good one handed range weapon worth pvming with, what are you saying permed lol. We need a dragon crossbow and it should be faster than a regular crossbow with a increased drop chance. Maybe something similar to a vine whip with the extra drop rate increase.
  9. Riotwars updates

    You can easily protect range from dark bow.. It has such a delay that it is almost irrelevant
  10. Resignation

    Now well see a new update every half a year if we are lucky boys.
  11. Duel Arena suggestion

    Can someone tell us how titan hasn't been able to find a client dev for months if not for a year or more now? It seems like he is not really trying hard....
  12. wildy bats suggestion

    No support, pking is dead as it is
  13. Break

    I think we are all having same issues and there will be alot more people leaving in time that follows. That would significantly change if there was more content being added. Now i know that titan is saying that he can't find a trusted client developer, but there are still alot of little changes that could be done to improve the quality of the server, like reworking the pvp points system or updating shops and fixing item bonuses. When these things get fixed and we start seeing new content, all of the people that are leaving now will come back and i hope we will see a massive growth in the community.
  14. Event Idea

    A one day of 4x xp boost wont get people into skilling. It needs to be reworked so there are better things to gain from it. Yes prestige shop has a lot of good stuff in it, but that takes way too long to get and most people lose interest cause of the lack of short term rewards.
  15. Farewell Fellas

    Not even gonna lie, but I and most people are probably not sad to see you go. Every time you would log on all you would do is talk smack all day.... Id even say you are a little bit like me, only a way worse pker and talks 10x more smack lol