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  1. Can't wait to fight new bosses
  2. Suggestions for slayer

    Hey guys, so I decided to share with some of my suggestions with you for slayer. 1.I think there should be more monsters aviable for hard/medium/easy slayer tasks, I mean there are dungeons full of mobs like Kurasks, Pyrefiends, Jelly and etc. but they are not in use at all. If that would be possible, owner should add some loot changes for those monsters, It would definetly be a good thing for Irons. I mean items like herbs, armour parts, food, amulets, rings 'n stuff. I'm actually very bored to do tasks when the main goal is to kill dragons, blue ones, red ones, there is no variaty of monsters to kill while doing easyer slayer tasks. 2.Slayer rewards shop. The half of regular shop is full of items which nobody uses. I'm playing about a month in this server but never saw a player wearing Balmung, slayer's staff, nose peg, face mask and etc. I think it would be a good thing to replace them with even a dragon items, like it would realy be a good thing for Iron mans. For example, new player gets medium task, after doing it, he gets 10 points, then does couple more and buys a D scimmy or D legs for example 30 slayer points. I mean especially when u are 99 slayer the regular slayershop is just for c keys and m boxes, but sometimes, when you are bored of boss slayer tasks you just wanna chill at regular ones and get some items which you can use somewhere, not only place them in bank to rust. 3.Master slayer rewards shop. It would be great to have more and more ways to progress in slayer. The one of the most important thing to progress is rewards, so I suggest to do another shop in slayer rewards which would allow to buy things like statius, zuriel's, morrigan's sets parts, Kiln capes, custom Master slayer cape (If that would be possible to create), expensive combat weapons (like Vesta long, abby dagger, d claws) Shields, defenders and etc. Well that's all I want to suggest at this moment, sorry for my language mistakes, I'm not very good at typeing correctly. I will wait your response guys
  3. Suggestions List

    Totaly support
  4. Lizardman Shaman drop :3

    Thanks for info sir!
  5. Lizardman Shaman drop :3

    Is this some kind of Donators NPC room or what?
  6. Rework easy/medium/hard clues

    I was like 89 on my extreme, brought elite for achievement points, done it and got 3rd age long, virtus top and penguin staff
  7. Rework easy/medium/hard clues

    Naaah, elites are kinda easy, I mean there are just like 3 cities where u need to run around and just dig. Nothing much, and the rewards are damn good. I'm talking about easyer clues, I mean I know that rewards gonna be shitty, but this is not the most important thing, for me, I just love doing them, I went through a lot of servers who had clues in game, and I honestly didn't cared about the reward, it's bad or good, the most thing for me is that I managed to finish it. Well I think, if there is no possibility to fix those easyers clues, owner should delete them at all.
  8. Rework easy/medium/hard clues

    Hey fellas, I want to talk about clues. There are plenty of monsters who drop clues like medium, hard or easy, but the most problem is that basically there is no way to finish them. I mean someone mentioned that mostly all easyer clues are as same as osrs originals, but that's not true, like I got one with "kespa" anagram, I mean these is just "Clue "kespa" and nothing more, I tried to google it but there is no info about thing like this, so I dropped that and wasted about 20 mins of my time trying to finish this clue. Owner need to rework those easyer clues into mabye 3-6 steps easy digging around actual places in cities, but not anagrams,maps and etc. I mean, I realy like doing clues and getting rewards, despite what is a reward it brings me joy. Thank you for your understanding, Sinceraly your loyal player Satto.