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  1. Welcome back bb I knew you could never leave me
  2. I feel that bonus ore should provide additional xp for each ore minded. Currently it's a pretty useless donation incentive IMO as ores are rarely used. http://imgur.com/a/P8dn0 Cheers, Fawk
  3. And this isn't normal either... http://imgur.com/a/jg4AU http://imgur.com/a/JNEgJ You feel?
  4. Hi there Clearly for someone who has been playing for a while and was in his own words "dirt poor," 20b a day is too much. Would you not agree?
  5. That's not normal.
  6. My ring will not be getting disabled fyi and no, I didn't get butt hurt about it. Please refrain from talking about stuff you don't know about. Thanks. And the only reason I'm not camping Skotizo aside from not wanting to mess up eco even more is because I don't enjoy making money while ruining the enjoyment of others.
  7. When you buff the boss you create dependency. Meaning you will need multiple people to be on for the boss to even be done. If there aren't enough people, then boss will be dead content (similar to how riotwars was before limit got dropped from 5 to 4). It an interesting idea that I'd rather not be dismissed right away. Let's buff it but not too much.
  8. Exactly, which is why I stopped doing it Didn't want to contribute to crashing vesta/korasi/acnest/etc..
  9. Well, black hween is best (most valuable) thing you can get from riot and its near 15b. And the chance of getting phats/hweens from riot isn't high at all. Riotwars has kept the eco stable to an extent. Skotizo hasn't / can't.
  10. Not many players, just a select few. And thats the problem.
  11. adding 500m cash into the eco every 30-40 mins is a good thing, no1 has enough cash in this game. And anyways, 500m? That's an insignificant amount.
  12. What's nice? Fk'ing up the eco so that your bank can be big isn't nice for the game. I'd love to not see 100 korasi's and 200 vesta and like 10 ancestral sets sets added to the game in under week. And keys, I didn't complain about keys. I thought they were great. Created more wilderness activity and and helped new players out a lot. Skotizo is wayyyyyy different. It's a toy for the semi-rich people who can afford trickster and bp. Key's helped the whole game, skotizo, at least the way is it right now is messing it up.
  13. Nerf the drops. I'd say at least half the drop rate. With the way things are going right now ancestral, korasi and vesta (and even ancient bones...) are bound to crash big time (crash has already started, people can't even sell ancest for even 35b). I know of like (at least) 3 people in full trick and bp that have gotten over 50b in drops each. Seems excessive and unfair. The winner take all system, it's a major turn off for those who don't have max gear. Maybe enable some sort of loot-sharing system also if you'd like to not nerf the drops. Sorry for making that seem like a rant, but I feel that either nerfing the drops or introducing a loot-sharing is an absolute must for the welfare of the economy. Cheers, Fawk
  14. One day, Nivo will willingly give his entire bank to me. One day.
  15. I'm a big fan of a stable economy, which is the only reason why I think those items should be allowed in riotwars. And anyways, it seems unfair to me to punish people that have donated/grinded for these items only so that they could use them at riot.