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  1. As soon as I get back from my assignment you go away, nice snax I see how it is.
  2. you're comparing (anger sword) which has 200 in attack bonus and 100 in strength to a twisted bow which has 70 attack and nothing else. twisted bow doesn't need nerfed. for how much the twisted bow costs I would hope that I can kick some ass with it because if not then it would be a waste of money. The special doesn't need touched because that's the whole point of the damn thing.
  3. can't tank then not my problem
  4. Support ckeys are pointless, give us a little something to make them worth doing.
  5. It's 30B it better be pretty damn good.
  6. The selling/buying thing has been a problem for awhile, but I am noticing that it's getting a little better than it was.
  7. I support both, the withdraw X would be good for getting the right amount of rocktails, restores, etc!
  8. Oh jesus god please no....
  9. (no pet yet) *twitches* lower... drop rate.....
  11. We get it, you're rich
  12. And i'm over here with 1.1k+ bands KC and no pet
  13. How am i supposed to end your kill streak?
  14. Pretty good, ill take any and all donations