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  1. Snax temporary farwell

    Feel better snax buddy Good to have met you !
  2. Staff Updates - 24/01/2018

    Congrats to all ! Kosty is a gent.
  3. I finally did it!

    Jokes, that's actually a huge achievement man ! Congrats.
  4. December 2017 Community Monthly Awards [Winners]

    Poor old celt never gets picked as best brid :(.
  5. Clan UFC recruitment

    Got a little man crush do yeah ?. Goodluck with the clan 49-1.
  6. Staff Battles Episode #2 PLUS Xmas Giveaway!!

    Litterally exactly what i was going to comment lol. 22 is my fav number family is my reason. ahahahahha
  7. PVP Zone

    inb4 mass gmaul abuse.
  8. Staff Battles Episode #1

    How can you pk without the xp drop thingy open haha cool video.
  9. Jkosty, Youtuber?

    You get cleaned again ? goodluck rebuilding Kosterino.
  10. Woofie's riotwars log 2 weeks

    miss you too buddy going back and forth at riot was fun
  11. Riotwars rules

    #4- @aiken GETS KILLED FIRST !
  12. Woofie's riotwars log 2 weeks

    Nerf woofie
  13. Sad news

    So sorry to hear R.I.P
  14. Little Collection

    very cool. Are they any good for pvm ?
  15. Banned

    A quick suggestion. When you get banned / muted, There should be an option to see length on account / profile. I think that this would prevent rule breakers from having to spam and wonder how long they are banned / muted from. This will become increasingly useful as staff starts banning users for criticizing / questioning player count ! Lemme know what you think.