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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.

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  1. General suggestions

    Riiiiight, but theres no bank at ::multi, and roger resets combat stats only, i mean a way to reset skills, woodcutting mining, etc, so people can for example, regrind slayer to 99 if they are bored.
  2. General suggestions

    1. An area where people can multi pk. For example a ::pvp but multi, have a bank near by and stuff to encourage clan battles 2. Resetting individual skills. For people who want to for example, redo slayer but not wanting to prestige in order to do so.
  3. Simple PK buff

    I support very much.
  4. dh tourney

    Thanks for hosting Myst. Congrats to the winners!
  5. Staff Updates - 13/11/2017

    Well deserved for both ! congrats fellas.
  6. pking update

    I got used to the ags slot thing, but i would 100% support. Anything to revive pking would be nice.
  7. What should I do next?

    Go outside.
  8. New Member Here

    Welcome to Zammy pal MSG me in-game if you wanna talk or got any questions.
  9. #AoDD

  10. Updated Bank Picture.

    Nice, very neat. Show skilling tab next time.
  11. Farewell Fellas

    8/10 bridder 7/10 person 10/10 goodbye. CYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  12. lack of respect for players keeping server alive peace zam

    Sorry you feel this way. Nice to meet you. See you in 1-2 weeks when u come back !
  13. 10 or so hours at Cerberus...

    Awesome hunting pet atm.
  14. odium ward drop 439 kc

    Well deserved man ! enjoy.
  15. Server Update 11/1/17

    Awesome updates. The flask thing is game changing for pvm. The bossing updates are great. PVP world is cool hopefully more will use.