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      Be sure to set an in-game security pin to protect your account from being hijacked. Many databases have been leaked from previous servers, this information includes bank pins, passwords, etc. Make sure you do not use any same information from other websites or servers.


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  1. Funniest person right here 

  2. Leigh's Farewell

    Since I got mentioned I just wanna say...HI MOM !!/)(&&!;: ;:* Sad to see you stepping down Josh. Really hoped you'd go for an administrator position
  3. The Rebuild of Nivo

    Wait wtf? Where did you put the 133B Now I'm gonna cry
  4. Community Update

    I'm not aggravated or anything.Your staff team is 5/5 . I apologize if I said anything wrong, but everyone can't always agree eachother. You're owner of the server and I'll shut my mouth from now on.
  5. Community Update

    I never said I don't like the server.You get so defensive when someone is being realistic.
  6. Community Update

    You're so wrong. Nobody is not coming back and people leave the server, have you seen farewell threads...? I remember when I was an active player I had to::yell like two hours to get two Pkers. I understand you want staff position, but atleast be honest. Server is at it's worst point ever. I respect the Staff team who stick around, because it's probably frustrating being Staff when there's barely players. Just being realistic and not hating anyone
  7. I want to see you guys still as Staff @Fawk @Nivo @Logaaaan@Mystkitty @Leigh @Deathrow@jkosty When I check server in-game next month OR I WILL CRY 

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    2. jkosty


      I can 100% guarantee I will not resign :) 

    3. Woofie


      Aight logaaaan u wanna c me cry.Cool:cry: 

    4. jkosty


      this post didn't age well huh woofie?

  8. Giveaway Results

    Cheers guys! I'm sadly on vacation for two weeks.Could you give my items to 'lonely child ' or @Nivo .It would be awesome if you could split the rewards between these two, not sure if lonely child plays anymore zzammy but yree ? @Leigh @Logaaaan @Lonely Child
  9. My Resignation

    Sad to see you stepping down from your position. You're one of the most respected staff or should I say ex-staff:)
  10. Community Update

    Sad to see this server going down. From my experience I can say it's not getting anywhere and will end up offline. Posting same stuff like 'WE HAVE BIG UPDATES COMING ' , it won't get you players until something is ACTUALLY done. Currently I don't really see any other active players than Staff team, they just gotta be online, but there's also no point since you guys barely have any players left in the community. @Titan You did great job as owner, but just not anymore.Seems like it's all out of control and you can't handle it.

    @Xenofied I bet you was there and died:)
  12. Snax temporary farwell

    Clrd sit pce kiddo #CYA ! Have fun irl <3 will miss you, even tho I barely play
  13. 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    Thanks for clearing this up.In finland it's racist, but also like a bit banter if you know what I mean.I will choose my words from now on
  14. 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    Titan Not really active as owner and he could communicate more with players in-game, but he's all around honest owner and keeps it real 24/7 . Vinny Really active in-game, sometimes you communicate with players over yell etc.Nothing bad to say. Danny Obviously you don't have to be active in-game, but you're doing well on forums, even tho it's not as active it used to be.So it is really hard to give feedback to forum staff, sorry. Snax Doing also well and same things to say as above... Mystkitty One of my favorite staffs after Finch and Fawk You're so friendly and done a lot of giveaways.Lately you've been a lot more active and hopefully you'll keep up the activity. Tremor We come/came along really good and you're mature.Have not seen you in-game lately, but it might be because I'm not really active in-game. Finch Uhhh I love finch(kinda).You're weird, but also professional most of times. I don't remember if it was you, but not sure why someone should get a warning point for saying "paki". It's not even an insult really.This made me think like you're softy. Logaaaan In my opinion Logaaaan is really active in-game and helps people to start minigames etc.I think I've seen him even Pking.When staff Pks, it gets more players to PVP.Respect Logaaaan. One thing I don't like at you is that you take jokes too far sometimes, but banter keeps the chat alive and all of us take jokes too far time to time. Fawk I've known you too long and you deserve your position 100% . You could do giveaways though, don't really see point why someone should keep 20T when there's max 30 active players in server Giveaways keep the real grinders going.I've nothing bad to say about your activity, because I see you almost everytime when I'm online. PS I DON'T KNOW WHY THERE'S THIS LINE..SMH Nivo You still kept playing when you got cleaned uh like 47t? You did not rage or anything, it just shows your dedication as staff member.You've been a lot more active lately and you can take banter x) Leigh Lol. I did not even know you're a mod, but congratulations . I think you got Moderator too early, but I'm supporting you always.As server support you did very good job and you helped a lot of players.One of the most active staff. Deathrow At first I did not like you, but then I've seen you being respectful and really helpful to players.Totally deserved moderator position, but you could hang out more at gamble and Pvm less, so people know you're a moderator.GET KNOWN jkosty You're helpful and all around good guy, but don't really see really much activity from server supports.Maybe it's just timezones?..I don't think so tbh. kenny101111 Same to you, as I mentioned I don't see much activity from server supports.You BOTH (INC KOSTY) hAve knowledge and everything, all you neeed is activity I did not have really much negative feedback, but I tried my best.I think staff team needs more activity, thats all I've to say, because look guys...there's so many of you, but I still see barely staff online. Keep it up and hope you actually get more active and don't just read it and be like "we're active, wym" .